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  1. I do not know why Ping would not repair them for you. I work for a Ping distributor and they have always replaced these weight at no charge no matter how old the clubs .I just sent back some G5's about two weeks ago fix at no charge. You may want to call Ping. GLewis
  2. I have been playing a 54 and 58 for about 3 months now. I had trouble with them the first two rounds. Once i learned where to play the ball in my stance and how to use the v sole they have preformed very well. It is hard to compare them to other wedges because of the sole design. I do not worry about bounce anymore with the v sole. They are very good from wet lies, sand and hard pan. I do still have a little trouble with short flop shots from fluffy lies but am getting better. GLewis
  3. THe second round with the Scor wedges was a much better day. My whole game was still off but the wedges performed much better. Conditions were wet. The wedges handled wet lies very well. Full shots from wet ground were easy and did not dig. I had two bunker shots today one short one to a tight pin and another about 20 yards. The 54 handled both shots with ease. I am still having trouble with short flop shots from fluffy lies, I will keep working on them. I still have not decided if I would recommend these. I will continue to report as I use them more GLewis
  4. I received my Scor wedges on Thursday. I ordered a 54 and 58 1 flat standard length regular flex steel shaft. I was a little disappointed. I found them very hard to his a short flop shot out of a fluffy lie. They wanted to dig a little on tight lies unless I opened the face. I did not have any full shots are bunker shots with them today. All I can say is the jury is still out on them. I will be playing again in a few days and report back. I will say my whole game was a little off today GLewis
  5. I work at a golf course two days a week and at an off course golf shop three days a week.
  6. I work at a golf shop and they do offer kbs tour 90 as an upgrade It runs about $12.00 per club extra GLewi
  7. Iwork at a Ping dealer. Get the serial number off the 5 iron. Take it to a Ping dealer they can order yoy one with the same specs. GLewis
  8. I am a Ping player. I am currently using I5. I have had my eye on these from the first time I saw them I would love to play them but at this time finance prevent me from trying them. GLewis
  9. I love to looks of this putter. I have tried it and it sets up very well. Would love to own one GLewis
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