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  1. IMO there is no forgiveness difference between the two. I know that goes against all logic, but it's my experience. I tried both drivers and hit the 3 better, straighter and longer. The pro shop guy I've known for years and is a better player than me, bags the 2. He talked me out of the 3 and into the 2 because of forgiveness. I regret it. I bought the TSi3 fairway and hit it amazingly. Off a tee or the deck it flies long and straight. I gave up distance for the hope of better forgiveness that didn't exist.
  2. For me it's the 0211 DC's. I swung the 0311 XP's with SteelFiber's that some guy I approached on the range had in his bag, and the results were just okay. Could very well have just been the shaft as I am not a big fan of SteelFiber. I want to transition into graphite, so I went with the MMT 80. They feel really good. Not boardie, not week. They handle hard swings as well as soft swings. As for the 0211 heads, they feel very soft on well struck shots and slight mis-hits, they are consistent, and they are long. Easy to work both ways, easy to hit a soft draw. (My standard shot). All
  3. Straightest fairway finding driver I ever hit is the PXG 0811XF. Not the longest out there, but if hitting fairway's is your goal, it's a no-brainer.
  4. 1998. KZG ch-II irons. Paid $200 for the set. Don't remember the rest of the bag.
  5. My 13.5* Srixon F85 w/ Even Flow Black 70 shaft is not leaving my bag. Been using it for 1-1/2 years. Currently have the PXG 0811XF Driver in the bag but it's not staying. Deadly straight, but it doesn't go any farther than my 3 wood. I haven't been able to find a driver that is as straight as my 3 wood (or the 0811XF), that goes any farter than my 3 wood. The F85 is a BEAST
  6. How thin is the sole of the NLU-01 compared to the ZX and U500? The NLU looks thinner in pics.
  7. I just bought my wife an entire new set of TourEdge E521's. Nothing new for me this year.....Yet!!!
  8. I swap in and out a TE Exotics CBX Ironwood. Played with a HZRDUZ Black 85 shaft. I would recommend the graphite unless you are a hard swinging, long hitting player. I'm now pushing 60. Over the years, I have found that a lighter shaft near the top end allows me to swing easier to get the results I want. When I played steel in my Ut's, I was less consistent when I tired later in the round.
  9. Vijay Singh used to carry a 9 wood. Now 7 woods are finding their way into PGA bags. I have to assume this will become more normal and WITB will have pics. I couldn't find one either, but here is his WITB. Adam Scott What’s In The Bag? Driver: Titleist TSi4, 10.5° with Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 80 X shaft Fairway Wood: Titleist TSi2 16.5° with Fujikura Rombax P95 shaft. Seven Wood: Titleist TSi2 with a Graphite Design Tour AD DI 10 X shaft Irons: Titleist 718 T-MB 3-iron with KBS Tour shaft, Titleist 680 Forged (4-9) with KBS Tour 130X shafts. Wedges: Tit
  10. If you hit fairway woods with confidence and do not like hybrid's, then go for it. Vijay Singh bagged a 9 wood for years on tour. Many LPGA pro's do also. They use them because they work
  11. Sorry... Never mind. You need to click the tab to show all. They no longer appear on the main page. My bad....
  12. Just looked at Callaway's website. The new, 2021 X-Forged UT is not on the website anymore. Anybody know why?
  13. The 0811 XF is really forgiving. Line up... Close your eyes... Swing. The ball just goes straight! Hard to believe PXG would need a more forgiving driver in their tool box.
  14. What you said! I bag a Srixon F85 3+. It is automatic off the tee. If the driver isn't cooperating, the 3+ always finds the fairway and not far behind a pured driver hit. It's also straight and easy to hit off the deck for par 5's. I play league at a course that is only 6,200. There are 27 holes but all 3 - 9's are about the same length. I only hit driver on 5 of the 27 holes. The 3+ puts me in the fairway for a short iron in.
  15. The pot was "Sweetened", so I made a decision. I took the PXG in trade for my Ping, and my buddy threw in $50. Worst case is I don't like the PXG, I resell it or give it to my son, and I buy new in the spring.
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