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  1. Sorry... Never mind. You need to click the tab to show all. They no longer appear on the main page. My bad....
  2. Just looked at Callaway's website. The new, 2021 X-Forged UT is not on the website anymore. Anybody know why?
  3. The 0811 XF is really forgiving. Line up... Close your eyes... Swing. The ball just goes straight! Hard to believe PXG would need a more forgiving driver in their tool box.
  4. What you said! I bag a Srixon F85 3+. It is automatic off the tee. If the driver isn't cooperating, the 3+ always finds the fairway and not far behind a pured driver hit. It's also straight and easy to hit off the deck for par 5's. I play league at a course that is only 6,200. There are 27 holes but all 3 - 9's are about the same length. I only hit driver on 5 of the 27 holes. The 3+ puts me in the fairway for a short iron in.
  5. The pot was "Sweetened", so I made a decision. I took the PXG in trade for my Ping, and my buddy threw in $50. Worst case is I don't like the PXG, I resell it or give it to my son, and I buy new in the spring.
  6. My driver is 9*. My 3W is 13.5* So, 4.5 degrees of difference. Both have the same Even Flow Black 75. According to the Flight Scope at one of the outdoor ranges I use, my swing speed is only 2-3 mph faster with the driver than 3W. But, 2mph and 4.5 degrees should give me more than 8 yards. IMO
  7. Guys... a buddy wants to swap drivers. I have the G410 Plus with an Even Flow black 75 shaft. I hit fairways with my driver, but it's not very long. Only 8-10 yards longer than y 3 wood off the tee. MY buddy has 2 drivers. 1 is a TS3 with the Speeder Pro 74 Tour Spec. I've hit this driver on the course a couple times. Good distance but missed fairways. **It was not set to my head settings though. His 2nd driver is a PXG 0811 XF with an Aldila NV 75 NXT shaft. I live in western New York and will not get a chance to hit this driver outside. I hit it in a dome and it felt
  8. I ordered my new set of Mizuno HMP's on October 12th. They arrived November 19th. You most likely have a couple weeks to go.
  9. Been playing 6.0 Project X HZRDUS Black (and Smoke) shafts for several years. As I get older and my swing speed slows (Now 100 - 103mph), I'm considering trying the HZRDUS Black in 5.5. The PX website states they have the same weight, torque and kick point. These are stout shafts. I've been told, the 5.5 plays stiffer than some other brands S-Flex. IDK. Does anyone have real experience with the 5.5 and 6.0 HZRDUS Black shaft? Will I notice much difference if I go 5.5?
  10. I have a 13.5* F85 currently in the bag. Long off the tee. Easy to hit off the deck. But, be careful with the stock shaft if you have an aggressive or higher speed swing. Mine has / had the stock HZRDUS Red 6.0. Even with my lowly 100mph swing speed, it was too weak. I put a 6.0 EvenFlow Black in it (same shaft as my driver), and it woke right up. I can jump on it hard and the shaft "holds true". That didn't happen with the HZRDUS Red. Great head, just make sure you have the right shaft for your swing to get the most out of it.
  11. I had to go to a more forgiving iron as I don't play much anymore and I'm getting old. But I agree with your comment. It has to look right to me as I look down or I have no faith in a clean shot. I might have to find a different long iron to bag if I don't figure this out, even if it's another brand. My bag is all mixed anyways. Finding a 25-ish degree utility that's not a shovel might be a challenge though.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I assumed the HMP's were more forgiving. The difference must be in my swing somewhere.
  13. I put the JPX HM Pro's in the bag this fall with the Modus 105 (S) shaft. Forgiving, workable, good feel. Pretty much "flag hunters" from 175 (7-iron) in. Not so much with the 5 & 6 irons. 6 iron doesn't travel any farther than the 7 iron, and dispersion is awful. 5 iron goes 200 with a strong draw, but I can work with that. Played with some friends on a warm day last week. My cousins son has MP-20's in 7-PW and HMB's for his 5 & 6. Same Modus 105 (S) shaft as in my irons. I asked to hit his 5 & 6 HMB's to see the difference between them and my 5 & 6. I
  14. I currently bag the G410. Took the TSi out for a spin with the same shaft. The feel was great, and I gained a few more yards with the TSi, but dispersion was better with the G410. Ended up sticking the G410 as the course I play punish you badly for missing the fairway.
  15. I'm always interested in the LPGA's WITB, buy can never find an up to date listing. Where are you guys finding the WITB info for the LPGA?
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