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  1. Played golf with a buddy who brought his daughter's boyfriend to round out the 4-some. He had a mixed bag of OEM clubs, plus a Juggernaut Fairway he pounded off the tee. He said he found it in a used bin at a pro shop for $29. It had a Pro Force V2 shaft in it. After a couple holes I asked to swing it. First off the tee and then a few off the deck. This thing is a Monster! Longer than my 3 wood from the tee and deck. In all I swung it 5 times. 3 dead straight, 2 baby fades, all in the fairway. And did I mention it's longer than my current 3 wood?? How can $59 dollar comp
  2. Had the same issue. Played 105-S for a short time and went to the 120-S because the 105's just felt light. Very inconsistent with the 120's. One day i'd be dean on, and on others i'd miss with flush strikes. So, I went to 105-X Flex. Feels a bit heavier like the 120's did, but the best part is consistency. And I added distance. I was not looking for more distance, but I'll take a free 7-8 yards per iron. Give the 105-X a try. Might work for you too.
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    Played the irons in a previous golf life, before Lynx went away for a few years. They were nice. I sold them to a buddy who played them for about 5 years after I did. The new Lynx are Engineered in China, as Lynx does not employ their own R&D dept. That is not a bad thing though. Many other manufacturers co-R&D with Chinese foundries. I figure the tech the Chinese engineers learn while working with the big OEM's gets filtered into the Lynx designs.
  4. I carry a driver, but hit my 3 Wood off the tee 90% of the time. Like the OP, I loose some yardage with the 3 wood, but I'm always in the fairway. (265 w/driver - 250 w/3 wood) IMO, who cares if you loose 15 yards? I play with guys who hit driver on every hole. They poke it 270-280, but are always playing from the crap, or from behind tree's, etc, and wondering why they shoot 90 each round. Others I play with only drive the ball 230-240, with their driver. But they are in the fairway. They shoot low 80's. Use your strong 3 wood. If you are able to hit your irons the way you should,
  5. I did not realize that. I assumed manufacturers made separate shafts for each hosel size. My friend is in love with the ProForce V2 shaft. We shafted all his woods and his hybrid with them. He doesn't hit his longest iron well, (130 gram shafts), and wants to try putting the V2 hybrid shaft in it.
  6. I searched but did not find this anywhere, so I apologize if this thread is already out there..... Has anyone taken a graphite .370 shaft and sanded it down to fit into a .355 hosel? If so, did it work? Sounds logical to me, that it would create a weak tip and inconsistency. Asking for a friend. Really... A friend asked me this question and I did not have a definitive answer. Thanks...
  7. You can find C16's on eBay. Just make sure the seller is reputable. I play the AP2 718's but wanted a bit more forgiveness in the longer irons for tighter courses. Found a smoking deal on individual C16- 4, 5, & 6 irons. Shafted them with the same AMT Whites I play in the AP2's, and they are awesome. I only put them in the bag for certain courses, but I could easily play them every day. The C16's are super forgiving. Even with the AMT's in them, they still launch mid-high, and land soft. They are a bit longer than other irons I've hit, so I play the 6 iron the same length as my A
  8. I put the Cobra F9 5 wood in the bag because of the ability to adjust the lie angle upright to where I needed it. I ordered it with a HZRDUS Black Smoke 70 to match my 3 wood. Also jacked it up to 20*. For my swing, (105-107 driver S.P.), it flies 215 yards. At the stock 18.5* it could be that 230 club. Very straight, but movable when I need to.
  9. Cobra is. I ordered a custom shaft & spec 5 wood on their website. 12 days later, I received notification it was being shipped. It arrived April 30th.
  10. You are right. Stupid expensive when they came out. I shopped around and found them as individuals. Paid $89 for the 6, and $109 for the others. T-MB's are nice. You'll like em
  11. What you described, is exactly what I do. I hit my 3 wood 90% of the time off the tee. Only hit the driver on open par 5's or if i'm "feeling it" that day. To me, it's not worth hitting 50% of fairways when swinging the driver, when I hit 90+% of fairways with the 3 wood. Unlike you, I do not have a 40 yard gap between my 3 wood and driver though. With a normal 85% swing, I poke the 3 wood (set at 15.75*) 255 yards. A normal swing with the driver (set at 10.5*) gets me 275. If I jump on the 3 wood I can almost make up the difference, but I do not mind hitting a longer club on my secon
  12. I too play the AP2 718's, with AMT White shafts, 1/2" long. There are courses I play where I want a higher flight and a bit more forgiveness from my 5 & 4 iron. (Elevated, small greens). I bought the T-MB's and they blend well. A bit more forgiving, but not really a higher ball flight. So... I snatched up brand new 4, 5 & 6, C-16 irons. I shafted them with the same AMT Whites that are in my AP2's and they are Awesome. The C-16 has a similar length, but wider head compared to the AP2's. To make up for the difference in strength of loft, I made the 6 iron the same overall l
  13. I've been playing golf for 19 years. The only 5 wood I ever liked was my Tour Edge Exotics CB2. That thing was longer than any 3 wood available at that time. (for my swing). Never found a 5 wood I would bag since I sold the CB2 10 years ago. Always played Hybrids to fill the gap. Since we have been in Lockdown, I decided to try something different. I ordered the Cobra F9 5 wood, with the same HRZDUS Black Smoke shaft I have in my driver and 3 wood. I LOVE this thing!! I have it set to 19.5 degrees, and it fills in perfectly behind my TS-2 3 wood. Best part is dispersion. This th
  14. I tried the Srixon 585's last year to see how the game improvement iron would play for me. I was hitting bombs....for me (I have a 105 driver swing speed). 165 yards with my 8 iron. 205 with my 5 iron. Accuracy was crap though! Went back to more of a players iron. Now bagging AP2 718"s . My 7 iron only goes 160. You'll lose distance, but who cares if you need to hit a 7 iron instead of an 8. Play what works....
  15. Not sure about your comparison question. I play the AP2 718's. Tried the T100's but like my current set more. Didn't try the T200's as I do not like much offset in my 6-p. Question for you..... Do you notice the shorter blade length of the C16 to be better than the AP1 when it comes to turf interaction? Also, does the C16 feel soft at impact? I am considering picking up a C16 4 iron and possibly the 5 iron. I do not like that much offset, but maybe with a blade length similar to my AP2, it might not be so bad.
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