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  1. NO TRADES. Have too much crap as it is. Prices include shipping and or OBRO. The R stands for reasonable...just FYI. 1. Odyssey 2Ball Ten Tour Lines. Double bend. 35". All stock. Seen one round. $240 2. Cobra RadSpeed 3 wood. KBS TD 80g Cat 4 (X flex). Stock specs built by Corba. $350 3. Titleist U510 2 iron w/ AD DI 85x. Used. $225 4. Titleist U510 2 iron w/ Tensei White 100g X flex. $175 5. Titleist U500 3 iron w/ HZRDUS Black 90g 6.0. $175 6. Sugar Skull Golf Joker fairway cover. Seen a few rounds. $160 7. My last Titleist Camo cover. Hasn't
  2. Send pics and a price so we won’t waste each other’s time asking.
  3. The 1K seems to be the only shaft that can flatten my ball flight out while retaining some feel.
  4. Used preferred. Still trying to fill the gap.
  5. The old “oops” to get more eyes on it. You’re not fooling me pal.
  6. U500/U510 ideally, but will look at others. 2 or 3. Thanks!
  7. Only trades would be putters. Piretti or 2 Ball Ten. Maybe Bettinardi. Prices are shipped and OBO. Shafts. All measures from tip to grip uninstalled. 1. Speeder TR2 857 x flex. I’m told it’s tour issue because of the finish. 42 5/8”. TM tip. $150 2. Speeder 869 Stiff. Tipped 1.5”. Tour issue 8.1 model. 41.25”. TM tip. $100 3. LAGP Trono 75x. TM tip. 44.5”. $300 4. Accra Tour Z X475 M5. Tm tip. 44.25” $125 5. Speeder 757 Evolution. X flex. Titleist tip. 44.25” $100 Woods: 1. Cobra F8+ 4-5 wood. Diamana Thump 75x. No cover. $125
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