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  1. This has to be the hardest thing to find as I get barely anything offered, if at all. Mainly looking for SIM with AD DI or Ventus 7 or 8x.
  2. I'm mainly interested in a ventus blue 8x, but could be open to others. Newer model heads preferred. Thanks.
  3. You see, the way my bank account works is I have a checking and a savings account, and all my money is in my savings, and it would take like 3 days to get it moved over...
  4. Open to pretty much anything.
  5. 70 driver length, 80 3 wood length please. Not looking for new.
  6. Only trades would be a good 3 wood with 80g x flex shaft or a Ventus Blue 7x driver shaft. prices are shipped unless you’re somewhere crazy and we can work it out. First to buy gets a TS cover. The other won’t have a cover but will be well protected. 1) Tour issue 8.5* TS2. Weight was removed and lead tape used by previous owner to distribute it more easily. Another weight can easily be installed and the tape removed. Shafted with Diamana ZF 60 stiff. $OLD 2) TS3 8.5*. Stock head. Shafted with Tensei Pro White 70 TX. $375
  7. Head only preferred. Have the shaft for it. Thanks.
  8. Only thing I have an issue with is it's not letting me stay logged in. I have to sign in every time I visit the site.
  9. It's come to my attention through self-realization that I have no idea what I'm doing with my golf game. So, I buy, try, and sell. That's nothing new, just felt better saying it. I don't really need trades, but could be tempted with a great 3 wood with an 80g X or TX flex shaft, or a Ventus 7x driver shaft, blue or black. Maybe even an 8x for a 3 wood. The possibilities are endless, really, since I will get trade offers for everything BUT what I've listed. On to the goods. All prices are shipped. All clubs have covers. 1) Button Back Newport freshly refin
  10. What’s the difference in this and the regular pro white?
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