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  1. Yep. Got one of those too, but when it was the AD HD included as well. Already sold it though.
  2. My wallet wishes I hadn't found this thread. I ordered as well.
  3. I'm am so confused, yet intrigued at the same time.
  4. Oh I know. And I've already got my folks on the lookout for an 8.0 ASAP. Hoping for a Black Friday all black release.
  5. On the shorter side (44.5") would be ideal. Thanks!
  6. Luckily for you it's National "Give into Temptation" Tuesday!
  7. Only trades would be sick mallet putters. Prices are shipped. West of the Mississippi add $10. 1. Set of 3 Ping Glide Forged Pro wedges. 50/54/58. All bone stock, still in the wrapper. $600 (save taxes and shipping if you can find them in stock) 2. TSi2 16.5* 3 wood. Tour AD HD 8x. Yes, I got it from the TGW deal. Used for a few rounds. $350 (what I paid, plus deal is off...lower than I've seen others post for).
  8. Lajosi sold. I'll cry over that one tonight. The only thing that might keep me from crying would be selling the rest of these putters. I'll take $300 for the remaining 3 if there's interest.
  9. It’s a fantastic putter. I just need more meat behind the ball.
  10. I'm tired of trying to replace the Spider (until the Bettinardi 8.0 comes out), so these can go to good home. All prices are shipped. Deals for multiples. No trades, unless you have a Bettinardi Innovai 8.0 already. If you do, teach me your ways. 1) Lajosi LP421. 34", copper insert, deep milled, top line, black shaft. Lizard wraps around face to sole. Such a sick putter, just not for me. SS GT 1.0 grip. Comes with sick brown leather cover. $OLD 2) Mizuno MPA302. 34". Fantastic shape. Probably the 4th one I've owned, and after I sell this one I'm sure I'll get another. SS GT 1.0 grip. Comes with cover. $200 3) Tour Issue Odyssey DFX 2 ball. Used, but priced accordingly. Tour fill on the sole. Tour ID bad. 35" w/ Flatso 3.0 counter core grip. No cover. $100 4) Yes! Mollie. Best shape I've seen one in for a while, and been a while since I've even seen one up for sale. 34", Press No 3 LAB grip. No cover. $OLD 5) Actual Tri Hot 3. NBC Sports logo on face. Rusted. White stitchback grip. $50
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