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  1. Jack because of his record, inferior equipment and inferior instruction compared to today
  2. Who is playing a driving iron and why? I just hit an Adams driving iron. It is awesome. Ordered me one! It goes high and long.
  3. Bump, dump and turn, problem solved, great video Monte, it got me back on track
  4. I saw a recent video and it wasn't pretty. Near impact through post impact my body stalls and my arms basically drag my body through. What are the best drills to fix this?
  5. [quote name='vix02' timestamp='1314505196' post='3524614'] [quote name='keith723' timestamp='1314456712' post='3523161'] [quote name='Golfchicago' timestamp='1314451884' post='3523045'] In my bag all summer. Just compared it to the G20. Not even close. It is still the most forgiving and easiest to elevate, period. It is a great club to hit under pressure, very, very forgiving. Misses are better than any 3 wood I have evr hit. Worth every nickel! [/quote] I agree...I've spent the last several years trying to find the perfect 3 wood that is easy to elevate from the deck, forgiving, and won't balloon off the tee. The $300 is well worth it for this club. I've had it in the bag for about 10 weeks now & can't say enough good things about it! [/quote] How do you guys like the RIP Sigma? I ordered a RIP 70X. If it doesn't work well, I have a Kai'Li 70X on deck [/quote] I love it. It works great for me. What is crazy is how high I can hit it when I need to. I was playing Bull Valley cc the other day and had to cut a corner over some trees on a par 5 and I hit a perfect shot. It easily elevated over the trees. I didn't have that with any other three wood head/shaft combo. There is no doubt you will agree this is the most forgiving three wood.
  6. [quote name='iBanesto' timestamp='1290661775' post='2807869'] "Let's look at Peter Kostis' chip with the Konica Minolta Bizhub Swing Vision camera." [/quote] That brings back memories. I remember all the breaks we took because of the rain and I remember Gary sucking down a few Sam Adams and a few slurs at the end of the day. It was hilarious.
  7. awesome, reminds me when I used to play in the snow when I was a kid. We used to play up to a foot of snow. We would play those orange balls. We would look for point of entry, dig out our ball, create a hitting are,swing and repeat!
  8. I've been playing since the 70's. I had to read this post to recall some of the irons I played! One thing I realized after reading this post is there was no one set out there that transformed me into a tour pro. If I was honest with myself I am probably still looking for that set. The only set I bought and thought afterwards"what was I thinking" was the Maxfli australian blade. That iron is about an inch long form heel to toe. I think Iron Byron has even shanked a few with this blade! No doubt the most difficult blade to hit that I have ever owned. This is the best I can remember A couple of Wilson blades(never cared for the long irons..these are 1970s models), 1200lts(solid), gooseneck Confidence blade...great blade and cool looking design for that time frame Pinseeker.....a cross between a cb and a mb, very sexy Titleist...geez, a few tour models, 990,990b,690b MacGregor VIP(loved, loved this blade), MT, Tourney..amazing blade, but the heads kept flying off, they had no ferrule. Murfield..didnt like as much as my VIPs Nicklaus golden bear with aluminum shafts. I hated the shafts and two of the shaft snapped from normal swings. Powerbuilt...went through a few blades...Scotch blade and their regular blade. Tommy Armour 845s, tour blade Cleveland 588 Ping eye 2 Cally X tours Maxfli australian blade Lynx predator Ram tour blade Mizuno had to own a few of these while Faldo was winning....mp33,mp29,mp14.tzoid Hogan apex edge, apex pro, Director...great old school blades TM 3 sets of 300s,R7, rac mb Great post, it brought back a lot of memories!
  9. [quote name='BigPete' timestamp='1314474052' post='3523649'] If you look at his stats for the last two years - there's nobody who is even close. Leading the Race to Dubai by a mile and with a realistic chance of bagging the FedEx Cup too... Don't forget he came 2nd in FX last year too.. The "can't be number one without a major" argument just gets old. Are you saying Louis Oosthuizen or Darren Clarke deserve to be higher than Luke in rank because they had the weekend of their careers one weekend? Take a look at any leaderboard and you won't have to scroll down far to see Luke's name. He had a relatively quiet week this week but still came t18 [url="http://www.owgr.com/players/bio.sps?ID=4163&name=Luke&Rank=1&TotalPts=538.84807"]http://www.owgr.com/players/bio.sps?ID=4163&name=Luke&Rank=1&TotalPts=538.84807[/url] And if you look at number of overall ranking points (538 before this weekend) - the next best is Westwood at 390 and only two other players have more than 300 (Rory Mc and Kaymer). Noone is close to toppling him just yet Luke's average is nearly twice that of Adam Scott. People always look at the last few weeks and say - why isn't "player du jour" higher in the rankings? When they can string 30 (THIRTY!!!) top tens into a 2 year period like Luke has then they may get higher. 4 wins before anyone asks... The fact that he has a great swing, doesn't make waves, dresses nicely, seems like a cool family guy is a bonus I guess. [/quote] Great points Pete
  10. I love the guy. His mild manner personality doesn't get him due attention. He isn't as marketable as many of the other tour players, but he is no doubt one of the best in the world, rock steady.
  11. In my bag all summer. Just compared it to the G20. Not even close. It is still the most forgiving and easiest to elevate, period. It is a great club to hit under pressure, very, very forgiving. Misses are better than any 3 wood I have evr hit. Worth every nickel!
  12. It just shows you that you can score with any clubs. However,you have to wonder what would you have shot with your clubs that day? If they are fit to your needs, maybe a shot or two. Also you hit the nail on the head. Tempo is probably the most important issue. I guess the interesting question might be is do you score better with more expensive clubs and if you do, by how many shots?
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