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  1. They sit very flush to the ground which I love... nice square leading edge which I believe was more like the prior generations of x Forged... the blade is beautiful, nice and full, clean top line and great transition from the 7-8 iron and beyond... just a great job.
  2. So for me the MB has a bit less bounce than the prior generation which is great for my swing. Maybe a hair less offset, they could also just be blended a bit differently. Absolutely love them, I would compare the feel to that of my Apex Pro Dots. That being said the X Forged is an amazing iron as well... Incredible feel and launch.... the slight offset doesnt bode well for my strong grip, left favoring golf swing. If they had a dot version with a little bit thinner sole and less offset they would be in the bag. Also one more thing... I have added the new utility iron in 24 degrees to repl
  3. The MB looks soooo good... and the x forged looks very solid.... no mizunos unless they are 29s & 14s
  4. I have problems! Received both the new MB and X Forged today... will post pictures later comparing with prior generations... any requests?
  5. Wilson Staff Tour Blades (mods this is a different set, I was double shipped these are new the other was used) New in box, grips in box 4-PW Tour Issue s400 $SOLD Mavrik Triple Diamond 9.0 used for 2 rounds, prefer my EF head only $600 obo tour issue epic flash sub zero 16.5 fixed hosel with x100 steel shaft $300 obo tour issue odyssey metal x #7 $200 obo trades for tour issue callaway / odyssey only
  6. Does anyone have a clue what is different with these TM one of Proto irons that they were doing for a while? Would love to see the DJ vs the Rory vs the Rose
  7. Wilson Staff Tour Blades ... hardly used...tour issue dynamic gold S400 +1/4 tour velvet align grips $SOLD Tour Issue Mavrik 4 wood with hzrdus yellow smoke small batch $300 obo trades for tour issue callaway / odyssey gear
  8. Didn’t think the Epic Flash Triple Diamond would make it out of my bag...but it did... I want to say it is a bit longer and even more forgiving... found it to be a little more neutral, not as fade biased as my EFTD..... going to throw some hot melt in the toe when I get the chance.
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