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  1. I think I forgot to add specifics… I am almost always an s400 player… I get fit every year… I had 2 abdominal surgeries this year and thought I would really need some weight help… feel great now and want to go back to the normal and love the shape of the clubs!
  2. I don’t trust myself with this kinda stuff… my question is if I take these to a professional can he make these heads work properly with a dynamic gold or would I be better off selling these and purchasing a set with steel shafts?
  3. I am swapping out my steelfiber i95 stiff to dynamic gold s400s… I play the 1/2” over… what is this going to do to the swing weights?
  4. Tour issue Callaway Apex MB 21’ 6-PW 1.25” very rare set… TC serial number, tour ID bands and 21’ laser etched on hosel… haven't seen a set like this. Great shape very little play $700 obo
  5. Currently playing Aerotech 95 stiff... Anything better these days? Who is playing what on tour?? Doesnt seem to be much in the steelfiber world any longer.
  6. So just received these irons… laser etched 21’ which I haven’t seen before of course TC serials and ID bands … maybe a smidge less bounce… anyone have any idea of the differences ?
  7. Still bummed we have zero detail on what Langer is gaming
  8. Super rare Titleist Tour issue 4-PW heads… these were based off of the 681T… deeper, thick muscle, no knurling around the hosel.. DH stamped on the hosel in that tiny tour stamp for Dudley Hart… these bad boys are conforming and ready to go with a fresh refinish from the iron factory… one of the coolest sets I’ve ever had… they deserved to be gamed!!! 4 iron - 25 degrees 61 lie 5 iron - 28 degrees 62 lie 6 iron - 32 degrees 62 1/2 lie 7 iron - 36 degrees 63 lie 8 iron - 40 degrees 63 1/2 lie 9 iron - 44 degrees 64 lie PW - 48 degeees 64 1/2 lie S
  9. Muscle is a bit taller, no knurling on the hosel
  10. They really did… wanted to play these so bad, had 2 abdominal surgeries in the last 6 weeks so not sure of the fate of these yet, may be a BST product hahah
  11. I was told they are based more on the 681T head… a little meatier… just a gorgeous set. Little DH stamped on the hosel… was told Dudley Hart
  12. Just back from the iron factory… made for tour 681 custom grinds… the pictures don’t even do them justice!
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