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  1. Title says it all, looking for a set of callaway irons with steelfiber prefer +1/2” over let me know what you have
  2. Does anyone know what Langers bag is looking like now? I would imagine tour edge metals... any news on the irons yet?
  3. No way is this what Langer bags. Gotta be a mixed set of the Exotics CB's & MB's. I do not see him going that far in a different direction with all of the recent success he has had. Drivers, Fairways and Hybrids have always been really good.
  4. Bettinardi BB2 DASS 3 -Slot putter, great shape. 34” $400 obo Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero 9 degree, TC Serial, Tensei raw white 65 x $400 obo Odyssey Tour Authentic Marxman 224 34” $100 obo Callaway X Forged 21’ 24 degree, nippon 130 stiff $175 obo Trades for tour issue callaway / Odyssey
  5. I have seen a Carbite Prototype back in the day that looked a lot like that
  6. I am sending them off tomorrow... Really excited to see how they clean up. Like I said I have been a club freak since the late 90s and a set of Titleist custom grinds was always on my radar so this is a real find for me! Brings me back to the old days!!!! Love it. Bladehunter, how about a link to some pictures of your stuff!!!
  7. I want to bring em back to life, am I going to hurt the feel by sending to the iron factory for rechroming??
  8. The best place for us degenerates! Sad that I have been addicted to this stuff for 20 years hahah
  9. I sure did! Thinking about having em refinished at the iron factory...I’ve been looking for a set of titleist tour forgings for years and years, back when I started this whole equipment obsession it was all about the custom grind titleist irons, I remember seeing a set that was stamped “ELKINGTON GRIND” and they had that big muscle with Titleist stamped on em, then the tiger models... I was fired up when I found these
  10. Love it! Thanks for the info... seems to me that all the ones I’ve found on the web look more like the 681t variety.. muscle seems to be higher.... hosel not so chunky... do you know anything more about them?
  11. Yeah for sure! Curious to find out more... looks like 2nd swing has a similar set on eBay but with SE on the hosel... gotta think elk. These... maybe Dudley?
  12. A cool set of what I’d think would be 681 generation 681 custom grinds made for a player in the early 2000s... would think Hoffman forged from some big 681 blanks... anyone else know any details about the this line?
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