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  1. I bought mine in '06ish and still play them. I've tried several times to move on to something else but to me, nothing compares. More forgiving than people think, but you still have to put a decent swing on it. An absolute classic for sure.
  2. Even though those are the older generation, those a heck of a ball at that price.
  3. My stuff is all older too. Driver rotation: 910D2, original Exotics with famed Graman Limey, Adams 9064. Iron rotation: MP32, MP67, MP52, Exotics CNC Forged. Putters: All Rife Barbados, different finishes.
  4. From all the Cleveland drivers that I've owned over the years, the Launcher 330 is the one I wish that I never sold. Man that thing was a cannon.
  5. I bought 4, 3dozen ammo boxes of the RBZ urethane just a couple of weeks ago and could not possibly be more pleased with them. Absolute Deal of the century. I'm buying 6 more ammo boxes of them with this code.
  6. If I absolutely had to go back to something smaller, it would be the Cleveland Launcher 330. That thing was a beast.
  7. I feel the need occasionally to try something new, but my 910D2 is firmly in my bag for the foreseeable future. It just works.
  8. My all time favorite hybrid. Love the turf interaction and the consistency.
  9. Got my 10 dozen Callaway. 5 SR3 20 Chrome Soft++ 95 Chrome Soft+ Every single one are dead mint. What an unbelievable deal. Thanks again for the heads up OP. Wish I bought 20 dozen.
  10. 10 dozen Chrome Soft are heading to Kentucky. Thanks for the heads up OP!
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