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  1. I think you might enjoy the Project X Hazrdus Smoke or the Red. I’m a big fan of these shafts, priced right and very consistent. BB
  2. I’m still a huge fan of my Gen 1 T’s
  3. I’ve enjoyed them but if had to do it over I would probably lean towards the TS model. They don’t play quite as stout as my Steelfiber 95’s. The feel is smooth and they are definitely consistent. The build went well however I did end up using tungsten rubber tip weights. Keep in mind I prefer my irons in the D4 range.
  4. I’m one of the diehards willing to play assuming no rain and the course is open. I must say though extensive cold weather golf has taken its tole on my 51yr old body. Arthritis is a female dog! BB
  5. Amazing condition! I love the South, it’s so darn expensive though it’s rare I get to play. It’s my all time favorite course.
  6. Olde Stonewall is something special. I look forward to the next round I play there. BB
  7. Played Firestone South last week, simply amazing golf course, magical and tough as nails! Not nearly as flat as the TV might indicate. BB
  8. I only have 27 holes at Firestone CC but so far I’m impressed. Very smooth, mid ball flight with nice tight shot dispersion. No flyers or weird outcomes. I would say a very smooth feeling SF with similar shot dispersion. My normal gamers are SF 95’s and I would say these play softer feeling but similar. Flex to similar flex the Fuji’s aren’t as stout. More to come after I have more time in warmer weather. BB
  9. Do NOT bore hosels! The shafts are very thick at the tip and tapering is quite easy to accomplish. Actually, it works well because you can customize the perfect fit. Trust me that’s all the shaft brands do when they produce a .335’T tip.
  10. No need, I was able to pull the shafts without any damage to the plugs. It worked out perfect.
  11. Finished the build. I did end up using the rubber tungsten plugs to achieve my desired SW in the D-4 range. I must say the quality of these shafts is extremely high. After I sorted them and manipulated the tipping ALL shafts had a CPM curve of 4cpm’s. That’s incredible even for steel! I’m super excited to play them Sat. I will update performance on Sunday. Be safe! BB
  12. Very good looking bags no doubt but using a soft material in a stressed area around the strap was a engineering mistake. Saying it’s a carry bag not designed for carts is avoiding the design flaw in my opinion. Only alternative is too use a towel or a cover on the actual strap for protection.
  13. Yes for sure, that’s why I went with the non-tour model Pro 95’s. I’ve heard the TS models are pretty stout. At 51yrs old I’m moving away from really boned up shafts no need. I want my smooth temp and controlled swing to match the performance of the shafts.
  14. One thing I’m confident we can all agree on. Graphite is worlds easier on the joints! The last two times I strayed both my left then right elbow almost immediately began to ache. With the quality, feel and consistency of modern graphite there’s a shaft out there that will fit your needs. Might not be easy to find, demo or build but they are definitely out there. I say absolutely no to steel shafts and beating balls off of rock hard range mats.
  15. I’m pretty set but you never know. If you have trades it can’t hurt to fire me a PM. Worst I can say is no thanks right!
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