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  1. I will be sure to post pics and impressions. That’s interesting I’ve never seen the Oban Revenge iron shafts, that’s cool! Thanks
  2. I’ve had some time with mine now and can truly say they are fantastic irons. The feel/sound and performance is exceptional. Not a steel shaft player any longer so the re-build is currently underway. First observation the bore thru design is purely cosmetic they are taper tips. I’m relieved to say the shafts pulled very easily with low heat and without damaging the sole pin plugs what so ever. First huddle successfully navigated! Waiting on a set of Fujikura Pro IP 95i shafts to be delivered. I’m really excited about this setup and they should be in the bag for a while. BB
  3. FYI, both of these shafts are incredible and expensive . The mid spin 100-107mph semi-aggressive swingers welcome. BB
  4. Ha! Thanks. Going nuts sitting home have to do something besides pretending to work. I don’t even care to sell this stuff it’s just something to put eyes on. For what you are getting good deals too. This is all very high quality and proper swag. You want multiple things, cool trades are welcome! This is a fun sale, I’m down! BB
  5. Top of line ULT-X TecTecTec plus extras! MINT/New SOLD Spotless retail 9.5 M2 plus tour adaptor head only plus extra 8gr aftermarket weight $155.00 shipped Rare Scratch DS 47* with brand new Aerotech Steelfiber 110i stiff and Plus 4, 35’75 gripped $125.00 shipped Limited Edition Helium Black stiff flex $115.00 shipped BRAND NEW Factory ordered Oban Hashimoto 04/65 (stiff flex) with Cally adaptor $175.00 shipped My pricing is SUPER fair and all discriptions perfect, all sales final. First to PayPal shipping via FedEx Ground with tracking. BB
  6. Nippon Modus 105 fits this bill. Extremely smooth feeling and very plush (if that’s a thing). BB
  7. This has been a theme for years now. My OCD will not allow me to consider even the graphite KBS models due to this issue.
  8. I have found Titty irons clicky for years now. The last soft feeling Titleist iron was the 710 series.
  9. I sell services to NURSING HOMES! As you might imagine my work is little to none currently, very concerned.
  10. This is brutal I’m already going nuts!
  11. I’m getting ready to try the Fuji Pro’s can I ask what you liked about them? Appreciated
  12. It is definitely true, if you love Recoils chances are you are not a fan of Steefibers and visa versa. I haven’t found too many fond of both equally. That’s totally fine too, both high quality products no doubt.
  13. I’ve played the SF 110’s in both S and R flex and feel they play a bit more stout than the 95’s. Both great shafts but yes they are a bit different in my experience. I haven’t been a fan of the Project X models but I have read good things about the new Catalyst lineup. The previous PX LZ’s had that dull thud that some relate to older generation graphite iron shafts. Again, your mileage may vary. I’ve been at this graphite iron shaft thing for sometime now. If you choose to have a current iron set re-shafted make sure you use a competent tech. I would suggest you purchase a set of tungsten rubber tip weights once you’ve dry fit everything and determine how far off the swingweights might be. With SF you will need to ever so slightly bore the tips to help them fit correctly. Don’t use too much epoxy installing the tip weights either, just a tiny dab is perfect. Adding .25’-.75’ of length will help as well. If you are new to 95gr shafts they already will have overall lighter finished weight. Loosing to much SW in my opinion can greatly hinder the transition. I think this might be when people equate them to being excessively stiff. Just suggestions...BB
  14. I’m 52yrs old and a swinger not a aggressive hitter and far prefer the Steelfibers. I play the 95’s in R flex, best shafts I’ve ever owned. I’m not a high spin/launch cat either and never really understood why peeps feel they play so stiff to flex. I’m going to experiment with a set of Fujikura Pro 95’s to see how they stack up as well. Good luck, you will NEVER look back. My elbows thank me every single day I play. BB
  15. This is going to suck if they lock us down! If they do mandate it I will abide however. No reason to push it for the good of society.
  16. I bought a pack of red Evolution tees since they are very durable and have a nice thick head. Let’s see what happens!
  17. That’s a very interesting idea! I need to grab a handful of plastic tees and fool around see what happens. Check these out, I could work them into a good shape before expoxy and polish. My question, will they hold up in a similar capacity??
  18. Agreed! I did end up playing 27 chilly holes and it was so nice just to be outside away from this hype. If we do get locked down I plan to re-shaft my Wilson Staff Model Blades with graphite and review the process with pics. Better than Mad Men reruns!
  19. Will do, I agree this should be a fun build. I would LOVE to locate a set of RED bore pin plugs that harken back to the old fluid fills. That would really make them pop! I doubt they are out there I’ve been searching. Maybe I will call Wilson and beg but my guess they won’t even know what I’m talking about. BB
  20. So I’m taking the plunge and re-shafting my beloved Wilson Staff Model Blades. I’ve been researching these and like the fact they have some sort of fancy tip material that maintains swing-weights at a DG S300 level. If that’s the case I’m impressed and happy. I also like 2 iron blanks (not for everyone!) so I can manipulate the tips to fine tune flex/frequency before butt trimming. Note, this will not be a beginners tech build it’s going to take some time and patience but the end result should be sick, I hope!! So having said that, I was wondering if anyone has experience with these iron shafts and might share some thoughts. I’m a diehard Aerotech Steelfiber guy and truth haven’t found anything better. I will update the project with pics and recommendations as it unfolds. Let’s hear it boys! BB
  21. I’m playing tomorrow in Ohio that’s for sure. Now I will be wiping down the carts steering wheel, etc etc. I just can’t see a big issue on a 4,000 acre outdoor nature reserve.
  22. I’m just not buying the equipment arguments. Business issues or contract issues would sound far more likely.
  23. Sunny and 45 degrees right now In Cleveland. We are playing tomorrow South tee it at 10:45am, can’t wait!
  24. I think it’s a huge stretch to blame clubs for a Tour Professionals struggles. These are the elite players in the world and it’s tough out there. I’m confident we are all well aware that this game is intense. Money and contracts are an entirely different animal. If there is a growing rift we won’t hear much about the actual details. This has nothing to do with Honma quality. BB
  25. I haven’t used a stock OEM cover for 20yrs. To the untrained eye my bag looks very generic. I hope it keeps the thieves off when they don’t see the obvious name brands blazing neon signs all over the place. Knock on wood...
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