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  1. I thought the tungsten positioning really stabilized these heads. They are definitely a low launching, small players iron. I didn’t find them to be the softest feeling set I’ve ever played but that easily could’ve been my shaft choice. Good ball strikers are welcome. Surprisingly I find my Wilson Staff Blades more forgiving and far better feeling. Both share one common trait, lots of bounce. BB
  2. Rawlings covers are sweet!! Would love to own a set of those. BB
  3. It felt a little large to me. Not sure I would want such a stout watch on during golf. Then again, I prefer my GPS band.
  4. If you ever roll that T22 you won’t sell it! Bump for the best feeling Scotty in a very long time. BB
  5. Just ordered a 66gr UST V2 and authentic 19’ tip adaptor to match up with the new 17’ M2 head. I bet this setup is every single ounce as mean if not better than anything you can buy today. And it will look excellent. I’m excited! Best part authentic and 100% brand new! If you are wondering, that’s exactly $260 out the door. With a little planning and knowing your sellers it is possible to own a very nice driver for under $300 if you use your noggin or on a budget. I have no idea if this can beat out my 410LST or Tour Issue M6 but if it does SO BE IT! More money in sales for me! 9.5*, 66gr stiff flex, 45’ D4
  6. I handled the upgrade to the Garmin S60 last week. It will be introduced at the show. I think the cat said it was called the S70. BB
  7. Like I said, I’m not a big proponent of driver faces becoming stressed and weak. If a driver fails its almost always a structural weakness. Now, if you are 26hcp and you drill the ground with your driver every swing damage can occur.
  8. I’m sure we will see some new offerings during the PGA show.
  9. If our winter go to course(s) south of Canton Ohio let us play we will be there, period. It’s been sketchy more than once! We know on the bad days to bring a thin screw driver so you can the get the darn tee in the frozen ground. He equips all the carts with covers during the winter months, that plus blankets and heaters do the trick. BB
  10. Unless it has a structural weakness which it easily could I’m not a big proponent of the face stressing. Although! It’s realky obvious when a driver face flattens I’ve had it happen at least twice. It just goes dead and hits low loose bullets and feels like a brick. It’s like, yeah this guy is dead! It’s really pretty obvious. BB
  11. It’s something like that, someone in the know will eventually highlight it. I’ve read that too!
  12. That would make total sense as the metal naturely fatigues. I still wanna known the deal with face thickness at the edges. I honestly think the rules changed.
  13. I don’t know, it is after all a modified rubber ball. Does the face flex that much? Now! Hitting the ground repeatedly that’s another issue. BB
  14. That’s kinda my point! We all love shinny new clubs and we also love golf. But I might say for those peeps who bumb because they didn’t get the latest and greatest? Might not be missing a ton off your current setup if its well fit.
  15. Come on now, I know all you zero offset junkies should be foaming at the mouth here!
  16. Interesting, I thought something (could be saying this wrong) along the edges away from center has changed. Maybe someone can clarify.
  17. So it’s winter and I’m looking out my window at a blizzard in Cleveland. Here’s my question to the experts. I believe I read somewhere that changes to the design rules for drivers in the past few years actually limits CT as you move away from the center of the face. While I understand that advancements do indeed happen all be it very small in maxed out drivers. Trust me drivers are a weakness for me and somehow I end up with new ones very single season. My question becomes this, was there actually a sweet spot where drivers simply haven’t improved? Or even more, actually declined due to these design change requirements? Be nice it’s just a friendly chat! BB
  18. Thanks! I thought it would just wasn’t sure.
  19. For the TM boys, just picked up a new 17’ M2 Head. Will my M6 adaptor work? Thanks, BB
  20. Funny, I just bought a brand new 17’ M2 driver head. I built a 17’ M2 HL fairway wood last year and love it. I never gave this particular model a chance back then. I want to fiddle with lower lofts. It’s not like tech has changed very much, cheap thrills! Funny, I have a brand new Tour Issue M6 head yet I’m more excited about this, nuts. Pretty obvious it’s winter because my equipment issues are in full effect. BB
  21. I’ve had the GAPR Hi 4 in my bag since it was introduced. I really enjoyed this club it’s not going anywhere. I personally think it’s a good looking club, perfect shape and I like the unique green color. BB
  22. Thanks BB! This set is in incredible condition too, truly 8.5-9/10. I just can’t imagine finding a superior set unless someone paid 3k in the day and stuffed them in the closet. Good stuff!
  23. Thank you Mods! Since these are very rare prototype irons they are being sold “as is” and all sales are final. Please refer to my 9k in posts and many years of service to the site as proof of my integrity. Thank you! BB
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