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  1. So where would you guys recommend a visitor to play? Are there any clubs that reciprocate? or what is the best municipal to play? stopping through in late May and would love to get a round in thanks
  2. Thanks a lot for the reply HZ, and the confirmation that Pecan Valley is public. I will focus on the River course. sounds like the conditions are improving daily and I’m stoked to be able to visit Ft Worth again
  3. Hello fellas, Sorry about all the cold weather this winter. Normally that crap stops somewhere between I70 & hwy50 up here. My wife and I are coming down from KC area for the Charles Schwab Challenge the end of May at Colonial CC. (Just final day) I am hoping to line up a round at Pecan Valley either the day before or day after. Has anyone played either course recently? Can you confirm that it is public? any other info welcome For the record, I played Grapevine a few times a couple years ago and enjoyed the practice area almost as much as the cou
  4. Your lie angles are incredibly important for pure consistent contact. plus your lie angles are just that...yours! get them to match and then decide which set you like better. But, if your lofts, lengths, shafts, grips, and swing weights are not exactly the same set to set, it’s not a fair comparison but you could certainly learn something about each set with a few range sessions. if you just like the look of the new heads, take your specs to a builder and your game will thank you for it!
  5. I am assuming you have been fitted for both sets and they are built to the same specs. Is this accurate??
  6. I just bought a GC2 or I would be all over this. This looks like a great buy with the software and other items included. glws
  7. I recently purchased a gc2 with the intention of using in my outdoor cage and at the range. Indoors I have been using it with my putting green. I am using the free FSPerformance app on my iPad. No sim software at this time but will check out GSPro and TGC. i did not like idea of paying an annual or subscription fee of any kind.
  8. As a new gc2 owner as of yesterday, I am grateful to the OP and the WRX community for the GSPro info. I told my wife I was only planning to use it on the range and in my cage in the backyard. And that was my intention, but a sim room with an integrated putting green would be fun. The FSPerformance app for iPad or iPhone will give you same info as the lcd on the unit with a few graphics for ball flight. I believe it will also save and possibly email data. So far, I have only used for putting to drain factory charge on the battery. This is the only iOS app I have found from foresi
  9. Good guy here fellas. Don’t hesitate to purchase. Thanks again for the deal justinmartel77
  10. SteelClub SOLD AD DI 6x pending payment AD DJ 8x SOLD Laser Putt SOLD thanks guys!!
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