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  1. Op--yeah, Monte's wedge video as already mentioned. He teaches two methods, which are actually fixes depending on your ballflight--the Azinger and Stricker shots. You practice these two methods and you'll never look back. You will be able to check it off your list and go practice something else. It's good to have options.
  2. [quote name='parmark' timestamp='1409063789' post='10010575'] Just venting for a minute... If I'm gonna suck I might as well try to let someone profit from this horrible affliction. We can do a before and after scenario, and folks will come flocking to you showing everyone how you are able to fix this. It's like, if he (meaning me) can be cured, anyone can. Think about it... first Golfwrx, then another web site or two, followed by Golf Digest, then the Golf Channel comes a calling, maybe a dinner with Paige - I can make you famous! Had a few issues with the swing last weekend. While at
  3. Just to echo the group's thoughts here, it was an awesome weekend. I learned a lot and most importantly Monte cleared my head of a lot of swing clutter. It's very helpful when he says with utter confidence that he knows exactly what the major flaw is and goes about fixing it. I also thought 13 guys would be too many, but it wasn't. Monte worked hard to make sure everyone had a plan going forward. Parmark, thanks again. It went flawless but I know there's a lot of work that goes on in the background to make this work. I would seriously entertain having Monte come back in August so we could get
  4. I just came back from the practice green, sunny and high 60s, but too windy. I'm already in full whinge mode. I'm real close to thinking the 4 pm dinner buffet is a great idea. I'll keep my thoughts to myself, don't worry. lol
  5. Tilted Quilt? Hell, no! We're talkin' back room. Better have the Amex gold card ready. LOL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCROkG4SKao&nofeather=True
  6. [quote name='parmark' timestamp='1398369222' post='9162757'] [quote name='bph7' timestamp='1398368971' post='9162721'] Parmark, just wanted to say that even though I'm down here in TX, so it would be quite a journey to get up there, mad props for actually making this happen. Getting something like this together has so many moving parts and is much more work than it seems, but it seems to have all worked out and sounds like its gonna be a blast. I wish the DFW area had a parmark to make this happen down here... [/quote] Actually, I've given thought to franchising this idea. Just don't k
  7. [quote name='parmark' timestamp='1398365231' post='9162229'] Funny someone should ask about photo's, I stopped by the range today to double check the logistics and time lines, and all's set to go. Just so there are no surprises, two things to cover: 1. I gave the range a check to cover two days of 12 players at $50.00 per player. It would just make things easier for them to handle things in this manner, and they have been terrific (So, if this ends up being someone's idea of a joke and you all are pulling my leg and no one shows, I'm screwed! And please, no mention of this to my wife,
  8. On final approach, no turning back now, boys!
  9. [quote name='parmark' timestamp='1398302540' post='9156555'] Paul E-- Watched that clip you posted, here's the actual video of Tom speaking of this same event here, though he makes reference to a different year here... I've watched this a thousand times, never gets old... [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6cntSpVbZo"]https://www.youtube....h?v=b6cntSpVbZo[/url] [/quote]Yep Yep, that's gold. Unfortunately, if one were to just give this video a cursory view (note how the audience isn't even listening) and not think about what Tom is saying, you will miss some very important points.
  10. [quote name='wmblake2000' timestamp='1398296732' post='9155793'] After I wrote this last night and posted it, when I re-read it, I was bored to death by it. There isn't any of the exhilaration in it that I actually feel as I see myself improving. Case in point - I played today (I don't get to play that often as I travel a lot). And mid-round I just lost it. Started hitting fat shots. Ugh. After it dawned on me that this wasn't just a random deal, but a pattern - bam I fixed it. Right shoulder. And I smoked the ball afterwards. Driver, 5 iron into a 412 yd hole up hill into the wind. That'
  11. [quote name='Coy M' timestamp='1398210541' post='9147133'] I know Monte says to start the down swing with the trail elbow (right for a right hander). But I would like to know some stuff about slowing the hips down, I've figured out I can play amazingly when my hips don't get quick but when it starts happening I can't stop it for the life of me. Someone give us some info! [/quote] I would watch this, it was one of Monte's first videos and one of my favorites. At no time does he say slow the hips down. It's all about the synch. I've watched this seemingly simple video and each time I pull
  12. Rudder---I like your posts, you remind me of me, but worse. Man, you sure like to think.
  13. Ummm, is the flightscope waterproof? I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
  14. [quote name='wmblake2000' timestamp='1397844456' post='9120185'] [quote name='PJ1120' timestamp='1397838700' post='9119523'] Monte, How vigorously does the right shoulder work down and out to the ball.....i.e., is this move intended to add a lot of speed to the swing? Thanks [/quote] There was a quote a while ago from Jim Waldron where he said the speed the shoulder girdle turns is the biggest factor in clubhead speed, and then Monte agreed with him. This discussion now seems to me to be about 'how' the shoulder girdle turns. I am trying to get the confidence in it to turn it as fast a
  15. [quote name='parmark' timestamp='1397785514' post='9115831'] Cinderallaguy At some point we'll have to address the name, but that can wait.... I just wanted to share my results and observations, feel they might be a bit relevant here given your topic of the shoulders. I had a tough time also comprehending the "shoulder out" move, I felt this was just a recipe for an over--the-top result. But I was wrong, it just allows me to really go after it. Before I always had a very defensive swing - guarding against the laterals - but with the shoulder out and focusing on keeping head back, awesome
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