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    Maxfli Tour

    All in on the Tour X, it’s longer for me off the driver than my usual Srixon XV, probably a good 4-5 yards longer in carry on my irons, spins just the right amount around the greens and holy cow... the durability is insane. Played a full 18 holes with the same ball yesterday and it could have passed as almost new at the end of the round. Anytime this ball shows up for 2 doz for $50, I’ll be purchasing more.
  2. Hello, A buddy of mine and I are looking at this Club as a potential option. We are both under 35 and have Girlfriend's that are just learning the game/getting into it. Anyone have thoughts on this place? It seems very reasonably priced compared to other MN private joints. Below is a snippet of info from their Head Pro/Membership director on current promotions. Starting August 15th, we are offering our Fall Promo. New members pay the onetime $300 stock and your first 3 months of dues (Around $188/month) down at the time of joining. Your first membership year would officially begin May 1s
  3. Generally curious and not meant as a flame, but how in the heck did you come up with that set makeup? Very odd.
  4. My set of 770's are being delivered today! Can't wait, finally pulled the trigger on an upgrade from my old faithful Adams Idea Pro Golds. This thread has me excited.
  5. They have plenty of inventory, and it's not common for in Store or online retailers to offer up a "Trial" period such as theirs.
  6. > @MooreGreens said: > I want to love 2nd swing but I recently paid almost $50 for overnight shipping. Half of my order shipped overnight and the other half shipped first class... > > Call Customer Service, They will make it right.
  7. > @Joe85 said: > Hi guys. I want to ask a few questions regarding the LPGA tournament this weekend at Hazeltine. > > > I am in the East Metro and I am thinking about going. How do I get tickets? Where do most people park? Is it hard to get in? Anyone here going?? You can get tickets on the website very easily, and they are reasonably priced. I think best bet is purchase and collect at will call or just print and bring along. People will primarily be parking at the Chaska High School (free) or in one of the fields close to the golf course. I imagine it will be well at
  8. Is it just me or does that look like the alignment line on the X is pointed left?
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