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  1. Had a pair for a couple of weeks and have played 3 rounds with them. So comfortable, these are replacing the pro sl from last year as my go to golf shoe!
  2. Yeah, that's not a bad price at all with all the public course green fees going up. They have a big amateur tournament there that has been going on forever called the Oil Valley Championship, I believe it is in August. If you like playing in stroke play tournaments it would be worth checking out.
  3. X-18 works well and clips on bag or sits in cup holder on the cart!
  4. Check out Shawnee Country Club sometime, it has a great layout and always in good condition!
  5. Anyone tried the MB's in the PXI 6.0 shaft. Thinking of 5-p in MB and 21, 24 UT in same shaft. I have this shaft in the x-forged from a couple of years ago and love the shaft. I don't have the highest ball flight and the PXI shafts seem to fit me well. I've never tried any of the KBS shafts though.
  6. Tiger not wearing the new Masters shoes at all?
  7. Anybody have any idea they don't even have any shoes listed on there site.
  8. Anyone know when the 2013 line of Callaway apparel will be up on there website they hardly have anything on there now and its all sale stuff from last year.
  9. I have a R11s driver and I got it with the RIP Phenom 65 which is 63 grams and is a low launch shaft. The driver is 9* and I am hitting the ball a little lower than I'd like and the shaft feels too light. I had a 910 D2 for the last couple of years with the project X 7-C3 shaft that was 73 grams and a low-mid launch shaft. I really liked this shaft and hit the club really well. It had a much better ball flight than my current setup. I am looking to get a heavier shaft than what I have now. I have found a few options that are similar to my own shaft and need to know what is closest to my old se
  10. Is anyone else able to see the marquee group? Showing off air when I try to load it.
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