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  1. For sale is a set of Mizuno JPX 900 Forged 4-PW c-taper stiff +1/2” I am the original owner and have meticulously cared for my clubs. They have blue Iomic grips. $ shipped from SC The bottom of the 4 is the most used but most are in great shape. let me know if you want more photos, I’m happy to take additional photos.
  2. For sale is 2 Greyson polos size medium. Barely worn, each shirt has been worn less than 5 times because I have changed sizes in their polos. Prefer to sell together safari and red polo sold Greyson Pullover - size medium $old Lululemon shorts size 34 sold
  3. He means hot the ball in the middle with the leading edge. Bounces a touch to get it rolling and acts more like a putt.
  4. 4 pair of golf pants 32x32 navy/black/grey/navy 2 Nike 2 under armour Nike’s are a few seasons old and lightly worn and under armour pants have been worn less than 5 times each since I went to Bonobos shortly after buying them. wanting to sell all together $old payment for all 4 including shipping.
  5. I’ve noticed a lot of tour players starting to go with the T grind, what attracts them to this over the L or low bounce K?
  6. Any interest in selling the sim head separately? Good luck with the sales!
  7. Looking to replace my 2016m2 fairway so I just watched the txg video again comparing the sim ti (2020) to the new TSI 2. Has anyone else hit them head to head? Which one is shallower? I assume both are pretty hot off the middle, is one of them more forgiving off the bottom? thanks for the feedback.
  8. I think the point being is I fit well In to both shafts with the ball flight being quite similar but they certainly have a very different feel.
  9. This is why I love responses from people that say if you play c-taper you won’t like the 120’s. I’m in the same boat, went from c-taper s hard stepped to modus 120x and love the feel and trajectory i get. A shaft won’t drastically change ball flight, I think may feel slightly different and have a small effect but it’s not like you will all of a sudden go from high to low ball flight or high to low spin.
  10. For sale is a Scotty Cameron Futura x5 and it’s 33” long. cutting down on my flat stick mallets after picking up my t22 fastback Tried to take good pictures to show use and wear. It’s in good shape but has been gamed while using putter headcover at all times. $270 shipped
  11. As a 2-3 handicap I feel like I strike it decently and would enjoy the versatility but the deep down in me knows if a miss a couple Im gonna be pissed I didn’t have that wide sole k to save me. Decisions decisions.
  12. Sounds like this is the exactly what i described after reading about it. Anyone try both the low bounce k and the t grind? I think I have it narrowed down to those 2 at this point.
  13. Edited original topic after finding the low bounce K option. What would you guys recommend..low bounce K or T grind? typically play a fairly firm course but also travel a bit .
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