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  1. Scotty Cameron t22 Fastback 1.5 34”
  2. Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 34”
  3. Sim Max 10.5* UST Mamiya Lin-Q Gunmetal 6x *MINT* 45.25” d3 swing weight. Willing to discuss head only but i really like the shaft and head combo but my cobra SZ Im a little more consistent. The sim was used for 4-5 rounds max and is basically free of marks. $450 combo $300 head only
  4. I have a fitting next Friday, going to come down to the 770 full set or mix in some MC short irons, I play to a 2.5 currently.
  5. That’s awesome to hear about the sole. Basically a slightly more forgiving 760?
  6. Now that we’ve seen them, how do we think they compare to the 760’s?
  7. How is one going to decide between the current 760’s and the new 770’s. HELP
  8. I’m really in between buying the 760’s and the new 770’s, once they are announced will I still have a chance to custom order 760’s for a certain period of time? 2-3 handicap and just like a little forgiveness
  9. I was just cleaning out my locker at the club to reduce clutter and found some great shoes that are a couple years old worn less than 10 times. I already have plenty of other pairs, what do you guys do when you still have shoes that are in good shape but you don’t really want to wear anymore? Is there a market for them? Donate them? Throw them out? just trying to see what some others in the same boat do.
  10. First up is SIM Max 10.5 shafted with Lin-Q Gunmetal 6x 45 1/4” total length. I played this for 4 rounds (cobra ended up winning out) and you can judge the pictures yourself. asking $500 Next up is greyson polos (prefer to sell in pairs at least) First up are two club logo Omaha polos, size medium never worn $125 Next up 2 striped polo greyson size medium, each shirt worn less than 3 times. $sold Trade options would be cameron newport or t22
  11. What is everyone’s guess on the main difference between the 760 and new 770 based on the pics? I’ve hit the 760’s and really liked the consistency and as a 2-3 handicap the little bit I’d help they offer is appreciated. Do we see the 770’s as a more forgiving or similarly forgiving (distance on off center strikes) to the 760?
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