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  1. Wtb: Sim fairway 15° w/ Ventus Blue 7x
  2. got this off another wrx’er, can’t wait to start rolling it. It will go well with my original tei3 newport sole stamp
  3. So I currently play jpx 900 forged irons with c-taper s flex (hard stepped once), I was wondering what the ball flight differences are between the c-taper s and modus 120x. Obviously there are feel differences in the two and I’ve hit both but in separate heads (ctaper in current irons and modus In the p770’s). I am a 2 handicap (91-93 mph 6 iron) and not incredibly affected by the feel of the iron shafts unless they are crazy stiff like ctaper X so just wondering what I should do when ordering new irons besides doing a full fitting hitting both shafts next to each other. P770 h
  4. Scotty Cameron T22 fastback 1.5 34” gonna be used as a gamer or refinish so used is preferred.
  5. How many rounds of clr bath does it take? 3-4 1 hour rounds with a 3M pad in between? about to buy some jet blacks and give it the treatment.
  6. So I was fit but it felt a little rushed outside this summer into 54D / 58 D grind, after assessing my game and not really hitting the f grind in the 54 I think that might be a better fit. I use my 54 for chipping ( not super laid open), bunker and mostly full shots. The real question is it better to have some versatility between my wedges and go 54F and 58 D or should I stick with the same grind 54D and 58D. I saw the 54 f is the most played sand wedge on tour but I’m sure they have some heel relief ground in to it. With the higher bounce, how does it function out of bunkers, I ty
  7. A little background,I am 39yo and a 2 handicap(goal is to get to scratch), 91-93 mph 6iron, playing JPX 900 with c-taper S flex hard stepped (120grams). I’ve been searching for an iron that has a fraction more consistency from strike to strike and have hit the TM P770 and liked them a lot. I try to play as forgiving iron as I can look at while maintaining good/great turf interaction. I put the 900’s in the good category but could be improved on. my question for WRX’ers is what iron shaft should get in the new 770’s. I hit the p760 prior to the 770 release and was fit at a demo day
  8. Ctaper 130x would be a huge jump in my opinion, either 120s or 120s hardstepped would be good place to start.
  9. I wish there were 2 threads because I feel like both are important, but sifting through one to get the small amount of reviews has been a struggle. 1. review of p7 line 2. order shipping and projected delivery dates No hate on those who’ve placed orders and haven’t got them yet, I’m sure I would feel the same way.
  10. Does anyone know when these go on sale this year? I am a new resident and have heard good things.
  11. Sim Max 10.5* UST Mamiya Lin-Q Gunmetal 6x *MINT* 45.25” d3 swing weight. Willing to discuss head only but i really like the shaft and head combo but my cobra SZ Im a little more consistent. The sim was used for 4-5 rounds max and is basically free of marks. $450 combo $300 head only
  12. I have a fitting next Friday, going to come down to the 770 full set or mix in some MC short irons, I play to a 2.5 currently.
  13. That’s awesome to hear about the sole. Basically a slightly more forgiving 760?
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