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  1. Actually no idea in headweight. I would guess it’s around 335-345g, but that’s just judging by feel. It’s plays at full 35” from sole to grip
  2. Couldn’t tell much diff. Perhaps thought the grip is too thick for me and head feels heavier to compare on the Piretti. Better test would be against a 350 in similar head to the 009. overall not bad to my taste
  3. These didn't make my latest cut and need to purge and fund latest 9mm hobby. All from a Pet/Smoke/COVID-19-FREE home: Up first is a recently custom made Byron Morgan DH89 made in GSS, and built with 3.5* loft, 69* lie, and 34" length. It's fitted with a Byron leather grip by GripMaster. It has a tiny ding mark on the trailing edge, otherwise it's in pristine condition still. I had it made to backup or perhaps overtake my SCM 009 GSS, but it still prefer the latter. I'm giving it up to fund another expensive habit. Comes with a blue authentic leather Byron headcover with skull and bones
  4. ALL shoes used with only 1-3 rounds each and in great shape. ADIDAS Men's TOUR 360 2.0 Golf Shoe, OnYx/White/Black, 9.5 M US with no-tie laces installed. ASKING $90 SHIPPEDFOOTJOIY PRO SL WHITE/GREY, 9.5 M US with no-tie laces installed. ASKING $85 SHIPPEDNIKE AIR MAX 1 G WHITE/AURORA HOT PUNCH, 9.5M US with no-tie laces installed. ASKING 90 SHIPPED TRADE INTERESTS PLEASEPAYPAL: [email protected]
  5. F* Me Sitting on ready cash to go towards investments and you pull this GSS out...
  6. edited. Thx for pointing that...have had SIM MAX and IPhone 11 Pro MAX in my head for the past two days
  7. I'm likely the 3rd owner of this as it was bought from another member here. To BOMK and by assumption (through eyeballing) it's trimmed to spec no extra tipping. New tip was installed by my guy at EWGS Orlando.
  8. ONLY TRADE INTERESTS BEFORE YOU ASK: Nike Method 006W SM8 Raw 50, 56 Uncut Ventus Blue w/ Velocore 7-S Titleist U500 3,4 Modus 105 or 120 (Stiffs only) __________________________________ TOUR ISSUE: Titleist Scotty Cameron CT CARBON Matte Black 009 Beached w/ Black Pistolini grip and TOUR ONLY CT Paint SplashHeadcover included. Blank sole but has lead tape on sole to protect aside from adding weight. In 99.9% perfect shape.ASKING $3800 Shipped FIRMTOUR ISSUE: Naked Titleist Scotty Cameron PROTO CONCEPT 1 TOUR RAT w/ Ping BO Grip and Custom Shop Headcover included. CT 20G weights; paint cam
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