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  1. Dipped my toe in the water this week and ordered a 58 in C grind with the same specs as my new Hogan Icons. I know my specs and the ability to customize to those in the Edel ordering system to match sold me. Not inexpensive at $199.00 a pop, but I think the quality is there and my first venture away from Scratch to Mizuno to these.
  2. Be more impressed if it applied to putters.......
  3. Something to add to this is the great series here on GolfWrx by Terry Koehler on wedges and in particular this piece on wedge selection. Length is a critical factor for GW, SW and LW especially if your main set has been customized in some fashion. My Hogan Icons (4-PW) are +.5 inch, 1 degree strong and 1 degree flat. My next drop to GW,SW and LW needs to follow that and be ordered accordingly and not just grab wedges off the shelf somewhere.. https://www.golfwrx.com/659470/wedge-guy-the-science-of-selecting-your-wedges/
  4. Nice idea. I also have a small level ( about 2 inches long) that I keep in the case that sets it up pretty well on the ground behind me since I'm hitting off grass 100% of the time. Also it's really important that I'm checking my own alignment to be as square as possible to the line I'm targeting down range from the R10. I tend to have an aim right bias since I have a left miss tendency. Correcting this has really shown up positively in the R10's shot charts. I also swing capture every shot and the slider function on the replay really works well in identifying things to work on......
  5. I've had luck with Linksoul and you can catch some nice sales if you get on their email list...
  6. How to Apply 1. City and State? Manakin Sabot,Va 2. Handicap? 6.1 3. Where do you practice? Private CC Range with full facilities for both short/long game. 4. Have you used a personal launch monitor before? Yes, I own both an original Mevo and Garmin R10 and would welcome the opportunity to provide unbiased feedback on the Ernest ESB1. 5. Do you have a current iOS device to use with the Ernest software? Yes. 6. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? Yes.
  7. Same here, still on 3.3. Figure it will come when it comes. No real issues on 3.3 right now...
  8. I think your assessment is fair. It's very close to my original Mevo with added simulator features which I like. Not thrilled about IOS only for the free 5 E6 courses but I can work around that and the HTH courses work just fine my Galaxy S21 (Android) along with the Driving Range which I can screen mirror to a big Samsung TV I hung in my garage practice area. One caveat is that Garmin hasn't figured out 16:9 aspect ratio for either IOS or Android in Garmin Golf but they are working on it apparently..
  9. I've had mine now for a couple of weeks and several hundred shots both indoor and on the range. Also one long indoor session side by side with the original Mevo. Once I took more time in alignment it works just fine. The numbers vs. the Mevo were spot on give or take 1 to 3 percent. Dropped shots were minimal. HTH is fine but indoor swing affect was there and I need to work on that. The R10 meets my expectations and definitely plan to keep it. One thing. Pay attention to people posting in this thread. I'm seeing a lot of new names who just joined this week with one or two posts. I doubt they came here as a "public service". We're all aware of the limitations of less expensive launch monitors and if not, save up and get something that will meet your expectations...
  10. Just an FYI to new owners. There is a software update available. Version 3.30. I had to use a laptop, download Garmin Express, plug in R10 and add it to Garmin Express. Updated, unplugged then synced through devices section on the Garmin app while connected to the R10. Not difficult...
  11. I love my Mevo original. Bought it new from Flightscope last December but it had a chance to mature by then through updates and I expect the R10 to follow a similar path. Love the sim capability of the R10 and it will be fun using..
  12. Just got confirmation I'll receive my R10 tomorrow and I'll compare with my original Mevo indoors over the weekend, which seems a little more realistic than a contest with $10k plus units. Before I start using lasers, advanced trigonometry and requisitioning DOD satellite time, I think I'll work with the more simple alignment method indicated in the R10 manual here : Adjusting the Device Alignment If the device is misaligned, your swing metrics while using the golf simulator features will not be accurate. For example, if the alignment is off by several degrees, the metrics will also be off by several degrees. If your swing metrics seem to be inaccurate, you can adjust the alignment. 1 Hit a short, straight shot using a high loft club, such as a sand wedge. 2 Compare the shot to the ball launch direction in the Garmin Golf app. If the device is misaligned, the ball launch direction in the app will not match your shot. For example, if the device is facing too far to the left of your target line, the launch direction shown in the app will be farther right than your shot. 3 Adjust the alignment of the device as needed. 4 Repeat this process until the ball launch direction in the app matches your shot.
  13. I've got a shipping label coming from RainorShine that's two days old, not an R10 but I'm sure I can put the label on my driver face and use it as impact tape. Obviously they have a shipment coming in this week ( I assume) and are printing those puppies out so early orders won't cancel.
  14. I still have all my Scratch wedges, 1018 DD, and pulled them out of the attic last week while I wait for new irons. Forgot how amazing they were and how easy it was to order from them. Miss that........
  15. Wait, what if the Garmin is right and the GC Quad is wrong???
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