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  1. Rhino Steel Stamps | Stamp Sets | Steel Stamps | Marking Tools | Construction Tools | ToolfetchThese are the best stamps out there.
  2. They hosel is threaded only for epoxy to find space. They do crimp for a tight fit. Any .370 shaft will fit but getting the right off set is the key for the forward, back, or zero offset.
  3. Raw 304 SS. ScotchBrite 3M belts is the way they do them.
  4. Up for sale is a pair of Jordan Trainers. I wore them once on the course and put them up. I wear a 11.5 in all my other Nike’s and I thought I could pull it off, but they were to big. Comes in original Box, paper and everything. I did loose one spike, but has been replaced. Sold Stitch golf bag. Love this bag, just have too many. No initials are one the plate and comes with the rain hood. No tears, or cuts all all zippers work. SOLD Not looking for trades, but all I can say is no.
  5. That Edel putter was made for someone else
  6. Testors paint pen is what they use. Let it set and dry and rub it off with a paper towel with some paint thinner, or acetone.
  7. From what I have read they have quite a wide range of "tuning" available to them. They have a LI (softer tipped), MI (mid launch), and SI (stiffer tip) that are all available in X. I think, but don't quote me on this, that each weight (85, 95, 110) corresponds to the profile you are going for. I would imagine that the 110X would play very similar to a Recoil Prototype 110, Steelfiber 110, or Diamana Thump 115. They would be firm with a bit more feel to them than a corresponding X-flex steel shaft in the same weight, like C-Taper Lite, KBS105, or DG SL, that tended to be a little bit more o
  8. Why would you swing weight a putter? It does not have to match anything else because its a single club.
  9. The Tad Moores look good. Too bad he didn't build them. So who did...........?????? no one that was in that booth!
  10. Seem to me that they do: https://edelgolf.com...th-sls-01-irons LOFT OPTIMIZED CG Through multiple design features we were able to create a vertically progressive CG throughout the set. Lower CG in the lower lofted clubs transitioning to higher CG in the higher lofted clubs to better control ball flight; improving launch conditions, shot dispersion and feel by maximizing head stability. The set is manufactured like that, the screw in weight does not effect the CG
  11. OK. Thanks for clarifying. It is a better way than tip trimming I'll grant you that. Tip trimming any other shaft could be an alternative when dealing with other shafts wouldn't you say? The weight will vary. By how much I don't know. Is the offset constant on Edel? Tipping one shaft say a driver or a 3 wood is easy. Tipping 8 to play the same would be an adventure. there is little to no offset in the irons.
  12. What they do is the equivalent of tip trimming wouldn't you say? See what this guy says as he was fitted fitted by Edel. http://www.torontogo...344#post2714344 FWIW, Edel Golf has a short, mid and long iron profile shaft plus they change the CG and size of each of the heads. The 3 and 4 iron heads are quite large front to back http://www.torontogo...le-length-irons Only shafts available are Paderson Kinetixx Loaded Single Length graphite iron shafts (37" or 37.5") which have different length fibers resulting in long (LIP), mid (MIP) and short (SIP) iron profiles. These are available i
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