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  1. I've only been during normal operations but honestly, the golf is what really made the trip. The restaurants were good and fun social scene but everyone talks about the golf. I would still [email protected]
  2. Super exciting these are available in left hand. Oh wait. Never mind. Bogus
  3. Well said. I personally have never found a better shoe than the original. I tried the eco knit and personally hated them. Fit weird, just didn’t feel like it was a good part of the line. praying they keep selling the original.
  4. I decided against it and some have said they got two knits and a $25 gift card plus a towel. Ironically if you would have bought during Black Friday it would have been same price. I saw another box with a true original shoe, towel and $25 GiftCard. Please report back! I ordered two pairs of the true originals.
  5. I am going to bring a FlagBag sunday bag to really make their life easy. I never need anything out of my bag except a water bottle, balls, etc. I also have a GFore Bag I may bring..
  6. Good point on the grinds. I’m a low handicapped so don’t really need the extra forgiveness
  7. Thank you. I hit the Zipcores and couldn’t believe the feel.
  8. Zero restriction is now 35% off. Fridayfeel
  9. Have narrowed it to these two. Have a i210 set I’m trying to pair wedges to. Anybody play both? Trying to narrow it down!
  10. What was the experience like? I would imagine just a lot more room drinking
  11. Vokey sm7 52-F 56-F 60-D stock shafts Used for three months. Plenty of life left. Looking for $185 shipped for all 3
  12. I hit these in a fitting yesterday and all I can say is wow. They feel great and the look is even better.
  13. Pretty Dissapointed. Looking for a lefty Mavrik in the Riptide 10.5 stiff in Like New condition. They have the 10.5 in like new with a different shaft but won't switch the shafts? I simply don't understand?
  14. Here is a really cool video on Gearhart I found...
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