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  1. Fantastic news for pre orders. When these launch delays will push into April I bet on some components.
  2. TM came on here and said we would hear more around Open/Olympics timeframe. Can’t be too much longer.
  3. Scotty Cameron Red X 35” stabdard lie and loft Comes with headcover excellent condition as pictured. looking for $0LD odyssey 2 ball center shaft 33.5 inches new super stroke grip $125
  4. Mine does too. Hoping for best!
  5. Any issues with Driver orders? I submitted mine. I bet it goes through but just curious..
  6. Mine still showing free shaft with the AD HD 6.
  7. Important to point out only one custom club per year for 90 day playability. Probably come out ahead by just selling outright
  8. Surprised these haven’t been announced yet. Maybe during olympics? I did a preorder through DD
  9. Are the hot tubs open again?
  10. Good questions. I was equally confused when I went to Australia. there is not a golden rule in regards to tipping. I usually bring a bunch of singles (one dollar bills) and each round I’ll give the waiter/waitress/bartender (usually one) a couple bucks. I also leave a couple bucks in the room each day to cover the room housekeeper and then the above mentioned shuttle driver.
  11. Lefty version will come in 1-2 months in the black finish.
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