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  1. Looking for a new shaft for my wife’s driver. I think the RR2 flex is best. Not looking to break the bank on this experiment.
  2. Looking for one of these driver shafts. I know they are currently on back order but was just wondering if anyone had one of these lying around as I am impatient and don’t won’t to wait. Prefer new but would entertain offers on mint new ones.
  3. Looking for a driver length shaft. Prefer new but would entertain offers for one time pulls.
  4. I was at my local PGATSS yesterday and they had many sizes available.
  5. Looking for a shaft for a driver for my wife. Let me know what you got.
  6. I picked up the driver this week. Came with the Tour AD TX3-5 shaft. I can not find anything about the shaft specs. I currently play the AD DI and the TX 3-5 feels lighter and spins more for me.
  7. Does anyone know any specs on this shaft. Just received a club with one and can’t find anything about it.
  8. Found some shoes that I forgot I owned. 1. Premier Elite - these have been worn maybe 5 rounds. These are in excellent condition and can guarantee you will be recognized when you wear them. $75 2. Chukka - these are the fruity pebbles Colorway. These have around ten rounds. Very good show for those summer afternoons. These look sharp. $70 3. Not sure what model these are. These have around ten rounds on them. $45.
  9. Thanks for the advise. I think you are correct. I would have to go with the IZ or VR . I was just wanting to check if it was reasonable to do so.
  10. Thinking about a possible change in my driver shaft. Currently play a Tour ADDI 6s but am thinking about going to the Tour ADDI 5x. Does this seem like a reasonable move if I want to gain a few MPH? Or should I go 5S?
  11. Couple items for sale today. I have too many clubs and need to thin the herd. 1. PXG Gen 1 Bat Attack Putter - bought this from a member about a month ago. I wanted to love this putter, but wasn’t any better than my current. 35” , face balanced, black shaft, super stroke grip. $200 CONUS. 2. Bridgestone Tour B CB Irons - Project X LZ 6.0 shafts. 4-P. Standard specs. These may have seen ten rounds. Face pics are of most used irons. 5-P have new lamkin cord grips. I won’t be too disappointed if these don’t sell. $400 3. Bridgestone Tour B 3 wood wi
  12. I have seen more golf carts on tee boxes, greens, native area, etc. more than any other year ever. I have also noticed more people showing up at 7:35am for a 7:30 tee time. This is the one thing that blows my mind. Would normally see it once a year, but have seen it a dozen times this year.
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