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  1. Looking for some tour b XW wedges in good shape. Looking for 56/60 preferably in black oxide. Let me know what you got
  2. Pm me the seller also. That blows my mind. I mean who would do that AND think it’s acceptable.
  3. Looking for a current model with stiff shaft.
  4. I did the math. With a Memorial win, Rahm would have gained 500 points and would have been third overall in FedEx points and would have started one shot better than he did. Cantlay would have still been at top of the list to start the Tour Championship. Assuming everything would have gone the same way, we would have had a playoff for the $15M prize.
  5. Random question. IF Rahm wins Memorial and Cantlay finishes second. Rahm would have gained 500 Fed Ex points and Cantlay would have lost a couple hundred. Would that at all have effected the starting scores at the Tour Championship?
  6. I used to keep mine in the trunk here in Ohio but started to bring them inside about 5 years ago. The only thing I have noticed is I no longer have the occasional loose ferrule.
  7. I am indifferent as long as it’s a low volume and only one speaker per group. Maybe I need some enlighting, and I am serious, but what is the main reason people play music on the course.
  8. Looking to sell a Titleist TSI3 driver with Tensie Pro White CK 70 X flex driver. Club has seen two rounds and a practice session. Club is 1/2 inch under standard length. I also tried to capture a pic of the small paint chip on toe. Disclaimer: Originally removed the tip to try with another shaft. Purchased and had an OEM tip reinstalled at a professional builder. There is small area of paint missing from shaft from the removal and reinstalltion. I would split shaft and head only if I had buyers for both. I will price this at $575. This is much less than this set up would cost from Titleist without the wait time. Comes with factory headcover. Let me know if you have any questions.
  9. They suggest going to a fitting center. I thought it would be as easy as pulling and re epoxy but doesn’t sound like it is.
  10. I purchased a nearly new PXG Mini Gunboat putter. After a half season of use the putter head is loose. It’s occurring at the spot the hosel goes into the club head. It’s loose in a fashion where it moves slightly in a direction where it moves upright etc. it does not move in any other direction. Any suggestions on how to repair. My normal repair person does not want to repair it since he is unaware how these putters are connected from hosel to head. Any suggestions.
  11. Selling a 9 degree TSI3 driver with Diamana Ahina 70 stiff shaft. Ordered this special through titleist but decided to stick with my current driver. Going to take a loss on this one. Two rounds and a small range session. One small paint chip near toe that I tried to capture in the pics. $465. Let me know if you have any questions.
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