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  1. While it looks linksy, I don’t think it plays much at all like a true links, other than it could be windy. Ground game is not much of an option as you need to fly the ball into most greens. Several forced carries. Likely will not play all that firm and fast. PGA 2015- 6 Americans and 1 Euro in top 10. PGA 2010- 5 Americans and 2 Euros in top 10. PGA 2004- 5 Americans and 1 Euro in top 10.
  2. That just goes to show how contrived, manufactured, and worthless the FedEx Cup is…. This is not a knock on Na by any means….
  3. Started typing a long post but lost it…. I have played since the redesign but didn’t play prior so no idea of changes. Maybe mediocre is harsh. It was a fine course with no “bad” holes. I like Fazio so not a hater. It is just on an obviously not great site and it is very good for what it is. I just don’t remember it being particularly engaging or super fun. In that price stratosphere I want something really really good. Eg. Bandon, Koehler, Streamsong, We Ko Pa, etc. My main point was that I find it amazing that $250-$375 is now considered affordable.
  4. So $250-$375 is now considered affordable golf??? Wow… Especially for a mediocre golf course. I understand it’s Vegas and you are paying for convenience and conditions. But I would never think to label Wynn as affordable.
  5. Learn from the master.
  6. Check out Verrado in Buckeye on the west side of Phoenix. Likely the best desert golf you’ll find in Phoenix that is super close to I-10. It will also save you some $ versus the Scottsdale options.
  7. “I’ve never seen this course in better shape.” Seems to me 95% of the time every course, every week, every year is just about perfect. We get it.
  8. Only have played North Berwick and it was fantastic! I’m sure Kingsbarn would be fantastic as well. I would offer a suggestion to look at the decision from a different angle as I think from a golf perspective you can’t lose! How much of Scotland do you want to see and explore? How much time do you have to travel? If you have the time and desire, NB is a great town and I think you would enjoy your time in the town. SA is also great! I would spend the extra time to take in NB if that interests you and you have the time. If not, just stay in SA and play Kingsbarn.
  9. How do these hold up to staining and discoloring vs. Biom 3 and previous generations? I have owned multiple pairs of Ecco golf shoes and my only complaint on the Biom series is they tend to look awful after 15 rounds or so. This is despite cleaning after each round. Not only the leather can look bad, but also the rubber soles. My black pair is the exception as I can polish those and they still look good. I looked at the H4 in store and the perforated leather doesn’t appear as soft/porous as previous generations. Also the rubber soles appear to have a smoother/shinier finish. Both lead me to believe these may tend to continue to look good for a long time with proper care? Note my Ecco’s have been extremely durable with no quality issues. They just start to look ugly/dirty.
  10. So you’ll spend $150 on a pair of pants but won’t buy new golf balls? LOL just busting your chops!
  11. toypor

    Tony romo

    You hear this a lot, but is it really true? I think I have an understanding of how good the pros are... Are there many out there that don’t comprehend these guys (and gals) are at a completely different level?
  12. +1 ASH76 comments. Comments that it is a horrible course are way out of line IMHO. Obviously it wouldn’t be ranked so high in the publications if it weren’t a solid course, no matter what one thinks of the rankings. I wouldn’t want to play it every day. It is a really good experience every so often, especially coming in from out of town and playing for the first time. You have no worries. Enjoy!
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