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  1. Congrats to Joel. Definitely seems to be a great guy and down to earth. Very happy to see him pick up his first win.
  2. I would move Three Jack National to the top of your list. https://clubproguy.com/blogs/media/springtime-swot-analysis-at-three-jack-national
  3. Oak Creek CC in Sedona and/or Elephant Rock in Williams. Both fun and scenic courses.
  4. toypor

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I just picked up a set of 699’s after playing Ping i series for years. I really liked my previous irons but wanted to try something a bit more forgiving. I am seriously impressed with these irons and the service level from Sub 70. The fit and finish is super high quality. The options to custom build to your specs are plentiful and the Sub 70 team provided a lot of help to get the right set-up. I’ve been able to hit these on the range and play a few rounds and the performance has been excellent. I was afraid the off-set and thick top line might be tough to get used to after playing mo
  5. AZ - Los Caballeros CA- Rustic Canyon Coronado GA - Arrowhead Pointe AB - RTJ Grand National
  6. Do you use the Gap Wedge for pitch/chip shots around the green? I use my gap wedge extensively around the green and worry the 699 Pro set wedge may be to big and hot faced around the greens. Today I use player’s CB and use the set wedge.
  7. Valley Golf in Avondale might be able to help you.
  8. The way you twist things around and make stuff up I can only assume you work in media. We are talking about a once a year competition to identify a true club champion. Absolutely no elitism. My regular group has players ranging from +3 to 30 handicaps. Playing along side each other, having a good time, and enjoying tasty beverages afterward.
  9. Club Championships are for the “elite” players at a club. Those that have put in the hard work to become really good players and are able to compete at a high level. I don’t compete in our club championship... Because I am not good enough and haven’t spent hours on end at the range and practice green to earn my way into this event. There are plenty of events offered (virtually all of them) that are handicapped where I have an opportunity to participate. And yes I have no issue giving our elite players exclusive access to the course a few hours out of the entire year to compete for a club cham
  10. And there in lies the problem...
  11. LOL. I thought he had been locked in on the i210s for a while now after changing almost every week in the very early going.
  12. Viktor Hovland and Tyrell Hatton are two of the best iron players in the world and they play i210. I don’t think you need to swallow your pride for playin iBlade : ) BTW love your bag!
  13. Sand Hollow in the St. George area. I have not played it yet but it is on my list. Looks fantastic and reviews are really good.
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