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  1. Thanks, all. I thought there may be issues with the Goo Gone? I'll give it a go. Thanks, again.
  2. Appreciate any tips here.....I recently came into possession of a Scotty oil can Napa. The previous owner had a strip of lead tape on the bottom. The putter is very clean, yet there is a slight reminisce of the outline of where the tape was. Anyway to remove that? I assume it'll ultimately go away as I play it, but in the meantime.....again, appreciate any tips. I'm sure I'd have to take some precaution given the carbon make up of the putter?? Thanks, in advance.
  3. Hi there - as the Newport Beach 1.5's are hard to come by are there alternatives y'all are aware of? Love the flow neck of the 1.5 and the head shape but prefer without a line. Appreciate your insight and willingness to share. Thanks!
  4. Plz offer your thoughts if you have used one - much appreciated!Specifically how well the Laser Link Red Hot measures to bunkers, water, OB stakes, etc. I know they work great to the flagsticks with prisms. Thx in advance for sharing your experiences.
  5. thank you for the G5 tutelage and insight - much appreciated!
  6. will do that - very interesting - thank you!
  7. Need laser help for unsteady handHi - trying to get this laser or gps thing figured out...in theory Garmin G5 sounds good though the unit I demoed in store wasnt too great - the screen whan moving or clicking for a marking was very sensitive. Also, tested a Bushnell Medalist w/pinseeker and had the hardest time getting the correct obect in sight and found the device very hard to hold super still....I assure you I am not a shaky or jittery person. Has anyone tried the Laser Link Red Hot....previous version from Laser Link worked only if prisms were in the flag....the Laser Link Red Hot mea
  8. Is U Pro or plain laser better???hi all - for you G3 or G5 users plz chime in.... when obtaining the distance to a specific target am I correct to assume that the center of the circle or the circle itself represents the point you are kind of measuring to? is it touch screen or do I drag? I found that I couldnt get a close to a target that I wanted - in other words, the screen was super sensitive. And manuevering the flag presented a challenge as well....again, very sensitive to touch or drag and there appeared to be minimal wiggle room to position the flag.....the sales rep was 0 help, d
  9. Lumpy's new putting grip - with cig butt in hand - is excellent
  10. Appreciate your insightI would appreciate anyones insight (playing charecteristics, stoutness or lack therof, feel, flight, etc) on the TM RE-AX Superfast shaft made by Fuji - I am interested in this is the 75g version stiff in a Burner TP 3 wood 14.5*.....I like Fuji shafts.....basically.....I just dont want a spinny, high launcher.....I know this is subjective and personal though I appreciate your insight. Thank you!
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