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  1. been watching him were possible in europe and really like his game. think he is playing; 913d3 8.5 fuji motore speeder tour spec 7.2 x, 913f 13 with v2 96x, 712u driving iron 19*, 680mb's 3-pw nippon modus but don't know the model?! custom vokey 50, 56 and 60 tour issue s400. then its custom scotty 1.5 of some kind?! cool set up and really like the way he plays the game! if he can keep it up think he will start to win quite consistently around the world.
  2. This guy is one of the hottest names in golf right now but i really havent seen any buzz about him stateside?! he has won 3 times on the european challenge tour this year earning him a promotion straight to the european tour! this totals 4 wins in less than a year and a lot of people around the circuit saying he really is the next big thing, likening him to martin kaymer who came through the challenge tour quickly to be a majoy champion and world no. 1! those same people are saying that Brooks Koepka also has a lot more game! so why the lack of interest or am i just not seeing it? would really like to see some genuine WITB and swing videos but he is being largely overlooked! him and peter uilhein really look like they could do big things for american golf in the future, would like to see more of them!
  3. hey would you consider selling head only? if so how much with shipping to england? thanks
  4. hey looking for the whiteboard 83x shaft only? hows the condition, is it flowerband and how much to ship to england please? all the best.
  5. Graphite design G series prototype 96 grams xx tipped 1.5 inches is what i saw on twitter...
  6. that is true he did quite badly injure his wrist at augusta! pretty much said after he recovered he could properly work with butch and got it going the right way again!
  7. do like the woodland to callaway deal... he is one of my favourite players too and ive always thought cally drivers are the longest out there! although in another thread it was said they do not require huge player representation due to their standing in making the best 'players' equipment, titleist surely would be taking a massive hit it woodland, kyle stanley, nick watney and rory mcilroy! that would be a lot to lose for any company!
  8. with the mcilroy to nike looking like it could be happening, what about everyone else? quite a bit of talk about gary woodland to callaway? anybody got any further information here? would really like to see whether this is happening or not? and what he would play... get a razr fit 7.5 in play or razr prototype?! razr mbs and the new utility iron... any thoughts or information here?!
  9. Woodland to callaway would be epic... 7.5 ft-9 ta would go forever and some razr mb's would sit nice too! will see if that happens...
  10. He wasnt at the open, still using the newport style!
  11. not sure about the putter... certainly looked like project x back in the irons though!
  12. i watched him at the tavistock and he pretty much hit a draw on every shot! was hitting a low one into the wind which was pretty epic! pretty epic all round actually... some of his drives were insane!
  13. i was up close at the tavistock and woodland is now playing a light blue g series graphite design Prototype shaft in both driver and 3 wood! He also seemed to have good control with a draw... his driving was immense! crazy long but could also hit such a powerful low stinger! he was also for sure using the pro v1x... saw the red number! Obviously cant confirm but the 712's in chrome looked an awful lot like the 503i driving iron blade he has played for a while! quite old school! was an impressive cool guy, hope he can put the full game together soon and win some!
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