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  1. Of course I mentioned Ariya and now she's over par for the day. My pick of Ally is looking good at the moment, but Danielle is in the mix. Can't count her out these days. Bianca is in a good spot to grab her first win early in her career.
  2. I don't normally play on the weekends these days, but after 4/5 rounds a week since May 1st I couldn't sit at home for a 3rd straight day. It turned out to be a very pleasant day at Sydney Marovitz. After a short frost delay the sun popped out, and the winds remained fairly calm. Pace was better than I expected at 2:20. Conditions were playable. The bunkers were washed out, but had a lot more sand than one would expect. The greens looked nice, but were bumpy, and only rolling 8 to 9. Probably haven't been cut all week. That said, it was a nice bonus this week. Solid round. I manag
  3. Partner: "Damn, I'm chaffing something fierce. How come you never seem to have a problem?" 007: "Bond. Gold Bond." - Dr. No
  4. Tough call, but I'd have to lean towards The Virtues. The Virtues has made Golf Digest's Top 100 Public Golf list for 17 years. Stonewall is not on the list.
  5. Lot's of good scores out there, so I'm surprised that the cut was at +3. I guess a combination of an unknown course, along with tricky greens, can lead to plenty of bogies. It's been a while since Ariya has been in the hunt. She has more missed cuts this year than top 10's. Much, much too early to write off Lexi. Her GIRs and putts per GIR are down slightly from last season, but not significantly. Her proximity to the hole seems to be off, though. 'Doesn't seem to be stuffing as many wedges close. As for the money list, only two of 23 players ranked higher than her hav
  6. Yeah, I think it might crack the Illinois Top 10.
  7. More deep woods goodness from Revolution Brewing. They released their 2020 Deth Tar, Cafe Deth, and a new Maple Deth variant this week. The maple is a little less sweet, and a bit boozier that the Founders CBS.
  8. The Virtues Golf Club, aka Longaberger, is worth $75. It's a very nice Arthur Hills design.
  9. Barred spiral galaxy NGC 3583 is located 98 million light-years away in the constellation of Ursa Major. It's approximately 75% the size of the Milky Way, 80,000 light-years across, and may contain 300 billion stars. Image: ESA/NASA.Hubble/A. Riess et al.
  10. "A course ranger once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti." - Silence of the Lambs
  11. That reminds me. When the h-ll is the LPGA going to put scrambling stats on their website? I know they track it, but it's a mystery to us peasants.
  12. They make it look so easy. A pair of ho-hum 65s, and a 66. The greens looks like they're rolling pure, although there is plenty of break. I thought Whan did an excellent job on the course. He didn't give the usual information one has come to expect, but he did have a lot of insight into the course, and his self deprecating humor was pretty good. 'Definitely wouldn't want him reporting every week, but it was a fun one-off.
  13. Ugh. 2:43 for 9 holes by a threesome. Ridiculous. Professional golf needs a shot clock on every shot.
  14. I checked the PGA Superstore website, and the bag is not listed. How does one order?
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