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  1. Interesting comparison between Annika's and Jin Young's stats. I think it shows the increase in talent on the tour over the past two decades. In a stellar 2019 Jin Young won four times. Annika was regularly winning 6 to 8 times a year, with a ten and eleven win season thrown in for good measure. I just can't see any player getting back to that level.
  2. I followed Alexa for a few holes at the Green Bay tournament in 2019. She's not a long hitter, but she's not that short. With driving averages calculated on two holes only, one poor drive in the rough or trees can really skew the numbers. Maria averaged 230 today. Nelly averaged 246 today, and only 251 for the week. Course playing soft maybe?
  3. Nice to see Annika make the cut. Ditto for Gabriela. Several players in the hunt looking for their first victories. A few others looking to end a dry spell. Definitely surprised by Danielle's missed cut. She's had a really good run lately. Me picking a player sure does seem to be an insurmountable hurdle. Lol
  4. Lydia's swing looks natural and free. Gawd, for a few years it looked like she had a 2x4 stuck down the back of her shirt, and that crazy looping swing was awful.
  5. I'd play the Piipaash Course four times out of five.
  6. Usual Friday morning round at Union Hills. 'Same old conditions. There was a slight frost delay, and they turned on the sprinklers. Many holes were a tad wet. Greens were rolling quick. Possibly close to 11. Pace was decent at 4 hours, but the clown in front of us should have let us play through. They were at least a hole behind. 'Love the youngins that play from the tips, but top their drives 75 yds. Two out of three of them chunked their tee shots into the water on the par 3 7th. Oy.
  7. True, but she has to avoid having those long(er) putts to start with. I'd really love to see proximity to the hole stats for the tour. Her wedge game is generally very good, but she does seem to leave herself a lot of lengthy putts.
  8. Lydia sure looks like Lydia of old. Decent day driving. A little short, but definitely straight. Solid iron play. Hot putter. Voila. Fun to watch. OK, or should I say KO, I did get a chuckle out of the Ko-leader joke. Otherwise not a lot of surprises, including Yani DFL, and Maria not far ahead. Oy. Danielle slow out of the gate. Hope she can get hot quickly. Ditto Sei Young. We've beat this one to death, but Brooke needs a fresh set of eyes looking at her putting. Course looks tough. They'll have a fairly rare over par cutline.
  9. It's supposed to be breezy on Sunday. Hopefully you have a round booked at a course with generous fairways.
  10. Challenging, but fun day at Raven. The wind was ever present. The course was in great shape for the most part. There were a few man-made lakes in several bunkers. Not sure why. Others were thin on sand. Fairways were lush, and greens looked great. They were rolling 10 I'd say, definitely not as speedy as Legacy. The 4:15 pace felt glacial after yesterday's quick round.
  11. Excellent course. It doesn't feel like an Arizona course. More like Florida or the Carolinas. Generous fairways, and good use of bunkering.
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