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  1. Yeah, I chatted with the good doctor while walking with In Gee's group for two rounds at the Meijer.
  2. When did Dean caddie for In Gee? He was on Jin Young's back in her rookie season.
  3. No, I'd swap Lydia for Carlota. Too bad Charley isn't playing. I'd put Nelly, Jessica, and Charley in a group behind them, and watch them hit into them all day.
  4. The should have had the winners of the first three majors in the other group, Patty, Yuka, and Nelly.
  5. Very enjoyable morning at Glencoe. It's nice to finally have some drier weather. Conditions were very good. Fairways lush. Rough cut. Bunkers groomed (but a little light on sand). Greens were damp in the early morning, and rolling no more than 9. However, a light breeze and a little sunshine dried them out, and they picked up an inch of speed by the turn. Pace was fine at 3:50, but stop me if you've heard this one before, the foursome two groups ahead finished two holes behind. Unfortunately the twosome in front of us didn't want to play through, so we waited on most shots. My bal
  6. It'll be interesting to see how Shanshan plays after taking her latest break. If the match play tournament was any indication, she'll quietly earn another medal. Lol.
  7. NGC 4254 as seen with MUSE (Multi-Unit Spectroscopic Explorer) on the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope. Image: ESO
  8. Skip TPC Louisiana. Benign layout. I'd drive further east and play something in southern Mississippi or Alabama, e.g. Kiva Dunes, Fallen Oak. If you're near Santa Fe, Black Mesa is a blast. However, if you're planning to play TPC Scottsdale, then you'll likely be on the southern route (I-10). There are some nice courses in Tucson, and a couple in El Paso, but otherwise it's barren until Dallas or San Antonio/Austin. TPC San Antonio is decent. The Omni Barton Creek in Austin has 3 Top 15 courses in Texas.
  9. It wouldn't shock me if they removed that provision. They've been pushing Q Series for a few years now. Even though there are plenty of provisions for better players to skip stages, it's still a cash cow.
  10. Actually, I believe they changed it this year to use the CME points. In past years it was official money. Did they earn CME points at the Honda? Edit: Just looked it up, and non-members cannot earn CME points. So, if they ditched the official money thingy, not sure how she would qualify for membership. Maybe it's the equivalent of CME points based on finishing position. CME points are awarded at non-cut events. Gotta dig some more.
  11. Didn't the TV crew mention that she can earn her card by earning at least as much as the 40th player on the money list? She's earned $408,000 this season. That would put her 31st currently.
  12. That would have to be the case. The on-course reporter stated that the rule official said she was lying 3. One for the tee shot. Two for the penalty. Three for the drop. Hitting her fourth. She didn't make it to the green, so her 5th would have been her approach to the green, and I assume she two putted, as we only saw her final putt.
  13. Atthaya keeps getting close. Only a matter of time I do believe. Nice week for Sydnee. She's played in only four events this year, and missed the cut in the previous three. First top 10 since June 2016. Muni had a solid week. 11T was her best finish on the LPGA.
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