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  1. The lower humidity and breezy conditions this morning were quite welcome. Coyote Run today. Conditions were generally good. I wouldn't call the fairways firm, but there was some rollout. Rough was a good height. Bunkers were groomed, but a few needed more sand, e.g. front greenside bunker on the 5th. Greens were on the slow side, 9 at best. Unrepaired ballmarks were completely out of control. How do you get a half dozen within 15 feet of the pin? That's just pure laziness. I think I repaired over 50 today. I fixed over a dozen on the par 4 4th alone. Sickening. I got lucky with the pace again.
  2. The course could use some variety on the par 4s and 5s. Maybe a dogleg, and one or two short par 4s. It's a good workout for my new irons, as I can hit them on 12 of the holes. Wilmette, Glencoe, and Maple Meadows have too many short 4s that leave a gap wedge in or less. The greens are boring as heck. Maybe two or three that present any real challenge. They're pretty much all round and flat.
  3. Meh. Five hours of coverage isn't much good when the men get 60 to 70 percent of the airtime. Chella is due for a win. Jennifer is playing great, but we'll see if she can put together a good round on Sunday. The odds say no. Emma is another player who should have a win or two by now based on her college play, but she's struggled.
  4. The PXGs. This was my 4th round with them. I did hit my Ping wedges on the two par 5s though. I hit 14 greens in the round. No misses were with a new iron. Three were with a hybrid, 7w, and gap wedge. On one hole I had to punch out of the trees after a poor drive, and I hit a sand wedge for my third. They're certainly working, but they require a ton of focus. Lol. I guess I just got sloppy with the Pings.
  5. Another pleasant morning today. Not knowing how the overnight rain would play out, I booked a cheap round at White Pines West. A little steamy to start the round, but the winds really kicked up and made the humidity bearable. The course was very soft. Fairways had a little rollout. The rough had been cut, so it wasn't overly penal. Bunkers need work. The greens were very soft, and only rolling about 8. Left way too many putts short. OTOH, I was able to hold a number of them that normally would have rolled off the back, so it was likely a wash. The pace was very good at 3:30. I joined a pair of
  6. I didn't realize they're using both courses at the resort. I assume they'll use one course on the weekend after the cut. The courses appears to be playing tough. 72 players out, and only 20 are under par. Su off to a good start, tied for the lead at -3 after 17 holes.
  7. NGC 4303 as seen with MUSE (Multi-Unit Spectroscopic Explorer) on the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope. Image: ESO
  8. Fool's errand? Did someone call my name? Lol. I'll go with Charley this week.
  9. I was not overly impressed with Arcadia South. It's a farm field. If one had only two rounds to play in the area, then sure, pair it with the Bluffs. However, I'd rather head north to the Traverse City or Gaylord area after Monday's round, and play Bay Harbor and/or Treetops on Tuesday morning. Here are photos of AS from my round on June 1st: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2ofn4vhqnu7eo1d/AAB6b8AgLJRB7fkosDKtyUDea?dl=0
  10. Innisbrook just north of Tampa? You can also play the two courses at World Woods that are a short drive away.
  11. She's been in the mix several times this year. This week could be the week.
  12. Joking aside, Muni and Alison are quietly having decent seasons. Well, good enough to keep their cards.
  13. The median player averages 71% of their fairways, or roughly 10 out of 14. I tend to agree that even if they measured all 14 fairways the average wouldn't be skewed too much by the four that found the rough. We see a lot of drives roll 20 to 40 yards and say, "Wow", but I think 10 to 15 yds is more typical. 6ix averages 262 yds using the two hole calculation. If she hit her average on 8 of the other 12 unmeasured drives, and only 252 on the four misses, she'd have an average of 259.1. If she really botched the four missed fairways, and hit it 240 yds each, she'd have a
  14. They alternate groups teeing off. A group of men will hit, and then a group of women will be the next group out. The purse for the men is the same as the women. It's basically two tournaments played at the same time. They did the same thing in Australia a few years ago.
  15. One of the more enjoyable rounds of the summer at The Preserve. Yeah. The humidity was up on the opening holes in the early morning, but once I got out on the 9th hole the breeze picked up a bit, and the lack of trees made for a fairly refreshing walk. Conditions were good. Moderate rollout on the drives. They were in the process of cutting the rough, so while thick it wasn't overly penal. The bunkers were groomed, but they are in need of more sand. Greens were rolling decently, but speed was on the slowish side. They had water jugs out on the course, and I didn't notice the last time I played
  16. I concur with Mammoth Dunes. Tons of room to flail away off the tee, and yet tricky greens to keep you guessing. I had a blast at Chambers Bay. Great views, and some really fun holes. Wolf Creek is also up there.
  17. Conditions in Arizona in November are not great. Most courses are just coming out of overseeding. You'll have soft, shaggy conditions with plenty of mud. Greens will be slow.
  18. The problem is that there's a week off between this tournament and the Scottish Open, with the AIG the week after. If a player is in the field this week, do they head home for a few days before heading back to the UK, or do they sit around in quarantine for the extra week? I can see why players would skip this one, and head home for 10 days before playing back to back weeks in Scotland.
  19. It should be a competitive tournament. 6ix, Atthaya, Yealimi, and In Gee played great this past week.
  20. Most eyes will be focused on the Olympics this week, but this will be a good chance for the players trying to retain their cards to pick up some valuable points. TV coverage is great. Heck, it's better than the Evian. The weather doesn't look particularly promising. Rain is in the forecast for three days, and the winds should be up. Perfect links golf weather.
  21. Race to the CME Globe: 500 Points Format: 72 Holes Purse: $1,500,000 Location: Galgorm Spa and Golf Resort, Ballymena, Northern Ireland Par: 71 Yardage: 6453 yds History: This is the 1st year for the event. The women and men will be competing at the same time for the same prize money. Coverage: July 29: The Golf Channel 9:00 am - 2:00 pm (EDT) July 30: The Golf Channel 9:00 am - 2:00 pm (EDT) July 31: The Golf Channel 9:30 am - 2:00 pm (EDT) Aug 01: The Golf Channel 8:30 am - 1:00 pm
  22. The M57 nubula, aka "The Rose". Image: Royal Observatory Greenwich/Josep Drudis
  23. I didn't either until I saw her at the Marathon Classic. She was a rookie in 2016. She's played in 7 tournaments this year, and made 5 cuts. Her best finish was a 27th at the Dow. She only played one event in 2020 (USWO), and missed the cut.
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