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  1. I find it sad that a professional player has to carry or push their own bag. In a team event, don't you think the other team members would pitch in to hire a local loop? Heck, mom or dad pushing a trolley would be sufficient.
  2. NGC 1052-DF2, a strange "see-through" galaxy that appears to lack dark matter. The galaxy is roughly as wide as our Milky Way, but contains only 0.5% of the number of stars. It has no visible center or structure, and is so diffuse that more distant galaxies can be seen through it. Image: NASA, ESA, STScI, Zili Shen (Yale), Pieter van Dokkum (Yale), Shany Danieli (IAS) IMAGE PROCESSING: Alyssa Pagan (STScI))
  3. I'm not questioning that she was using an Odyssey this week. I'm pointing out that she hasn't used an "old mallet Ping" in recent years. She played that Nike for some time.
  4. You sure it was a Ping? Looks like a Nike OZ T130 to me.
  5. She's quickly heading down the Yani path. 146th in total driving, and as a result she's 150T in ballstriking. Her putting is excellent, as she's currently 7th in putts per GIR, but with so many missed greens she's generally putting for par.
  6. Revolution Brewing released the first batch of their 2021 Deep Woods Series today. Here we have the tried and true Deth's Tar, and the Deth by Raspberries. The Raspberry variant is a bit too fruity for my tastes, but the Deth's Tar once again hits a home run. Next up is my favorite variety, Cafe Deth. My lucky day. I didn't realize that they also have a VSOD (Very Special Old Deth) Weller, aged two years in Weller barrels. Going to be a fine day. Lol.
  7. The strap on my Hoofer Tour broke, and while I wait for the replacement I swapped everything into my old Hoofer. 'Fairly big difference in storage. Each of the pockets on the Tour is just bigger. I put my keys in the valuables pocket on the right side. 'No need to remove it, as it swings out far enough. I stow my phone in the unused water bottle pocket on the left side, as my water bottle is on the right side.
  8. Here's the rub, though. As cool as it is to win a gold medal, the field strength is fairly low. 'Not to mention that it's a limited field event. I'd say the field strength is less than your typical non-major event.
  9. The Falcon 9 rocket carrying a satellite in February 2021 is captured against the backdrop of the Moon. A few hours before the launch the photographer used a program to calculate the rocket's trajectory to determine where it would intersect with the Moon in the sky. 'Nice shootin'. Image: Paul Eckhardt
  10. The equation changes if Jin Young picks up a 4th win before the end of the season.
  11. Yeah, the i200s always looked and felt a bit chunky. I was fitted for the putter in the PXG Chicagoland store. While I was waiting for my iron fitting in Scottsdale last December I spent some time trying the putters, but didn't pull the trigger on the Blackjack until this year. I'd consider the golf bag, but I have a relatively new Ping Hoofer Tour. Since I still have Ping woods and wedges in my bag, it'll stay for now. I did buy a PXG buff, and turned it into a headband for one of my straw hats. Lol.
  12. Heritage Oaks was sloppy when I played it last week. Don't know what they did to improve the drainage during the renovation, but it doesn't seem to have done much for the fairways.
  13. Always felt that Coyote Run held up quite well after extended periods of rain.
  14. Q: How many legs would a dog have if you called its tail a leg? A: Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg. Semantics, schmantics. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's duck. Local rule or not, it's very likely it'll be enforced by the tour.
  15. The PXG's will stay in the bag for now. I do want to try the new Ping i59's, but I'll wait until the price drops to a more reasonable level. No love affair with the 0311P Gen3's, but they're a good compromise in size and forgiveness. They'll never feel as good as my old Mizuno MP's, or be as forgiving as the i200s, but I like the look of them at address better than the i200's. The turf interaction isn't quite right, but it's not horrible. They're easier to hit a little draw than the i200's, but much harder to fade. Yeah, the Elevate 95's are very similar to my old XP 95's. My GIRs have dropped roughly one per round, but my index has fallen slightly. My misses seem to be a little better, but the index drop is probably due more to the new Blackjack putter. I would like to try the G425 Max, but I'm not going to drop $800 given that I'd likely wind up with an upgraded shaft. The G400 Max is still working fine most days.
  16. It'll be interesting to see how Brooke handles the rule change limiting drivers to 46". Personally, I think the rule is a joke. I assume she'll switch to a counterbalanced shaft to try to recreate the added weight of the longer shaft.
  17. It depends on what Nelly and Jin Young do over the next three tournaments. If there are three players with three wins each, including a major, then one has to look at the top 10s, no? I'd say Patty would be in the conversation. She's currently 3rd in CME points, and won the Annika Major Award. She currently has one more top 10 than Nelly, and trails Jin Young by one. Yuka has only 4 top 10's to date, and Anna has only three. I'd say they're out of the running.
  18. Another gem by The Car's Elliot Easton (1:17). I believe this is one of his longer solos.
  19. A "family portrait" of our solar system (excluding Earth). The photos were taken over a period of six months. Image: Zhipu Wang
  20. Update on my broken Hoofer Tour. I brought the bag to my local Dick's Sporting Goods. I didn't bother digging up the old receipt. Dick's called Ping, gave them a description of the tear, and Ping said they'd ship a new bag directly to me. Excellent customer service by both Ping and Dick's. The only rub is that it might take 3 to 4 weeks to get the replacement, as we all know that Ping is struggling to keep up with their orders. 'Hopefully I'll get it sooner, but in the meantime I have my old Hoofer to lug my clubs around in.
  21. Blustery morning at Glenview Park. The course was very wet. Cart paths only for the riders. The fairways were saturated. Practically every step brought water to the surface. Drives were going nowhere. The rough was very thick. Bunkers were hit or miss. They were in the process of being groomed, so some were delightful with plenty of freshly raked wet sand. Others with compacted wet sand. The greens were also a mixed bag, as they too were in the process of being cut. Some were rolling a good 10, but the ones that weren't cut still had a layer of moisture on them. Pace was excellent. I was in the first group out, and the threesome asked me if I wanted to play ahead. Thank you, don't mind at all. Lol. Having an open course to oneself (minus a few maintenance workers) never gets old. Decent round in spite of the short drives. 'Don't recall hitting that many fairway woods recently. Two birdies and five bogies.
  22. Well, again, that's where it gets confusing. The Q-Series FAQ states that both the Cognizant and Pelican are the cutoff for players ranked 101-150. Last year's Pelican had 108 players in the field with a cut after the 2nd round. Is it possible those players ranked 95 to 100 can fall below 100 and have to go to Q-Series?
  23. Looking at the updated CME points, it appears that Alison moved to #74, and I believe that gives her full status next season. Nice to see her regain some form this year. Maria fizzled on Sunday after having a shot at getting into the tour championship, but at #85 she's avoided Q-Series. Muni moved up six spots to #96, so she'll also avoid Q-series.
  24. I'll take sunny and 48 degrees over this damp and humid stuff.
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