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  1. Ordered G425 irons late May, checked on status yesterday and was told November - January. As per Ping, they're providing a large ETA window because they honestly just don't know. I'm not going to beat a dead horse, just passing on what I was told. Honestly doesn't even bother me anymore: season is winding down here in Nebraska and my current irons are treating me well.
  2. Thought I'd check here before purchasing elsewhere: looking for some (at least 7) Pure Pro midsize grips. Let me know what color(s) you might have!
  3. But at what point do you say: enough is enough? I'm at 19 weeks and just had one of my best ball stricking rounds today.
  4. Nothing crazy: 5-UW with stock shafts and grips. I knew the potential for a long, drawn out process. Yeah, I'm a little bummed, but whatever.....
  5. Ordered 425s late May and still waiting. Can't say I feel nervous about my swing changing, however I find it quite ironic that my iron play with my current set is on point right now. So I guess the only thing I'm feeling right now is buyer's remorse, haha.
  6. Thanks for the opportunity! 1. Done. 2. Yes, I joined! 3. Traction Tour Std Black/White 4. Traxion GT 2.0, Black/White
  7. Sir, you're just a glutton for punishment, eh?!?! First a long wait for your short-lived G425s, now the 710s?!?!
  8. I'll chime in here: ordered G425s on May 24th, stock grips and shafts, was quoted 8-10 weeks at the time order was placed. Yesterday, I followed up with the shop I ordered from and after a call to Ping, they advised ALL their components are at a standstill right now. New quoted arrival time is October, which I obviously won't hold my breath on. When I ordered in May, I had the mindset these would be for next year and my current irons are performing well for me right now, so whatever. I really don't want to cancel my order because I want to support my local shop and they were awesome with the fitting process.
  9. For your consideration is the Ping Anser Milled 0. Playing length is 36” (has a extension in it, can’t confirm length) and equipped with midsize Pingman grip in good shape. Minor finish wear and a dings, overall good condition. Head over included, but in rough shape. $115 PP’d and shipped via USPS Priority within CONUS. Thanks for looking.
  10. Agreed. Iron distance is the least of my concerns, unless it's my longest iron transitioning into my hybrid. I'm more concerned about the iron I pull going the yardage I'm expecting it to, regardless of the number on the bottom.
  11. Austad's Golf - Omaha, NE I need more consistency, and the improved feel is a bonus Firm Thanks for the opportunity!
  12. Will Ping ship new builds without grips, at the buyer's request?
  13. I just had a similar discussion yesterday at a scamble, when one of my playing partners whipped out his TM Burner Bubble 3-wood and someone was giving him grief. Granted, we're not talking a 25-year old model here, but IMO: unless you want adjustability, the improvements are minimal. To each his own, but for my game, the FW is one of the least important clubs in my bag, which is why I'm perfectly happy with my "old" G25 4W in the bag. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  14. I'm sure that I'm not the only one with this scenario: went from Ping i-series 4-U (23* - 50*) to Ping G425 5-U (23.5* - 49.5*), essentially eliminating one club within the same loft span. So I guess I'm down to 13 without a true need for anything else. I'll see how this translates to real course results once I put the new irons in play. Maybe add the G425 4-iron or a 22* hybrid, if needed?
  15. This was the biggest selling point for me.
  16. Ordered 5/24, was quoted 8 weeks. 5-U w/ stock AWT shafts, stock grips, white dot lie angle.
  17. Impulsively ordered a set yesterday after demoing at my local shop. I hit the i210 and G425, trying to be as open-minded as possible, but really wanting (and expecting to order) the i210s. I haven't put a G-series in the bag since the G, but a few things sold me on the 425: * Subtle cavity badge (compared to 410 and 400) * Slightly smaller footprint compared to recent G offereings * Surprisingly good feel (I was unimpressed with the CORE-eye feel on the G) * Shorter lead time vs. the i210. Shouldn't matter, but honestly it did * Better spin and dispersion on the 425. Shop didn't have the MODUS 105 to try so I went with the AWT, but I've played it before and know what to expect. Lastly, for those on the fence between and i and G, I'll offer my personal experience. I'm an 8-9 HDCP with averge iron play and consider myself a tweener with the i and G. Played G5, i5, G15, i15, G25 and G in the past, currently have ie1 in the bag and really find them a pleasure to hit. The 431 SS offers nice feel and they have some good forgiveness to them. However, my miss is off the toe and I wanted some extra help on those days when my irons are off. Feel is important to me, but I'll concede some if it means more GIRs. One more thing to think about: the G425 5-U lofts (23.5-49.5) pretty much cover the same lofts as my ie1 4-U (23-50) so this opens another spot in the bag for something else. Can't wait to put them in the bag!
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