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  1. Selling my PXG gamer set. As you can see, there is no browning or any signs of abuse, just normal bag chatter. There is a small ding on n8, n3 and a bit of lead tape on n7 (happy to remove it if needed) Standard Loft and Lie, +0.5 length. Price: $750 Sun Mountain 2.5, black, in good condition. Price: $90
  2. Ordered from PING: Red Dots 4 through 8 Orange 9 and PW They can easily be adjusted spending $10 at a PGA Superstore if needed.
  3. You are right! my bad, just edited the add. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. Hi there, Selling this, as I tried to become a PING guy, but it did not work out as you can see....I'm open to trades: Looking for wedge set. PING Glide Wedges, 52 and 58. Would prefer to sell as a set, $180 $80 each Ping Glide Wedges 52 and 58
  5. Hi All, I used to play the Diamana Whiteboard 83x in my driver....and since I changed it (5 years ago) , I was not able to find a shaft that fits my swing as that one.....big mistake!! Looking for shaft options that play similar to the whiteboard, but probably in the 70s as I'm not as fit as I used to be Any recommendations? I've been out of the game for the last 2 years, so I don't know what are the latest
  6. Selling my PXG 60 degree wedge. Would accept some trades too. Bounce: 12 Shaft: ns.pro wedge Barely used. Was a present but did not get used to it Price: 150
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