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  1. IMO I think the TM SIM has a flat lie angle. It seems to be right biased for me. I'm really impressed with the SIM. I know Srixon did produce the 785 FL which was exactly for that. Tour only, but worth looking into.
  2. I got mine with heaviest Ventus and tipped it an inch. I hooked the first two. Tried hitting a cut on the 3rd swing and hit it nicely. Might need some lead tape on the toe side.
  3. Did you snap any pics of Harold Varner III bag? If I missed them, my apologies! Great pictures per usual, Greg.
  4. Hit both the Sim Max and Sim with both Mitsubishi D and HZRDUS Smoke Green X. The HZRDUS was 70 grams and the Mitsubishi was 60. I had faster ball speeds and lower spin with the SIM. They both feel really good! I had a tour issued M1 that was my favorite driver of recent years. I think the SIM and Max feel very similar. I walked out of the store today with the SIM and the Mitsubishi Diamana S Limited in 60X. I'm going to test on the course this setup and my Tensei Orange Pro 60 TX.
  5. Hey guys, cleaning out the basement before moving. Lots of items. If you need any additional photos just let me know. 1) PXG 0311T Gen 1 4-PW shafted with KBS $ (Black/PVD/no label) Taper 125 Stiff +. Clubs come with Secret Grips (4 iron has Iomic). 1* flat and standard lie/length. Clubs are still very clean, typical bag chatter, but no browning. $950 2) Taylormade P750 protos - 4-PW shafted with Oban CT 115 Stiff + (no label). Clubs are standard loft/lie, but 1/4 long. The 4 iron is P770 model. 8 iron has Iomic grip while others have Lamkin Corded grips. Clubs show bag chatter and browning
  6. Found the draft. Please delete.
  7. Are you available January 16th-18th for this event? YESCurrent driver setup? Srixon 785 9.5 with Mitsubishi Tensei Orange 60 TX. What excites you about the new TaylorMade SIM woods? I used a tour issued m1 and m2 for several seasons. I got a Srixon after my last fitting, but I've always been a TM guy. I'm ready to get the SIM back in the bag.Are you willing to document your experience in the GolfWRX forum as well as on social media? Without a doubt. Anything that is needed.
  8. Clearing the basement: Trades would be higher end putters. 4 - PW Project X 6.0 flighted with Superstroke midsize installed. Tipped - prepped and ready to go. $135 Scotty Cameron: Sunday bag - $85 Cinco - $125 2018 CC - $45 2019 CC - $45 Taylormade GAPR MID 3 with X-stiff shaft. Hit maybe 25 balls. $185 Cleveland Huntington Beach 11 - Longneck prototype - Sole blemishes, but good shape. Comes with headcover. $110
  9. 983e and 983k series. Fresh and so clean.
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