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  1. What wholesale distributor is everyone using? I’m getting my small club repair/fitting business back up and running In upstate SC and need to find a good wholesale distributor. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. I lost my love for the game for few years ago after getting chewed up and spit out by the golf business...but now I’M BACK BABY! Here’s my “time capsule” bag from back in 2013 when I was on TM and Mizuno staff. So glad to be back in the game. Now I just gotta pass that pesky PAT again R1 driver set at 10 degrees and closed Aldila RIP X Stiff shaft RBZ Stage 2 15 degree 3 wood with the same RIP X Stiff shaft Adams Idea a12 pro 20 degree hybrid with old school Aldila NV stiff shaft Mizuno MP64/MP4 mixed set with X100 soft stepped. Mizuno MPT4 52,56,60 degree wedges with X100 shafts Macgregor Bobby Grace Putter all irons 1” over standard and 2 degrees upright. Playing TaylorMade TP5x ball Hope to upgrade the driver ASAP but the 3 wood is still the best I’ve ever hit.
  3. I agree. I hate to let them go but I gotta pay the bills. I work for Dick's Sporting Goods as the club tech now so I have all the machines at work.
  4. Mitchell Signature Machine - $700 OBO Mitchell Tour Guage Putter Machine - $600 OBO Both Machines work great. I have been clubmaking for a few years professionally and I have taken great care of these machines. I originally purchased these used from another clubmaker. The putter machine comes with an two types of bending bars. The irons machine comes with 4 bars and irons stand. Both come with stands so no need for a work bench to bolt them to. PM me with offers, all reasonable offers accepted.
  5. These are a set of MP60 Irons 3-PW with Tour X Nippon Modus 3 Shafts. These are the best shafts on the market in my opinion. The heads are in Good/Fair Condition and there are a couple of stamp marks on two clubs where I was practicing stamping clubs. This will not effect the performance of the club. I have used these for the last two years and I play at least once a week. They are set to two degrees upright from Mizuno Standard and they are 1/2" over Mizuno Standard length. They currently have Midsize New Decade grips on them that are in good condition. I will install standard size Golf Pride Tour Velvets If you buy the clubs. I am selling them because I got new irons and I need some $$$. Let me know if you are interested and all offers will be considered. Below are some pics. Thanks for checking out my ad!
  6. [quote name='smoothie4896' timestamp='1337973617' post='4977728'] [quote name='BlueDL' timestamp='1337973251' post='4977718'] Make an offer! I want to sell this fast! All offers will be considered! [/quote That pro shop looks familiar, Fox Run CC? [/quote] [/quote] haha yup, I'm the assistant pro there.
  7. Make an offer! I want to sell this fast! All offers will be considered!
  8. MUST SELL FAST!I have a used Royal Collection JP104 14 Degree 3 wood for sale in fair/good condition. It has the UST ATTAS 7X shaft installed at 43 3/4". It has a new Midsize New Decade installed now but I will change it to a standard grip if you want for free. I have had this for about six months and it is a great three wood. I just bought a RBZ 3 wood and am trying to sell this one fast so I can buy the RBZ hybrid. I'm asking $250 O.B.O. PM or Email me at [email protected] if you are interested. Thanks guys!
  9. Grip weight is a major factor. Try putting a heavier grip on your putter and tell me that grip weight doesn't matter. It may not be as much of a factor as head weight but it's not irrelevant. It doesn't just "Trick the scale". It all boils down to what your personal feel. If you feel as if the head of the club is lighter with a heavier grip weigh then add some lead tape. Don't rely on a swingweight scale, just rely on feel.
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