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  1. I did this. Went to the Aerotech shafts, and have been very happy. Coming from 585's with 105S shafts, seeing good results. Nearly a club longer, and still hitting them higher.
  2. Sounds very similar to me. I recently purchased these. My handicap is around a 5. Had been playing Srixon 585 with the Nippon 105 in stiff the past few years. But I am no power player (95ish with the driver). I decided to try these and I have been very happy. I did not go with the elevate shaft, instead opted for the Aerotech 95 in stiff. My launch is always pretty high, and these are in the same window, except they fly 8-12 yards further. As for ability to shape a shot, I have not had any real problem. Very similar to the 585 in my opinion.
  3. Just bought a set of these. I have been fit into the Aerotech shafts many times, but have never given them a go. Besides turning 50, I also have had a few injuries along the way that has cost me a little speed. Pride be damned, decided to try out the shafts, and the price on PXG was low enough that I wouldn't get hurt too bad if it didn't work out. I come from Srixon 585 with 105S shafts. First the fact that they are cast is not even a factor. Feel wise they remind me of a set Ping I irons I had a few years ago. They feel great to me, so no issues there. I also like that they don't have too much offset. To me feels like they fit clearly in the player distance category. I only have 2 rounds with them (5-G), but it has been really good. Some of it is the iron, some is the shaft. Also they are 1/2 inch longer with stronger lofts, so iron vs iron distance is not everything. But distance is important so have to say club to club 1/2 longer than my Srixons. Even with the stronger lofts, the flight is about the same. I am guessing that is Aerotech helping that, as my speed is up. It's only 2 rounds, but I have been really pleased with the performance on a miss. I was worried that Aerotech would give the extra distance on a good strike, but a miss would go about the same as my usual misses. That does not seem to be the case, and I am guessing that is iron giving me a little more protection. One thing that I will need to figure out is the gapping at the bottom of my bag. I also got the Aerotech shaft in the Forged 56 PXG wedge (115 in wedge vs 95 on the irons), I thought that might help close the gap between the 48 Gap and having a 56 (my preferred sand wedge loft, I also carry a 62 for desperate situations). I might have to add the S (54 degree) or a 52 to bridge the gap that seems to be around 20ish yards. But all in all very happy with them. Of course I was very happy with the 585's, and that didn't stop me
  4. it looks like a steal of the Ping balls from the 1980's
  5. Tensei Blue 60 gram in S. Distance wise, the Cobra and ZX5 were 5-10 yards ahead of the Ping (Tensei Orange). I can't remember the shaft on the Cobra, but it was the mid launch mid spin option. On a mis hit I found the ZX5 was 5ish yards better than the Cobra. My miss is almost exclusively on the toe, if that helps.
  6. I was fitted in the ZX5 as well. Was ready to go with something new from my F9. My expectation was to be choosing between the G425 or the Cobra Rad. For me it was an easy choice. The shaft options were not a great fit for me. The ping I just could not get comfortable with. I really liked the RAD, but for me the ZX5 was by the best. Luckily was able to hit some outside as well, flight was exactly what I like. Mid, with slight draw. My swing info, mid 90's SS, mid launch and I spin most drivers around 2k.
  7. Available now. I saw it with free personalization at golfballs.com
  8. I played both. switched to a mixed set of 785 and 585. found I was hitting the 585 long irons better than my short irons, so went full set. I think they are pretty similar, but I liked the look at address a little more with the 585 and the turf interaction a little better for me also with the 585. Still playing the 585 and not looking to change irons this year. Pretty sure this will be my 3rd season with the 585's
  9. I have used a 7 wood for 5+ years. And would easily carry a 9 wood, but one thing keeps me from it. 4 iron is my go to club to get out of trees, I NEED that club!
  10. Its the stock that come with the 585's. I am pretty sure that is 45 and 50
  11. 90-95 with the driver here. I have Srixon 585 and I play them down to 4 iron. On top of that I play a 7 wood. I just don't get along with hybrids. I carry the 4 iron 180-185, but with good height. For me, a lot more confident with 4 iron, than I would be with a similar hybrid, or I guess 9 wood. Plus the 4 iron is big for getting me out of trees
  12. Shorter hitter here. 90-95 with the driver. I have found that play inside 100 yards is by far most important thing for my game. For me I have ended with 585 set PW and AW. From there I prefer 56-62 to finish the bag. As a shorter hitter, some par 4's require 3 shots to get on. So that leaves lots of shots 40-60 yards. I like the 62 to hit those a bit harder, and get a quicker stop if needed. I use the AW and 56 for most shots around the green. But I have lost some nerve on the flop shots, so the 62 provides some extra loft and that has really helped.
  13. I had the exact same experience. I am around 95mph with the driver, but I really like the B X. Good flight with the irons, solid around the greens, and I really have liked the feel with the putter. Other ball I am playing regularly is the regular V1. Temps higher, like the B X, temps lower prefer V1.
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