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  1. I had amazing service from Leupold. I had a 4 year old Leupold GX-3i that just stopped working. I submitted a service order online, they told me to ship it in, I shipped it, and a few weeks later I received a brand new GX-3i. I was hoping to just get it repaired or get a coupon for a new one...so the brand new rangefinder was completely unexpected and pretty awesome.
  2. It will probably get some hate but I would always recommend Cocoa Beach Country Club for a round. Reasonably priced, has 4-5 holes that are right on the Banana River (play Lakes/River), and it was always in pretty good shape back in the day. Looks pretty terrible on satellite so perhaps things have gone down hill.
  3. Hard to make money as it is, you don't think lighting a course properly for night golf doesn't involve a lot of investment? And likely not much return in most places. Novelty. Mosquitos are out at night in the summer, I prefer to be indoors. Played it once on a course with lights. Dangerous, just plain dangerous. Curious, where are all these overseas lighted courses? This one hasn't been around long, claims to have been the first in Europe. http://www.caryagolf.com/en/home/#welcome Seems a rarity anywhere. Mission Hills in Shenzhen has 2 full length lighted golf courses. Definitely
  4. In high school (15 years ago) I had friends that caddied at The Bridges and The Farms. Not sure if they still have caddy programs. There were not a whole lot of options back then and I imagine it has slimmed down even more. I believe they also have a caddy program at Torrey Pines but that wouldn't really fit the bill of what you are looking for.
  5. I am in north Dallas (I play most of my golf at The Tribute as part of The Player's Club) but definitely willing to travel and looking for people to play with. Handicap says 1 but recent scores more like a 10!
  6. There are few more pressure packed tee shots than the first tee after telling the 3 random people you are going to be playing the tips while they are 2 sets up. Better not whiff! As a single I will try to play whatever tees the rest of the group is playing, but if they are playing 6k or less I am just going to play my own set of tees and enjoy the day. I always go as far back as I can if I am playing a destination course.
  7. Yikes. I've done some crazy days of driving/golf, but that would be brutal. It's a 3 1/2 hour drive from O'Hare to SV. Assuming it takes an hour to claim luggage, take the people mover to the rental center, grab a car, and hit the road, you wouldn't be teeing off until 11 am if your flight pulled to the gate at 6 am. With 5 hour rounds not uncommon in mid-season, you'd be hard pressed to play 36. I assume it was near sundown when you finished? My thoughts exactly. That first day is a huge stretch. 11am if you don't stop for breakfast/lunch or hitting the range/putting green. Impressive to g
  8. Just do them all! Here was our itinerary. Day 1: Fly to ORD early, drive to SV, play 36, drive to Whistling Day 2: 36 at Whistling Straits Day 3: 36 at Whistling Straits Day 4: Drive to Erin Hills, play 18, drive to ORD Good bit of driving but we weren't sure if or when our next trip up there would be!
  9. While the courses in St. George are definitely great, I wouldn't listen to the folks who tell you to skip Wolf Creek. The course is a wild and crazy adventure but it is something to be experienced at least once with some really fun and amazing holes. I wouldn't want this to be my home course but I would go back in a heartbeat.
  10. They absolutely would! Lots of nibbles, no takers. Make me an offer!
  11. Haha! I have realized, through multiple trials and tribulations, that I am not a blade man.
  12. Here is a rare set of Nike MM Proto 3-PW, head only. Not sure on loft and lie but I imagine they are all standard. Have not seen these on the BST in a while. Had a friend come up with these a while back when The Oven was closing. They are in solid shape, do not look like they have been hit. A few of the heads have some minor dings on them but other than that they look money. I was going to shaft them up to play but they are just too much club for me. Let me know if you want to see any additional photos, looking to move these to make way for the 2018 season! SOLD Full Set 5 Iron Face On
  13. 3-4 custom headcovers for Christmas presents.
  14. Darn, I placed an order on 10/4 and missed it! Also, was this a one day coupon? Just tried to enter a new order and getting a notification that "This coupon has expired".
  15. I played Clay 9/10, thought the course was in great shape. Greens rolling very smooth, and relatively quick. Definitely some soggy spots out there from all the rain but not too bad. Let me know if you are ever looking for a 4th!
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