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  1. Fujikura Atmos TS Black 95X Hybrid/DI Shaft was pulled from Titleist U500 2 iron. Shaft played at 40 1/2” when installed in the 2 iron and is in mint condition. Asking $90 shipped. Thank you!
  2. This is my exact thoughts as well. I really enjoyed the feel of the face on Sim2 vs Sim. I felt like Sim2 was a little lower maintenance for my swing.
  3. I picked up one from Max swing speed and I’ve really enjoyed it. Right around $100 and only one club with removable weights.
  4. Pictures of the fairway are on the conforming list now
  5. I was a lucky one and received my product in a couple days after ordering. Loving the product so far. Very easy to use and change the weights. It was exactly what I was looking for (one club and cheaper than superspeed). Definitely recommend if you’re on the hunt for more speed. Also only have positive things to say about the owner. He has taken the time to chat with me and answer some questions I had.
  6. Good afternoon everyone! Up for sale is a great set of combo irons! 2011 Taylormade Tour Preferred with 3-6 iron is the MC, and 7-PW is MB. The shafts are KBS C-Taper 130X. The irons have been used, but not abused. Overall in great shape. I tried to circle on a picture that shows a nick on the club face of two of the faces. If you need any additional pictures, please let me know. Price is $375OBO. Not really interested in trades for these. They are packed up and can ship out same day. Up for sale/trade is a Callaway Mavrik Subzero 9 degree with an Oban Devotion 75g X stiff.
  7. Luckily I won’t have to worry about hard soft stepping anything. I was able to find some 125g $-Tapers! I’m looking forward to seeing how they feel and perform on the course! Thank you everyone’s for your help!
  8. Ping has sold as of this morning. Thank you everybody for looking!
  9. I’m playing C-Tapers 130x right now and haven’t changed my set of irons in quite a few years. At the fitting I was launching the $tapers at 19 and my gaming clubs at 22.
  10. I was recently fitted for Srixon 785s with the KBS $-Taper in S+, but Srixon doesn’t offer the S+. They said they could hard step a S instead. My question is what be the recommendation here? Go with the Hardstepped S or bump up to the X? I’m just not sure which way would be best. I was averaging about 97 SS with the 6 iron. I tend to have a shallow divot/pick the ball. Thank you!
  11. Taylormade M1 430 head 9* w/ Matrix Black Tie 8m3 for $200 O.B.O. There’s a couple of small scratches on the top of the club head that I tried to capture in the picture, hardly noticeable at address. Some ball marks on the face, but overall the club is in excellent condition. The black tie has a R1 adapter in it. Low spinning monster here. $200 O.B.O. Ping G30 LS Tec 9* with Stock X-flex shaft. $150 O.B.O. Played only a handful of rounds and some range time. Overall in excellent condition. $150 O.B.O. No trades please. Thank you for looking!
  12. Great irons. They've been in my bag the longest of anything I've ever had. I wouldn't be getting rid of them if it weren't for moving expenses and not playing enough the to warrant keeping them.
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