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  1. Conference individual medalist are automatic qualifiers. The selection committee chooses the rest to total 45 individuals total. Selection criteria is based on: • NCAA/Golfstat ranking indexes; • Head-to-head results; • Stroke differential; • Results versus common opponents; • Overall won-lost record; • Strength of schedule If your kid is good enough for PGA Tour U to matter than he will be in a regional.
  2. Lot more parkland and heathland courses than links courses in the UK
  3. What look are you expecting from a “UK Course”? With a good bit of heather on the course it doesn’t feel North American to me. UK has a lot of parkland and heathland golf courses.
  4. Course is firm and in the best shape I’ve ever seen it. Should be a solid weekend
  5. https://www.instagram.com/tv/B-kuVOOl1B6/?igshid=z26glot0tc0g
  6. Biggest factor is speed. Launch and spin about right for hitting off a mat. Also why contact will be a bit higher on the face.
  7. You aren’t too steep. You’re hitting too up on it. Id be shocked if you’re not 5+ degrees up on it in those driver swings. Get a bit closer to it and get feet closer together
  8. Also state golf associations as well as other programs help fund juniors playing at a national level. For instance the FSGA have a good chunk to one of my students to cover expenses playing in the US Women’s Open this year. The AJGA Invitationals you have a travel stipend to help cover cost. If you’re good enough you can get financial assistance to play at the National level
  9. I will say that a LOT of international students receive money from their home country and aren’t costing the school any athletic scholarship money. Which is why they are valuable to many programs. Essentially “walk ons” with a full ride. I’ve taught several of those type of players while they are in the US
  10. Not really a vacation. It’s still work, especially if done right, and no way the parents can cover what a good coach is losing by being gone for a week
  11. Have qualifying to make the team and then between each event to determine starting lineup. How matches work depends on state you are in. Here 6 play with 4 scores counting until postseason where it goes to 5 play and 4 count. I wouldn’t try to do any actual coaching and the only practice I would have is qualifying.
  12. Having 3 putts by themselves isn’t going to kill you. Trying to avoid 3 putts can though. Attempting to avoid three putts often leads to fewer makes in the mid range distances and leads to more total putts, even if fewer 3 putts. And the elite players can still shoot low scores with mediocre to poor putting. One of my students who will be at Worlds next week has gone 65-73-72-68-67 in his last few tournaments with 32.4 putts per round average and at least one three putt per round. Proximity to the hole and greens in regulation are by far the best indicators of success
  13. The numbers I was suggesting was minimum to get into school. Not for academic scholarships. And it really depends on the kid and the school whether they are able to get more. I’ve had multiple kids the last few years have to essentially give money back because their total scholarship far exceeded cost of attendance when combining golf and academic money. Both at top D1 programs. literally couldn’t have received more money.
  14. A 0 path and 0 face angle does not mean it’s at low point. Low point can be 6” in front of the ball and the face and path still zero out. You’re confusing path and swing direction. Swing direction is a 3D measurement as it includes AOA as a factor, path is simply the 2D direction the clubs COG is moving at contact. A path of 0 is only at low point if swing direction is also 0
  15. For most if you’re elite a 3.0 and 1050 is about the minimum for top public schools. There are exceptions, like if my player had a 2.5 unweighted GPA he would of had a scholarship worth 3x tuition cost at a top 15 D1 program. GPA really helps if you can get academic money on top of athletic money.
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