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  1. That’s just one of the fitting reports. It’s missing some of the data and the scores on the individual and overall strokes. putter fittings are important because small changes can swing the numbers massively both directions. I’ve changed path at impact by over 6 degrees by changing the putter someone is using
  2. The head, offset, alignment aids, weight, even shaft flex will measurably affect the numbers. And often very significantly. Also that report shows little about your stroke. I’d want to see full report but your stroke consistency isn’t actually very high
  3. To get full support you need to be top 5-10 in your class. Outside of that is generally some free stuff and some heavily discounted stuff
  4. “One of my pet peeves with golf, is that is is solely on the parents to organize, hire, and run a program for your own kids in golf.” How is golf different from any other sport? There are a ton of junior programs around and I’ve never heard of a parent starting and funding a program. I know there are available junior programs in your area, they just may not be at your club.
  5. NAIA has a ton of available scholarships. More than even D1 schools are allowed to give.
  6. I wouldn’t get too technical until 11-12 years old. Love for the game and athleticism is more important. Let them hit it hard and learn how to chip and putt
  7. I’m well aware of how launch and spin work. There’s a reason I’m on the advisory board of one of the major launch monitor companies. I also work with tour players and ams of all levels on a regular basis including fitting my tour players. You don’t seem to understand the point I was making and certainly aren’t open to other ideas so I’m out.
  8. Actually the tour averages spin rates are fairly typical. What they are really targeting is land angle. And Ams need the exact same thing to perform at a high level. Just because most ams aren’t highly skilled and might not THINK they need to hold a green doesn’t meant they don’t actually need it. Their launch angles/spin rates/ land angles/ and peak heights are attainable by most post puberty non senior male golfers.
  9. The averages are based on data off the range. Tour fairways and ranges are very tight lies. A mat is essentially like a flier out of the first cut of rough.
  10. Mats make the ball launch higher and spin less. Can’t compare launch numbers off a mat to numbers measured on a tight fairway
  11. Again I didn’t say they weren’t recruited. Non scholarship players have been called walk ons for my entire 20 years experience, whether recruited or not. My experience includes coaching 5 NCAA National Champions, and 2 NAIA National Championships and a lot of All Americans and All Conference selections at top 25 programs. Matt Every was a “walk on” and considered himself a walk on and every article about him calls him a walk on. He was recruited and was a 4 time All American and Ben Hogan Award winner.
  12. I didn’t say they actually play on Tour. I’m saying they ALL have the goal to play on tour and are diligently working towards that. They aren’t just playing to get a scholarship. They are playing against the top competition to reach their goal. Even if it doesn’t come to fruition
  13. That’s where you’re way off the mark. Not a single kid good enough to play at UF isn’t planning on playing professionally. 90+% of D1 golfers at power 5 schools want to play professional golf. And UF is a very good school.
  14. A non scholarship player is a walk on. That’s the definition. To play college golf of course you have to show ability. That’s like saying water is wet Every coach uses walk ons. That doesn’t mean they hold open try outs like it’s high school golf.
  15. And I’m telling you it’s not “as a rule”. I’d say almost all good programs have a walk on/book scholarship kid in the starting line up/playing regularly. Every school has walk ons on the team.
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