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  1. I did this, Started playing as a kid,I played in high school to about 13-16, played through college/medschool about the same. Started residency/internship and didn't know anyone in the city I was in. There was a driving range about 5 min from my apartment, basically lived there after work and took a series of lessons. Went from 15.3 to 7 in a summer, then down to 4 the next summer. bounced between 3-5 since. I am trying to get to scratch, and although my handicap hasn't dropped yet, I am playing better (my 10 throw away HC rounds are closer to my 10 keepers). For me the secret was in the di
  2. Mr Quack, I set a 3 year goal of scratch on limited time (playing about 1.5 times a week practicing at lunch 2 days a week) that ends this summer. I started at 5.4, and currently have gotten down to 3.1. At the beginning I went to local pro stated my goals to set realistic expectations. we made some very big changes and in about 2 months my handicap was a smooth 6.8. I was a big flipper/ee to start. After the initial work to make big changes where a lot of technical talk and thoughts (1 at a time where I got worse instead of better because parts of new not compatible with old ) were used, we
  3. Thanks guys, I do chip with current pw quite a bit, I also tend to hit a fair amount of partial swings with all my wedges but don’t pitch with anything other than the 50-58, the t7 is also a little cheaper right not as well think my mind is made up
  4. Simple question, got 3 new wedges, Mizuno T7 50 54 58. Love them got the same shafts I planning on putting in the Mizuno Jpx 900 forged I’m looking at. The pw is 45 in the jpx line. There is a 46 degree pw in the t7 that is shaped more like an iron than a wedge if that makes sense. Should I go 46 t7 and bend to 45 or get the jpx pw that matches/comes with the irons? I plan on going up to 5 iron if that makes sense hit the hot metal 5 iron worse the the forged one so going 900 forged through the set, the 900 tour lofts not really made for blending and the 6 iron in the tour was too much club fo
  5. followed on twitter, would love them to replace my ns pro 105's in my mizuno t7's (50 54 58)
  6. I've been going at it for about a month now. I started with 5 swings with each instead of the 3. started at around 100,100,95 much lower lefty. green blue red. Now I'm at 110-116 , 108-112 blue, 98-105 red righty, and about 15 mph slower lefty but better than where I started. Was on flightscope with driver and was sitting in the 105 range carry about 240-50.
  7. I think the track man versus skylark comparison, the driver was the most off with skytrak reading like 6% slower, could be it
  8. I am more impressed that he played 7 rounds on 10/08.... also guilty of bulk entering until I joined a club this year
  9. I started the same thread summer 2016, I think I was mid 4 or 5. I played about 3-4 times a month at the time, now 4-5 times a month but practice 2-3 times a week. wondered if I could get to scratch. was down to low 3s this year finished at 4.3 when season ended. Made/making big swing changes right now. My goal for scratch was end of next summer. I think its possible but going to be very very tough. I have picked up about 5-8 mph with driver from overswing training ( the 3 weighted clubs that people talk about) to get my actual with a driver normal swing to 102-107 range. BTW regarding HC syst
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