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  1. I'm having real trouble getting the ball up high when hitting my hybrid. I only have trouble with this club. I am a mid-high handicapper and my ball flight is fairly high throughout all clubs except my hybrid which starts low and then rolls and rolls when it lands. Not the desired shot when approaching greens. My fairway wood is no problem off the deck and gets good height. That has 15 degrees of loft compared to 19 for my hybrid so i'm guessing it must be the club. It's a Mizuno jpx 800 3 hybrid with regular stock shaft. The shaft feels stiffer than my other regular flex shafts if you ask me
  2. As posted in another topic I went up for The Open last summer and played the PGA Centenary at Gleneagles. Excellent course and 2014 Ryder Cup venue. Cannot recommend it enough.
  3. I went up for The Open last summer and played the PGA Centenary at Gleneagles. Excellent course and 2014 Ryder Cup venue. Cannot recommend it enough.
  4. I haven't really heard any of these being used myself but I will definitely be using them. Me and my golfing partner use some sporting exclamations which we use when we hit certain shots. "SLAM DUNK!" = Successful fast putt which would have flown by if it had not hit the hole. "Nothing But Net" = Used when a putt hits the exact center of the hole, again from Basketball. "That's gone for six" = Cricket term which means your drive is gonna fly a long way Rabbit killer = thinned shot which flies about a foot from the ground. "I didn't hit it" = when you hit a putt short I love Peter A
  5. [quote name='ATXgolfer ' timestamp='1281211057' post='2624728'] how much does it cost to play these courses? [/quote] Which courses?
  6. What is the Isle Of White like for courses? The south coast of England isn't bad for courses eh! Worth a trip to Sandwich next year.
  7. Thank you. Yeah im from the north west of England. Pretty good place to live if you're a golfer. 3 British Open courses nearby & lots of other top courses including Englands Golf Coast.
  8. Decent bag for a high handicapper (Mizuno, TaylorMade, Cobra, Odyssey)I am new on these forums and have only been playing golf seriously for the last two years. I first picked up a club 5 years ago and am now a fully fledged fanatic. I currently play off 25. My bag has been created from a fairly modest budget and is all off the rack apart from my custom fitted Mizuno irons. I'd like to replace my other two wedges with vokeys to complete the set but can't at the moment. Pretty happy with the rest of my clubs which are as follows: Nickent Genex Wedge (60 Degrees) Spinner Rifle Wedge Precisio
  9. So Nike obviously putting pressure on Tiger to put the method in the bag! Anyone else think this might tie in to his transgressions? I know Nike stuck with Tiger through it all but surely they must have wanted something in return! I mean losing Nike would have been a HUGE blow to brand Tiger so I think he might be under some kind of pressure to at least try and put this into play. Maybe I am reading too much into the situation though!
  10. Sorry, shoud have mentioned I use a regular flex. If I want to keep my original shaft though as well to swap back at any point can I get another adapter for my club head? If anyone has the stock regular flex f speed shaft for the L5V they wanna get rid of I would be interested!
  11. New shaft adviceCan anyone help me getting a new shaft for my Cobra L5V driver? I currently have the stock m speed shaft and want the stock f speed shaft as a replacement. Anyone know any good websites to order shafts from or will I have to go straight to Cobra? I am also wondering if I don't get a shaft from Cobra, how will I attach the new shaft as my current one has the adjustable hosel attachment on the end! Can I buy these? Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. I just got two TM Burner 07 clubs and can recommend them. I have a 3 & 5 wood and they both go like a rocket. The face is shallow but I mainly use them off a tee so this isn't really a problem. Just tee them up low and away they go. These go about as far as some of my friends drives.......if not further! I feel the shallow clubface gives me more confidence if I want to hit them off the deck as well. My clubs have been refitted with True Temper Rocket shafts but I don't know what the stock shaft plays like. Love the feel and sound off the face though. Only been using them a week but so far
  13. Anyone used these?I have just bought two second hand TaylorMade Burner 2007 fairway woods which have been reshafted. I am not familiar with the shafts though. They are bright red True Temper Rocket regular flex shafts. Apparently they are an upgrade from the stock shafts. Has anyone used these or know anything about them? Thanks.
  14. Well I think that settles it for me. Some very positive feedback about the taylormade burner series. I am going to get a 3 wood and a 5 wood [url="../../user/4887-stuy-pegleg/"]Stuy Pegleg [/url]so the 5 wood should be easier to hit off the deck I hope! I usually hit my two hybrids off the deck though so these taylormades will mostly be used off the tee.
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