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  1. Hi all- The impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic are continuing to spread. Approximately 350 caddies at Bandon Dunes have been out of work since March 25. A GoFundMe has been launched with the assistance of The Greater Bandon Association to aid these caddies in these difficult times. I hope that some will consider a donation to aid those in need. Here is a link to the GoFundMe Page:https://www.gofundme.com/f/q33nw-bandon-caddie-relief-fund"When it rains look for rainbows, when it's dark look for stars" The sun is out in Bandon and waves are crashing on the beach. The fescue has been invigorated by spring and the greens are perfect. However, some of the finest and most revered courses in the world are empty and awaiting the return of the heart of Bandon Dunes...the golfers. It’s times like these that make us ask a simple question: What is greater than golf? The quote above provides us, the caddies of Bandon, the hope of being here when you return. Due to the generosity of the The Greater Bandon Association, a 501©(3) dedicated to the community and economic revitalization of the greater Bandon area and the cooperative support of Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, we have launched this GoFundMe page to ask for your donations to the Bandon Caddie Relief Fund. The fund will benefit the hard-working men and women comprising the Bandon Dunes Caddie Program. It is difficult to determine a financial goal for this campaign, due to the size of our program and the number of individuals and families that will be assisted by your generosity. We are hoping this campaign will grow large enough to provide each caddie with enough support to help them through this difficult period. Due to the size of this endeavor, we are setting our goal at $1 and leaving it up to your discretion. Our goal will be met when each person with a memorable caddie experience at Bandon Dunes has had an opportunity to show their appreciation through this Fund. We have over 350 caddies out of work since March 25th. We like to think of our guests as the heart of the resort, and we hope you see us as it’s soul. This pandemic has proven certain things are "greater than golf." Once we break through this chaotic time, please know we will still be here to exceed in customer service. As always, our professional goal is to provide you with the golf experience of a lifetime, with memories and many laughs to carry you through. We look forward to seeing you in the future when we can once again cheer your net pars or kick back that 3 footer. Be well, healthy and safe. Far and sure, Your Bandon Dunes Caddies #greaterthangolf I apologize if this is posted in the wrong forum and ask that a moderator move if necessary. Thank you
  2. Thank you all very much for the replies! I will definitely check out the nike pants. I will also stop by REI this week and check out some of the non-golf brand specific options that are out there, which may allow me to double up these usage for winter...hmmm. thx!
  3. tried them on among 6 or 7 different pairs of shoes yesterday and they were by far the most comfortable. last couple pairs of shoes have been adidas, until the helix, they fit my foot best. the helix were even better--very lightweight and great fit. and i thought all 3 colors looked fantastic. I'm looking forward to getting a pair soon.
  4. I am looking to pick up a new pair of rain pants and I'm wondering if any of the brands tend to run a bit short. I'm 5'8" and wear 33 waist, 30 inseam pants. Some amazon reviews had me concerned about the length of zero restriction medium pants for example. Rolling up or cuffing the bottom is not a big issue, but wondering if any of the brands tend to run a bit shorter in length. thanks!
  5. I believe tgw no longer allows you to apply the 20% off to sun mountain products. you may be able to find deals based on the individual color. i happened to like the black with red highlights and just ordered it from rockbottomgolf for $170 including shipping (price for this colorway was marked down to $189.99 and if you sign up for their email blast you get a 10% off code which for me was "SignUp"). Other colors are more expensive though. if you google "Sun Mountain 4.5ls " you may find some deals. good luck!
  6. I have been playing for a little over 20 years and I honestly don't think it's any better or worse now than before. there are always considerate and inconsiderate people on the course, just as in life. when i first started playing, i had my grandfather and his friend who got me into the game and taught me the etiquette and i always try to follow it. not everyone starts this way. but there is no way you can crusade to fix all the problems on the golf course, you will just be supremely frustrated. so if you come to a bunker and your ball is in someone else's footprint, i say move it, unless it is a club championship or something. give yourself the lie you are supposed to have. (if you are playing for money, talk to your opponents first) but life is too short and this game is too hard to get so irritated about the problems of the world on the course.
  7. I just did this trip 2 weekends ago with 3 buddies. it's an awesome golf destination. we did not get to play meadows. here's how we did it: -arrived milwaukee early friday am, little over an hour drive to erin hills. afternoon round at erin hills (last group off, finished 18 in beautiful twilight). I also birdied 17 and 18 to salvage a poor round and win our press. -stayed friday night at the lodge at erin hills -- small number of rooms on property, dinner in the dining room that night was excellent. -sat mid-morning round at erin hills. lunch, then drive up to kohler. -sumday: 18 at Irish (walking w/caddy); 27 at river course -monday: 18 at Straits, depart milwaukee that afternoon this worked out well,though it got a little cramped with some flight issues but everything worked out in the end. i strongly suggest 36 at erin hills if possible. that was my favorite of all the courses (from a golf perspective), staying overnight there worked out really well, it's very relaxed--the restaurant was great and that back porch is an awesome setting to relax and enjoy a drink after the round. The straits is pretty awesome, especially from a scenery perspective on top of the golf. but i think the layout at erin hills is so awesome, playing it twice is def worth it, imo. i'm sure the meadows course is nice, but i think you can safely leave it out for an extra round at EH. edit: we also stayed at the inn at woodlake in kohler which was great. but in all honesty, we were in the rooms only to shower and sleep. while the american club may be nicer, i see no reason to spend any more on a room than woodlake.
  8. so after much back and forth with the course booking managers, i have locked up tee times at the big 4! the days/times are not perfect, but given the late start i had on planning this trip, i'm so excited to have booked all of them. unfortunately, i could not get on either RCD or Portrush on days that allowed PM play so i will be only playing 18, it seems, at those courses. here's what i was able to secure: Portrush 8/21 @11:00 RCD 8/23 @11:06 Lahinch 8/26 @ 8:40 Ballybunion 8/27 @ 9:48 starting to get very excited, thank you everyone for your help and suggestions!
  9. how strict do you think portrush will be about the letter of introduction from a home club? it is listed as a requirement for visitors on their website. I was a member at a club for a couple of years, but am not currently. i may be able to work a connection at my dad's club to get some type of letter if really necessary...
  10. thanks again for all your help joe!! i really appreciate it. i have put in tee time requests at portrush, rcd, and ballybunion. we will see the availability for these dates. once i get those, i will be able to better set out the rest of the trip. i know i said originally that i didn't want to be tied to an itinerary, but you're right...as i started laying out the trip, i realized it was going to be necessary to have a bit more of a schedule to play the courses i want to play and get around the country. good thing is, i am actually flying back out of shannon on the 28th, so i won't have to drive all the way back to dublin from the southwest. gives me a little more flexibility at the end of the trip.
  11. thanks everyone!! very much apreciated. Looks like the plan is starting to solidify. i have reserved but not booked a flight into dublin, leaving JFK at night on the 19th and arriving dublin the morning of the 20th. going to fly back from shannon on the morning of the 28th. So i'm kind of planning on a counter clockwise loop from dublin through northern ireland and down to the southwest. I want to hit 4 of the big name courses: royal county down, portrush, lahinch and ballybunion for sure and mix in some of the other tracks along the way. what do you all think? thanks!
  12. thank you very much, joe perry! that's some excellent information to work with.
  13. [quote name='Fourmyle of Ceres' timestamp='1374862349' post='7544932'] Depending on where you're flying from, there may be substantial differences in airfares and number of layovers depending on your destination. Especially buying only a couple weeks ahead. If flying into, say, Edinburgh were $500 cheaper and five hours less travel time than getting to Dublin or Shannon it might make sense to do Scotland and save Ireland. Or vice versa. [/quote] i'm flying from new york city so there should be good options from either jfk or newark. i also have a sh!t-ton of amex points so i may fly on miles...so i think there is flexibility on the air travel situation.
  14. thank you all very much for the suggestions. sounds like i need to do a bit more research this weekend and really put some thought into it. the idea just came to me last night and i posted not really thinking much about the logistics. sounds like i need to do 2 trips, one to ireland and one to scotland so it's probably best to just focus on ireland right now since that's really what I want to do first. i'll do some reading and post back with some additional specific questions. thanks again!
  15. So, I'm about to have a bunch of free time on my hands, the company i work for is being sold and once the transition is done, i'm going to be able to take a trip for the first time in a while. i'm thinking about taking a week to 10 days and heading to ireland for a golf trip by myself. i have no problems traveling alone and actually enjoy it. would ireland be a good place to head for a solo trip focused mostly on golf? the trip would likely be late august. I don't like to be tied down by rigid itineraries when i travel. don't mind having places to be on certain dates, but don't want to plan the entire trip out to the hour in advance. would want to rent a car and move around, not looking to do a planned tour. i might consider doing a ireland/scotland combo trip if that makes sense. i'd appreciate hearing any recommendations. would like to do a combination of the well known, big name courses and some off the beaten path local knowledge kinda tracks. thanks!!
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