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  1. Toulon Seattle in excellent condition. Does not have headcover but it will come with a generic headcover. Has Stroke lab shaft and grip is a Forward Grip used 1 round. $280
  2. Good selection but SUPER slow shipping. Took 2 weeks to get grips in NY after my order was placed.
  3. Sounds like with a 50* gap wedge, why would you need a 52*. My suggestion is go 54* and 58* unless you have a reason for eliminating a wedge and adding a fairway wood or hybrid? I find the 58 for me is a perfect 85 yard club and the 54 100 yards.
  4. Was interested in trying a sleeve of the Vista but could not find anyone that sells it. So I purchased a dozen in white. I am a 7.5 handicap and swingspeed is probably between 95 and 105. I have been using 2013 Pro V1X and Taylormade Urethane balls this year. I first tried the Volvik at a course I was not familiar with so it was hard to relate the distance off the driver to the other balls. However, Saturday I went back to my course and the Vista was out there with the best drives I ever hit on the course. Off the irons it feels great. I do not believe there is as much spin as the Pro V1's but certainly adequate. The distance off the irons seems to be as good as any ball I have hit. I would certainly suggest giving this ball a try if a 4 piece is what you are looking for. Only thing about these high end balls is when you do not put a great swing on it, you seem to be more penalized than a non tour ball. Anyhow, I am pretty sure this will be the ball I use for the rest of this summer. Looking forward to trying a few different colors in this ball.
  5. robal

    Ping G25

    I have been tring to change the stock shaft in a Ping G25 Driver. Seems like if you want a 46" driver with a relatively low weight you can not get the swingweight down anywhere below D8. Anyone else have this issue? And if so find a way to rectify it?
  6. Joe Actually put together a Super LS this year with an Attas T2. Juries still out, played one round in Florida and didnt seem I was hitting it as well as my Titleist 910 with the same shaft. Went to the range last week with it and the numbers for the Titleist were better there as well. Always been a fan of Adams drivers as the 9064LS was a bomber for me. You can definetely get a sleeve on Ebay for pretty cheap and they are just as good as the one that comes with it. Good luck
  7. Just bought a brand new Ping G25 9.5 Driver. Went to change the stock shaft and keep coming up with swingweights that are off the chart high. Put a Fujikura Blur in it, and the swingweight with a 50 gram grip is D6-D7. Any suggestions. I know it is a pretty heavy head but I have never experienced this before. Any suggestions?
  8. Looking for about a 55 gram or less weight. Regular Flex, mid ball flight. Thanks
  9. I know the axivcore green is a tip balanced shaft. However it only comes in a 65 gram shaft. I am looking for another tip balanced shaft that would be a bit lighter. Would anyone know of any? Or is there a place that would list if a shaft is tip balanced or counter balanced?
  10. For some crazy reason I put in a preorder for a gadget called the Swingbyte http://www.swingbyte.com/. Received about two weeks ago and it could be the greatest training aid ever made. It is tiny and fits on your club right under the grip. Weighs only about an ounce and is a non-factor in your swing. And let me tell you, you have no idea how awful your swing looks until you put this gadget on your club. Measures things like swing speed, angle clubhead approaches the ball, shows the path of your club, stops at impact so you can see what position your club is in, shows in to out or out in in degrees and a lot more. Honestly for someone with a lot more patience than me can really use this aid to help your swing. Plus customer service at the company was great. Had a problem and the owner himself called me to work things out. Even offered to overnight me a new one until I figured out it was me and not the Swingbyte. Cost about $150 dollars but I have spent tons of money on every gadget out there and this is by far the best.
  11. Is there any advantage of a club being a bit heavier. I know the lighter the club the more swing speed you can generate. And my guess is a heavier club could provide more force. So is it worth giving up 1 or 2 MPH to use the heavier club?
  12. I have a 9 degree in mint condition. It wasnt for me to be honest. If you are interested in it (it has an Enzo shaft in it) I can sell it to you pretty cheap.
  13. Is there anything special to putting a .335 shaft into this head?
  14. Looking to purchase a Ping I20 driver. I really like the shafts I am using now (Bassara G) and would like to reshaft it with the Bassara. Is there anything special about reshafting a Ping I20? And is it .350 or .335? If it is .350 do I need aspecial adapter to fit the .335? Thanks
  15. Would anyone know where I can buy a ferrule adapter for the Callaway Razr Hawk Tour. I have the adapters for the Diablo Octane Tour and wondered if they are the same? I am using a .335 shaft. Thanks
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