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  1. Looking at possibly booking a Pinehurst trip for end of June/early July but dyes coincide with the North/South Am. Anyone been through during the tournament and can speak to impact? Would definitely want to play 2&4 and they’re both used for the tournament. Any advice appreciated.
  2. Planning a quick trip to Streamsong at the end of the month and wanted to get some thoughts on trying to squeeze 36 in one day. I play quick and am a single so I’ll play where they can fit me, but any local guidance would be appreciated.
  3. Faces look nearly new. How many rounds would you say are in them?
  4. Thanks again for the feedback everyone. Now officially booked for Bandon for 3 nights and 90 holes of golf in mid-April.
  5. Another question for the bandonistas: I’m looking to book a flight out of Eugene at 4:45. Would that give me enough time for an early morning round and drive back to the airport? I’m thinking it should work but asking for experience.
  6. Thanks everyone. Work stuff is still a little in flux so hope to book next week as that firms up. Still torn but leaning Bandon.
  7. Hey All, My wife and I are expecting baby #2 this summer, and as a precursor I’ve gotten the go ahead for a golf trip in April before the baby comes. Trip will most likely be solo as I don’t have a ton of golfing friends. I’ve read reviews for both and I’m still really torn. I’m traveling from Philadelphia so Pinehurst is obviously easier, but I don’t know how many other Bandon opportunities I’ll get in the near future. Thoughts and comments welcome.
  8. TaylorMade Community username - jrengler Current driver model / specs - Taylormade M1 2017, HZRDUS Yellow 6.0 Current handicap - 9.5 RH or LH - RH
  9. Project X HZRDUS T1100 65 6.0 Love my HZRDUS black but always looking to try new options!
  10. Question for the group: Looking to pick up the RTX 3 wedges to match my set, but should I grab the 765 AW and match my iron shaft (PX LZ 6.0), go softer in shaft flex, or just grab the Cleveland wedges?
  11. It's probably 40 or so from my house, but I hear ya. I'm looking at 25-30 minutes drive for almost anywhere. I'll mostly be weekends and maybe once or twice a month after a half-day of work. I work in Center City for what it's worth.
  12. Thanks everyone. I've thought about raising the distance I'm willing to travel, and would love feedback on Huntingdon Valley and Philmont. Philmont has a pretty great deal right now and Huntingdon Valley just looks great. I love Rolling Green but my wife is looking for social activities beYond golf (I.e. Pool) so it's been harder to justify RGGC.
  13. Hey All, Looking for reccomendations on a private club to join in the Philadelphia area. Live in the southern part of the City and relatively close to highways and bridges. Ideally someplace for me to play weekends and for wife and daughter to take part in pool or other social activities. Recommendations and other feedback appreciated.
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