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  1. Def brownie points for you! T-200s are on their way to the great state of FL! Lock this one up...
  2. Updated listing with stiff flex. Thanks "eibes" for catching that.
  3. Got these from a great seller on this site, but they don't seem to be for me. 5-AW +1/2" GH950 Nippon steel stiff shafts (Pured, stickers still on shafts) The pics show a darker browning on the 7 iron than there actually is. Pics speak for themselves. Asking $700 shipped.
  4. Titleist 4-AW with GD Tour AD 85g regular flex shafts. Asking $1,050 shipped. Message if interested.
  5. Thanks yall for all your comments. I think I am going to go with the 7 wood.
  6. So you think go with the lower lofted one to get that extra bit out of it when you need it to go 215-220?
  7. scottiet

    5 or 7 Wood

    I currently play 5-PW Titleist T-200 irons. I have a M6 15* fairway wood that I love. However, I have a gap between the 15* fairway wood and my 24* 5-iron. Do you folks recommend getting the 18* 5-wood or 21* 7-wood to fill the gap? My biggest need is in that 195-210 yard range where I think the 21* 7-wood could be my go-to club with a high ball flight to land soft. What are your thoughts?
  8. I should also say that I was fit for a xflex ts2 8.5 driver. guess it is just my swing but all seems so odd.
  9. I have tried and tested graphite vs steel shafts. In all cases I hit steel shaft irons higher and spin/balloon more than graphite. seems counterintuitive to me. For example, my t-200 7 iron in tensei red regular flex travels 10 yards longer than steel regular flex and launches at 24 vs 30 degrees. As a result of multiple testings on and off the course I decided on the tensei red reg flex. just curious if anyone else has any input on this.
  10. Set of Ping iblade irons I recently purchased from fellow wrxer. Original specs were +1/2" stiff AMT steel shafts and 1.5* upright. Shafts were replaced with +1/2" AMT regular flex steel shafts and lie was changed to 1* upright by same wrxer I purchased them from. I am only selling these because after I purchased the iblades my wife surprised me with a set of t-200 irons for my birthday (love that woman)! Will sell for $330 shipped just as I paid the seller here on wrx. PM with questions.
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