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  1. And they are lighter, a good deal then last years. Which make these amazing in my opinion. I stopped wearing last years as I liked the lighter shoes...but these new ones are amazing
  2. I thought the new ping 410 LST is one of the easiest to hit fairway woods off the deck. The head size is amazing, and ball just flies. Easier to hit then the regular ping 410 fairway wood in my opinion
  3. the insoles are amazing. Nike should sell those alone
  4. The Adidas were sold out even before the countdown ended. People ok East Coast and west Coast couldn’t select a size...think they sold out in Europe or something before they were truly for sale on adidas US website
  5. I’ve tried everyone out there (as I’m sure most have). The one used the last 2-3 years has been the Apex...it’s small and a rocket and feels great! BUT, somehow I tried a cobra F7 (yes older model)), and my god it’s been the greatest purchase in a while. I venture the F8 and F9 are as good if not better?, but for some reason, I always thought the Cobra Rails were gimmick, but NO! Wow this things is hot, feels better then the apex, and can be used literally on any type of surface perfectly. Not sure why I was anti cobra and thinking they were just for “fan boys”, but these are the best hybr
  6. Thank you! Best course in the area from my understanding...I heard it rivals any of the best courses in Florida, but just not the "name". Duval has his British Open Trophy there in the clubhouse people say. Odd, such a highly praised course gets such little notice/press
  7. anyone ever play?Headed down to my parents place in Ponte Vedra and going to play the obvious courses in April. Is Pablo Creek worth busting my Word not allowed to get on? Would love to know, or just play both TPC courses and try some others for the first time. Also, off topic, but I usually come on here as lacosteguy, but lost my password and cant figure out for the life of me how to get back on lol Thanks!
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