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  1. I've used Morton Golf Holidays multiple times and have always had really good results with my trips. They are an authorized St. Andrews provider which gives them access to Old Course tee times. They have really done me well with some fantastic itineraries. https://www.mortongolf.com/
  2. Thanks for checking - looks like the serial number provided had a typo - could you check 12D5081 Thanks again for all you do on this forum!
  3. Hi Socrates! Could you check a serial number for me: 12D50S1 Thanks!
  4. I've used Morton Golf Holidays for planning multiple trips with large and small groups. Always excellent trips. Cannot go wrong with them. http://www.mortongolf.com/
  5. I always recommend Morton Golf Holidays. I've used them 5 times for trips of various lengths and expense. In addition to golf, they can plan all sorts of other itineraries, such as distillery tours, castle tours, and tours around cities like Edinburgh - look at their "Flavor & Taste" section on their website. Very easy to work with. http://www.mortongolf.com/
  6. Thanks! Looks like they have been reshafted since they were new as they are now CFS stiff +1/2 inch. Genuinely appreciate the reply! Not a valid number. But if I substitute the O for a 0 then: Serial Number ModelS55 Club4-9PW ProductIRONS Line Number Account Number Order Number 10D5462 S55 4-9PW IRONS 1.00 66092 9080246 PreviousNextCopy Search Results Item Summary Shaft CFS REGULAR Shaft Step Cushin Length STD
  7. Morton Golf Holidays - they've done 5 for me and everything has always been perfect. They can go set you up on a trip for essentially any budget you choose. Everyone involved is a golf nut and loves Scotland golf. Absolutely cannot go wrong with them. http://www.mortongolf.com/
  8. I used the Scottish Golf website (www.scottishgolf.org) to look for open competitions before my trip. Or you can also go to just about any of the club's website and look for the open competitions listed on their site. just remember that open competitions are different than "fixtures". Open competitions can be played by anyone, fixtures are usually reserved for members and their guests. https://www.scottishgolf.org/players/club-members/open-competitions/
  9. I've played in about 20 open competitions in Scotland and every club easily accepted my USGA handicap without question. I'm willing to bet it'll be the same in Ireland. I agree that playing the open competitions is about the best way to truly experience golf when travelling - I met great people and the clubs were very welcoming.
  10. When in Inverness, I'd highly recommend the Castle Tavern https://www.castletavern.pub/. It's at the base of Inverness Castle and has a great crowd just about every night. Good food and a good beer selection. If you like music, the Hootanany is a lot of fun https://www.hootanannyinverness.co.uk/ Dornoch is a little hit or miss, but the pub at the Eagle is pretty good.
  11. A nice set of stiff Modus 105's professionally pulled from a set of Ping i200's. The grips are Golf Pride New Decade Multi Compound with a lot of life left in them. Standard lengths for Ping. Asking $130 shipped. 5i - 36 3/4 in. 6i - 361/4 in. 7i - 35 3/4 in. 8i - 35 1/4 in. 9i - 34 1/2 in. P - 34 in. G - 34 in. Thanks for looking!
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