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  1. Dang, what it is about the par 4 18th? Gerina Piller makes an 8 and Brittany Lang makes 7 there.
  2. Based on average driving distances for the LPGA and PGA, at 6268 yards, it is about the equivalent of the men playing at 7375 yards.
  3. I don't mean anything by this, but I'm really curious where this information came from.
  4. As another poster above said, you don't know. I have bought recycled mint/5A Pro V1X balls 4 or 5 times now. At first, I could tell no difference. But then the last time I bought them there was a noticeable difference in performance. Off the driver was a good 10-15 yards shorter and the normal spin around the green was simply not there. Have bought nothing but new since always looking for any deal I could find like the end of the year deal.
  5. My son's theory is that normally I tend to get lazy with my driver but when playing the back tees I get more honed on being more aggressive with my swing. And, yes, playing worst shot definitely helps mentally. For example, you really have to focus on your second shot when you've hit a good first shot.
  6. Normally play our middle tees at 6500+ but will occasionally play the back tees at 7000 with my son. Here's something we've both observed about my driving when playing the back tees. Overall, I will hit my drives farther. Instead of my usual 230 to 240, I will hit my driver more like 240 to 250. And occasionally there will be at least 2-3 holes where I hit my drives as far, or even farther, from the back tees than I do from the middle tees. Another thing that I do from time to time, when playing 9 holes by myself, is hit 2 balls and play the worst shot. Now, that will really make
  7. Can you sum this up for me in five sentences or less? Thanks
  8. Yes, the Tournament course. I have not played the other Mission Hills courses. That's a bummer about the new restrictions on play.
  9. Have only played Desert Falls once. Now keeping it in mind that it was five years ago, it was average at best.
  10. Okay, the coffee hasn't quite kicked yet this morning, so will someone please tell me what I'm missing here about her being smart and strategic?
  11. And the Ann van Dam roller coaster continues! With 3 holes to play, she stands at 3 under on her round and proceeds to make bogey, double bogey and triple bogey to shoot 3 over! Sounds like something I would do. Except for the 3 under part. With 6 double bogeys and a triple bogey in this tournament, she is still "only" 3 over par.
  12. Anne van Dam is having quite the roller coaster of a tournament. She's 3 under today thru 11 holes with a bogey and a double bogey. And she's 3 under for the tournament (thru 47 holes as I write this) with 5 double bogeys, 4 bogeys, 13 birdies, and 2 eagles.
  13. Anne van Dam off to a good start today, 3 under after 2 holes.
  14. Actually they closed the Golf Channel headquarters in Orlando earlier this month. https://www.geoffshackelford.com/homepage/2020/10/5/golf-channel-headquarters-closed-for-investigation-out-of-an-abundance-of-caution#commenting
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