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  1. You guys talking s*** to each other are ruining the thread. Thanks.
  2. Don't know anything about current conditions but here are 3 more possibilities. Assuming Bridlewood is in good condition, I do recommend it. Bridlewood Sky Creek Tour 18
  3. Damn, didn't meant jinx Savannah. Starts off double bogey, bogey
  4. Got to know Savannah a little bit as she played in the WAPT tournament at the course I play at. She definitely is long enough to compete and is also an impressive young lady. Saw her at another WAPT event the next week and she came over and talked to the wife and I and she called both of us by name. Hoping she does well. Another one who could do well is Emma Broze. She can get it out there as well. Also pulling for a couple of girls who played at Texas, Kaitlyn Papp and Agathe Laisne.
  5. This is the only correct answer for when the 2022 thread should start
  6. I would rather play Pecan Hollow than Trails of Frisco or Watters Creek any day of the week. But I do enjoy Frisco Lakes.
  7. Split Rail is one of the courses that I would really like to play but it's just a pretty good hike from I live north of McKinney. Just got to find the time to do it.
  8. Not only is this a great story but check out this 9 year old's swing. And she's been playing golf less than 2 years. Holy Cow! https://www.golfdigest.com/story/drive-chip-and-putt-qualifier-autumn-solesbee-adopted
  9. This month's Avid Golfer is the issue where they rank the Best of Public Golf 2021 for the DFW area. They do this by dividing DFW into East and West. Cowboys Golf Club is ranked as the Best Overall in the area and has been every year I've seen this ranking. Here are the top 15 for the East (out of 41 course) and West (out of 33 course). Here is my only comment. Could probably be a lot of argument that this or that course is ranked a few places too high or two low. But, being most familiar with East courses, I do see one course that is egregiously overranked and that is Twin Creeks at #13. Conditions are absolutely awful right now. East 1. Old American Golf Club 2. The Tribute Golf Links 3. Heritage Ranch G&CC 4. Tangle Ridge Golf Course 5. Firewheel Golf Park - Bridges 6. Sherrill Park Golf Course - No. 1 7. Thorntree Golf Club 8. The Courses at Watters Creek 9. Indian Creek - Creek Course 10. The Trails of Frisco Golf Club 11. Buffalo Creek Golf Club 12. Frisco Lakes Golf Course 13. The Golf Club at Twin Creeks 14. Prairie Lakes Golf Course 15. Pecan Hollow Golf Course West 1. Cowboys Golf Club 2. Texas Rangers Golf Club 3. Texas Star Golf Course 4. Wildhorse at Robson Ranch 5. Sky Creek Ranch Golf Club 6. Grapevine Golf Course 7. Bridlewood Golf Club 8. Split Rail Golf Club 9. Southern Oaks Golf Club 10. Tierra Verde Golf Club 11. Bear Creek Golf Club - West 12. The Golf Club Fossil Creek 13. Sugar Tree Golf Club 14. Rockwood Park Golf Course 15. Tour 18 Dallas Best Outlying 1. Tempest Golf Club 2. Pine Dunes Golf Club 3. The Links at Land's End 4. Squaw Valley Golf Club
  10. Thanks for the replies so far and reading them I realized it might be helpful include a little more information about our group. All of us, including the wives, are high single digit and/or low double digit handicaps. We're all in our late fifties to late sixties and after a round of golf all we care about doing is heading to the house to relax, cook up good something for dinner, and enjoy some drinks and/or some good wine.
  11. Wife and I and 2 other couples are thinking about a golf trip to Michigan next year probably in July or August. We're wanting to stay in a house and play 4-5 different courses without a lot of travel time back and forth. Probably 45-60 minutes travel time at a max one way. And we are definitely wanting to play Arcadia Bluffs for sure. Not being familiar with Michigan, we're not sure first of all how feasible that is. So I was hoping some of you on here could enlighten me as what kind of possibilities we would have and give me some ideas. What are some suggestions for where to stay and some course options. Thanks in advance for all and any help.
  12. Looks a lot like my scorecard. Well, except for the 3 birdies.
  13. It's a little bit out of the way to really be considered DFW but Squaw Valley over in Glen Rose is well-worth playing. Just got back from a 3 day trip over trip which we have done for 8 years in a row now. Both courses were in really good shape and the greens were rolling very good.
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