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  1. Can't argue with much of anything in that article.
  2. Heritage Ranch is a really fun course to play. One of my favorite public courses in the North Dallas area.
  3. Bridlewood is a really, really good course.
  4. Jessica Korda with nice little 11 under par 32-28 60 today. Had 10 3's and 2 2's. And had pars on two of the par fives.
  5. Surprised to not see anything in any of the Spieth threads about the story on the Golfwrx main front page where Spieth talks about a specific swing issue in his swing.
  6. I am not a Christina Kim fan at all but I'm not seeing why what you quoted is a reason that you can't stand her.
  7. I've only played Bridlewood one time a couple of years but I really like it. Good shape and greens were exactly like you described them. Seems like I remember reading that they changed owners but not exactly sure if that was before I played it or after.
  8. Didn't some old guy play with Bryson in the final round of the Masters this year?
  9. I'd actually watch this if it was televised. I worked the scorers table and my wife was tournament co-chairmen when the WAPT played at my home course this year and we had the pleasure of meeting Savannah. The next week we saw her at their next tournament and she went out of her way to come over and speak to my wife and I when she saw us during her round. And as she walked up to us, she called both us by name before we ever could ever say anything and thanked us again for our club hosting the tournament. Very impressive young lady.
  10. Unless I missed it, nothing has been confirmed by a reputable source. All I have seen is that two guys on a podcast threw it out there as a rumor with no verification. That was either in this thread or the other Spieth thread. Don't remember which. And I have not even seen that rumor reported anywhere else on any other website. But, again, I could have missed it.
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