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  1. Just want to thank everyone for the variety of topics in this tournament thread. We had travel, fashion, gossip, and other stuff. And every now and then there was even some stuff about the LPGA golf tournament that was played this week
  2. I'm pretty clueless about how all this stuff works but just wanted to share one quick story that may be interesting or it may not be. Was at the Masters 7-8 years ago during a practice round and was standing behind the 18th tee box rght up against the rope.There was a guy in a chair sitting there and he had some sort of device that he was entering information on after each player hit their tee shot. Being the friendly type, I asked him what he was doing and he said he was collecting data. I said what kind of data. His response was that he was collecting data and that's all he could and would tell me. End of conversation.
  3. @ZipinZ After the pro in your group almost got hit in the head by a hosel rocket, you should have told him that rule #1 when playing in a pro-am is to never, ever stand in front of and to the right of any of the ams. And to never forget what you just told him My Father-in-Law has the distinction of being able to say that he once hit Byron Nelson in the butt one time during a charity event with a hosel rocket. Byron, being the consumate gentleman that he was, actually apologized to him for being up in front of him. But I don't know if either one of them autographed the ball
  4. "The biggest question of course is what company logo will be be on Lydia's bag?" I know I'm on the edge of my seat
  5. Sure ready for the start of the LPGA season so this thread can get back on topic
  6. TPC Craig Ranch opened in 2004. Club Corp acquired it in January 2019.
  7. I did leave out a kind of important detail, didn't I. Titleist.
  8. Don't worry about. The 58 post thread doesn't tell you anymore than this 4 post thread tells you, lol. Except that she is using their ball.
  9. Titleist site shows she is ball only at this time.
  10. The next "Match" that is entertaining will be the first.
  11. "A lot of these ladies are playing these courses for the first time naked so the next go round may yield more positive results." I'm not quite sure what to think of this
  12. After re-reading my post, I just want to be really clear that this was in no way, shape, or form directed at @callawayjay. Hope no one took that way. Especially him. He's one of the mainstays in this on-going thread.
  13. For some reason this made me think of something George Carlin once said. Think of how stupid the average person is and then realize that half of them are stupider than that.
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