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  1. Kind of hoping she's not a trend-setter myself. But I am an old
  2. Surprised to not see anything in any of the Spieth threads about the story on the Golfwrx main front page where Spieth talks about a specific swing issue in his swing.
  3. I am not a Christina Kim fan at all but I'm not seeing why what you quoted is a reason that you can't stand her.
  4. I've only played Bridlewood one time a couple of years but I really like it. Good shape and greens were exactly like you described them. Seems like I remember reading that they changed owners but not exactly sure if that was before I played it or after.
  5. Didn't some old guy play with Bryson in the final round of the Masters this year?
  6. I'd actually watch this if it was televised. I worked the scorers table and my wife was tournament co-chairmen when the WAPT played at my home course this year and we had the pleasure of meeting Savannah. The next week we saw her at their next tournament and she went out of her way to come over and speak to my wife and I when she saw us during her round. And as she walked up to us, she called both us by name before we ever could ever say anything and thanked us again for our club hosting the tournament. Very impressive young lady.
  7. Unless I missed it, nothing has been confirmed by a reputable source. All I have seen is that two guys on a podcast threw it out there as a rumor with no verification. That was either in this thread or the other Spieth thread. Don't remember which. And I have not even seen that rumor reported anywhere else on any other website. But, again, I could have missed it.
  8. Hopefully no one has bet on Amy Olson since she isn't playing this week.
  9. My golf ball has a mind of it's own. It goes where I hit it every time. Which is not to be confused with where I intended to hit it
  10. I knew there was something about you that I liked! Kaitlyn represented the Horns very, very well!
  11. Believe it or not, I actually typed out that I forgot to carry the 1 and then changed it to quip about math
  12. Damn it, you didn't tell me that there was going to math involved
  13. Not sure that 3 and a half holes in 45 minutes would be considered glacier.
  14. As negative as you are, I'm not quite sure why you are even watching.
  15. Yep. If she goes on to win, that may well be the key shot and save of the round.
  16. If you don't think conditions are having a significant affect on play, then you are just wrong.
  17. Pretty sure that they are not doing a restart. Looks like there are only 8 groups yet to tee off, 4 off the back and 4 off the front.
  18. Golf Channel. Now for the next question. Any chance Judy Rankin will be in the booth instead of Paige "Giggles" McKenzie?
  19. They just showed some video on the Golf Channel. And, if that's what Brandel and Karen were talking about, they are grossly exaggerating. Much ado about nothing.
  20. Nothing more than the rub of the green. I applaud the USGA for giving in and playing golf like it should be played.
  21. If by "loath", you mean that it will never ever happen, you are right. They never have and never will. Good for them. I like it that they insist on playing golf like it should be played.
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