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  1. Do these differently weighted shafts (40, 50, 60 & 70) come with differently weighted heads to maintained the D4 swing weight?? Seems like there's a ton of talk about weights of shafts but not the heads. Sounds like a lot of guys will test their own shafts. Doesn't the weight of the head make a huge difference with the swing weight and the static weight of the club? I have a few 65 gram oban shafts with Callaway adaptors that I plan on testing. If I want my shafts (that play to 45 inches installed) to play to a D6 swing weight, how do I make this happen (without lead tape)?? Can I
  2. This is one of the best pictures i've seen on here in a long time! Do you hoard any other clubs, or just 3-woods? If yes, then please post more pics. I love it on many levels, but primarily because it instantly makes me feel less guilty about the 5 3-woods that I have sitting in the garage. There is definitely something magical about a "the right" 3-wood ...more so than any other club.
  3. Interested in Graphite Design Tour AD DI-6 stiff How long does it measure installed into driver head?
  4. GBB is hooking on me too. I got a "proper" fitting because all my drives were going right. Now all my drives go LEFT OR RIGHT.... Does simply swapping out the head from GBB to XR16 really make a difference?? Right now i'm stuck between two belief systems: It's my swing = "Indian not the arrow" >>> VS. >>> It's the club = "Get fit! A proper fitting makes all the difference"
  5. Javitron


    Not one single bit. Well, except for that extra weight you're adding. Extra sliding weight sounds really "cool" but this is from the Callaway admin on their website: "Adding a second weight is not as easy as it might seem. The perimeter weight weighs 10 grams which is 5 swing weight points. So if you are currently at a D4, that brings you to a D9. Kisner not only plays his driver shorter, but he also had some weight taken out of the head to make room for that additional sliding weight. Because it is very difficult to add a second weight and still have a playable driver, we do not sell tho
  6. Javitron


    won't this change the swing weight of the club??
  7. Unfortunately I was only able to hit the Kiyoshi with the GBB head. I tried to get "the feel" (or sound) of both heads at my local shop with stock shafts afterward. The fitter gives me the impression that overall performance will be similar, but the Ping will get the slight edge in forgiveness catagory. Aesthetically, the Great Big Bertha looks much bette to me at address than the Ping G. Sound is a bit better too. But I can get over the looks if I'm hitting it long and in the fairway consistently.
  8. I just went through a fitting session by an extremely reputable fitter. However, I've been given the option of two driver heads. I'm not doing very well with making a decision and was hoping for some helpful input. Driver Heads: Callaway GBB or Ping G Shaft: OBAN Kiyoshi Black "stiff" tipped 1" Length: 45" Loft: 9.5 My Stats: 6'1 - 185 hdcp: 8 --> trending the wrong way fast Driver swing speed: 105 My game off the tee is easily the worst part of my game. My gamer for the past 7 years has been the Adams 9015D w/ x-stiff Grafalloy Blue. This club worked a long time ago when I could
  9. The Kelly's will never sell. That's family land. Hopefully one day they will open it back up. It is a real gem.
  10. [color=#282828]Srixon Z Star XV - 73[/color] [color=#282828]Callaway iX - 73[/color]
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