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  1. Paypal only US only Price includes shipping No trades at this time - I have exhausted my need for golf clubs for a bit 1. Titleist Tsi3 Driver 8* Tensei 1K 50X shaft Price: SOLD Really nice shape TSi3 driver here. Top-line is perfect and face shows very little wear with no marks dings or scratches anywhere. This combo produces some serious bombs, but I am just having a little trouble controlling it, so back to TM drivers for me. The shaft is a Tensei 1k 50x that is un-tipped and total length of the club is 45". Grip is a MCC+4 grey standard size. Comes with factory headcover. Preference is to sell whole club 2. Gabe Golf Swing Trainer 7 iron Price $sold Cool swing trainer, just not what I need anymore. Very helpful to be able to hit balls like normal without any other gizmos. Some of the black marks coming of the face, but otherwise in very good shape. Thanks for looking! Any questions or offers send my way
  2. Paypal Only US only NO TRADES!!! I am bloody sick of golf clubs for a bit and need to stop this disgusting habit of ho'ing 2 Items Today 1. Taylormade P7MC 4-P KBS Tour 120S Price: $SOLD Picked up on BST recently and used for 2 of the worst rounds of my entire life - not the clubs fault - I just suck right now. On account of that I am moving onto something else. These are Standard L/L/L. Grips are golf pride rubber Z grips These are pristine, the only mark of note anywhere is a nick on the face of pitching wedge. Get them now or wait 75 years for supply chain issues to resolve themselves 2. Ping G425 LST 9* Graphite Design Tour AD XC 6s Price: $450 Picked up on lark- then after hitting it once remembered I hate Ping driver - so off it goes. Face is super clean Couple of nicks on crown and minor scuff on toe - all pictured Shaft measures 44" from tip to grip. No headcover included but will ship well protected Not interested in splitting head and shaft right now thanks for looking! any questions or offers send my way.
  3. I just put a Tensei 1k 50X in a TSI3 head and so far super low spin - will take a minute to get used to the low weight but results are highly encouraging at the moment that or the ventus black / ZF as mentioned above in the 50 weight class are going to be exactly what you are looking for
  4. Only one item today Paypal Only US only price includes shipping and will ship via USPS priority Trades Possibly: PXG gen3/gen4 P or T irons or heads nothing else 2021 Titleist T100S iron Heads 4-P Price: $950 Picked these up from another member and used for a few weeks -- they simply don't work for me and although it is my swing I can't keep going out there and embarrassing myself with irons I don't like. Standard Loft and Lie No chip gouges or dents Some very minor chatter on a few backs most wear on the faces of the P, 8, 7 rest are clean as can be Happy to send more pictures if requested Also I have modus 105S shafts on them with NO GRIPS, but they are a shoddy build and 2 of the irons would need to be reshafted with new ferrules (5 and 9 iron) - if interested in the clubs shafted add $100 to price Will respond to PMs through the day, but I am playing through the afternoon. Thanks for looking!!
  5. sole separated on my air max 90g 2021 pga edition and the air bags deflated on my 270g's.. I don't feel shady about trying to make warranty claims on those- what say you guys?
  6. Paypal Only I have obviously been here a long time and buy and sell a ridiculous amount of clubs. Will ship no later then next day via paypal shipping US Only Prices include shipping Only 1 Trade for the autoflex - !!!!!no other trades considered!!!!!! Tsi3 with AD-DI 6S 1. KHT Autoflex S505X shaft Taylormade 2* tip Price: $600 This shaft is something else, and it really does give extra speed. However, my issues are only exacerbated by this club, so going to back to traditional route. Measures right around 45" picture shows 45.25" but the butt cap on grip is pretty long. Shaft is untipped. Grip is Iomic Sticky 2.3 Midsize, but can swap out for a few different options depending on buyer preference. 2. Projext X LZ 6.0 Iron shafts 4-P Price SOLD Pulls from a factory set of Titleist T100s - they just aren't for me. Have about 5 rounds total on them and are in perfect shape. The measurements as shown in pictures 4 iron shaft is 37.5" and PW is 34.25". There are tip weights in all but 1 of the shafts and they could use a little more prepping before install. Standard tour velvet 360 grips 3. Nippon Modus Tour 105 Stiff 5-P Price SOLD Modus 105 tour stiff pulls. Shaft labels are still in good shape and have iomic 1.8 grips with 5 light purple and two lime green. Pics show 5 but there are 6 total shafts Lengths as shown longest = 36.5 shortest = 34.25" I do not know how or what these will play in your irons.. or anything close to that so please do not ask. Thanks for looking! any questions or offers send my way
  7. Hi all, Primarily looking to trade these iron heads for either of these drivers Sim2 MAX TSi3 Shaft wise looking for a graphite design ad-di / hd / iz 6s or 6x or tensei 1k 50X can add cash to account for any difference in value Ping i210 heads 5-P Blue Dot Price $475 (if someone wants to buy) SOLD Blue Dot and Standard loft. Heads will be pulled and cleaned later today. All matching serials. Excellent condition as shown, with the exception of some road rash on the PW sole. Thanks for looking! Any questions or offers send my way
  8. that was a killer deal on heads - if I hadn't just gotten the new model would have grabbed in a heartbeat
  9. Paypal Only US Only Only one item today Trades: Looking for Titleist T100 or T100S irons 4-P - if you have 2021 version will obv add cash on my end These are the only irons I am interested in trading for and I Prefer T100S Callaway APEX TCB Irons 4-P Heads Only Price $800 Shafted Price: 950 I have modus 120 stiff installed currently with No.1 50 series grips but the ferrules are pretty dinged up on 2 of the irons and I am not dying to sell the shafts- if interested with shafts it would be 950 but I can't ferrule work is not on m In very good condition overall. Pitching wedge shows the most wear as I hit the most shots with it but still relatively minor browning. Back of 5 iron has some scratching as well. No gouges or dings on any topline or sole. Thanks for looking!
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