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  1. Looking for the following - Complete Clubs - not shafts or heads I am tired of searching constantly TSI3 8- 10 Sim2 Max 8-10.5 Shafts AD-DI 6s/x AD-HD 6s/x AD-IZ 6s/x Tensei 1K50x Ventus Black 5X These are the ONLY shafts I am interested in -- thanks!
  2. Hi all, Primarily looking to trade these iron heads for either of these drivers Sim2 MAX TSi3 Shaft wise looking for a graphite design ad-di / hd / iz 6s or 6x or tensei 1k 50X can add cash to account for any difference in value Ping i210 heads 5-P Blue Dot Price $475 (if someone wants to buy) SOLD Blue Dot and Standard loft. Heads will be pulled and cleaned later today. All matching serials. Excellent condition as shown, with the exception of some road rash on the PW sole. Thanks for looking! Any questions or offers send my way
  3. that was a killer deal on heads - if I hadn't just gotten the new model would have grabbed in a heartbeat
  4. Paypal Only US Only Only one item today Trades: Looking for Titleist T100 or T100S irons 4-P - if you have 2021 version will obv add cash on my end These are the only irons I am interested in trading for and I Prefer T100S Callaway APEX TCB Irons 4-P Heads Only Price $800 Shafted Price: 950 I have modus 120 stiff installed currently with No.1 50 series grips but the ferrules are pretty dinged up on 2 of the irons and I am not dying to sell the shafts- if interested with shafts it would be 950 but I can't ferrule work is not on m In very good condition overall. Pitching wedge shows the most wear as I hit the most shots with it but still relatively minor browning. Back of 5 iron has some scratching as well. No gouges or dings on any topline or sole. Thanks for looking!
  5. Paypal Only US Only Prices include shipping Trades Sim2 with Autoflex T100S irons I absolutely hate every club in my bag and pretty much hate golf at the moment, so I figure what better time to buy new stuff and get rid of it all! Really want a Sim2 with Autoflex and some T100S irons. Take the SM7 + gapr heads for 175 shipped! 1. Cobra Radspeed Peacoat Blue 9.0 Graphite Design Tour AD-HD 6X Price $SOLD This thing produces some really flat bombs and the head has amazing feel. The shaft has legendary GD feel and really has a great profile. Club bas been used for the last few months but still in very good condition with no marks to speak of. Head weighs 197grams. Shaft was acquired brand new through a dealer here on golfwrx. It measures 43.75" total length and will play to a total length of 44.75". The shaft is not tipped and has no marks on it to speak of. Currently has a no1. 50 series grip on it now that can use replacing but can swap out for a Iomic sticky midsize or MCC +4 midsize if buyer is interested, or can also send ungripped. Comes with Cobra Rad Speed Headcover. 2. Tour Issue Callaway Apex Pro 21 20* Hybrid Ventus Velocore Blue 8X Price $SOLD Picked up from another wrx member a bit ago - but I just simply can not get into any of the Ventus shafts and this is my last attempt. TC serial number as pictured. Topline and all other cosmetic parts are clean as can be, with a little wear on the face as pictured. Total length is 40.25" and is untipped. Grip is a tour velvet and comes with Callaway headcover 3. Tour Issue GAP LO 2 Iron Head Price: $125 Picked up from a wrx member who acquired it from Will Peoples. I used this on and off for a bit - but despite my machinations I am not good enough to play a DI consistently. Club is in good shape as pictured with some minor peeling on the back of the head as pictured 4. Vokey SM7 Raw 50-10F and 54-14F heads Price $125 Can add two Vokey Wedge Flex Shafts with NDMC grips for 25 more Real vokey wedge works raw not stripped. Used but not abused and grooves still have plenty of life left. Thanks for looking!
  6. should have ordered the driver when it was still an option! damn
  7. Paypal Only US only Prices include shipping Trades!! Happily trade this driver for one of the options below! Titleist TSi3 Driver with Graphite Design Shaft Sim2 with Tensei 1k 50 / 60X / TX / S 1. Callaway Epic Max LS 9.0 Diamana TB 50X Head Sold Shaft SOLD Picked up from another member and played 1 round with it in South Carolina and he played 1 round with it. Mint as can be. Really wanted to try the shaft but it does not work for me and I simply don't get along with Callaway drivers. Shaft is not tipped Iomic sticky 2.3 grip (can swap for a MCC +4 midsize or have a few other options) Measures 45" SW around D1 2. Callway APEX MB 21 iron heads 5-P Price $550 Traded for these with another member, but I am going with the TCB's for the year. Standard Loft and Lie. Road rash on 5/ 6 iron sole and a chip on toe of 7 iron as pictured. Overall in very good shape. Thanks for looking reach out with questions, or reasonable offers.
  8. Having a hard time resisting this deal... any chance they refuse to honor it even after placing orders? I'm sure it would just be a straight refund, but has that happened to anyone using TGW before?
  9. I am down here for the whole week and trying to figure out where to play. Did wild dunes in february but looking for something new. Do the recommendations change in the dead of summer, or is it the same set of options?
  10. will trade the tensei for another tensei with either a callaway or cobra tip - prefer 50 / 60 S or X - lost too much speed to load the TX
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