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  1. Mizuno makes nice wedges with lots of grind options if you want to stay in the brand. I go 46/52/58. S18 gap wedge is flexible for use from different lies and great on full shots. For 58 lob wedge I prefer a full grooved face style that can be played square or opened way up, the Jaws fits the bill currently.
  2. I migrated from original PM Grind to the Full Toe with a one year detour with CBX Full Face. Did not care for the TM version in my testing. I like the Full Toe. It is more traditional and consistent on full/half approach shots for me. The straighter leading edge and general shape just give me more confidence for clean contact and crisper divots. Full Toe launches more normally as well, where the PM gave me that low hard spinning flight that worked fine, but always seemed strange to my eye. The Full Toe grind works well from the bunker as well, so no issues there. The PM still gets the edge on rescue shots and big flops, but it was just so large/weird looking and so heavy. I don't see myself going back. The CBX had that more rounded shape, and was a great performer for me as well.
  3. It's just a compact five wood. Feel is firm off the face, but still hot, compared to my 5deep. Distance is comparable and flight is slightly lower with same shafts. Forgiveness is a lower with UW. I am using the 19 UW as a replacement for a 19 hybrid (PXG gen2 turned down to 18.25). Performance is pretty damn similar for me, shape is the primary difference in my particular case
  4. I've played 120S for a while now in multiple sets. For me the feel is super smooth (soft to flex) with high launch and mid spin for a flat apex. My transition isn't over agressive, I top out around 100mph with the driver. Used DG r300 previously, which I still like and use in my LW.
  5. HMBs lofts are not jacked imo. Distances are comparable if not actually a couple yards short of my J15 CBs with identical shafts. The new hollow Mizunos are smaller blade lengths with stronger lofts vs HMBs. I'd expect lower peak heights and more distance, which isn't something I really want, but I understand the decision because the HMBs do fly quite high.
  6. Item is still available. Not seeking any trades at this time.
  7. Fujikura Ventus Blue 6-S with Callaway tip installed. Shaft is untipped. Grip is The Grip Master perforated leather. Length is 45" installed. $240 shipped to lower 48.
  8. I bought 19* to serve as 5 wood because I liked like the shape. Sets up dead square and feel is metallic hot. Ordered with Tensei Blue to give me higher flight I want for approach shots. This shaft feels too loose for me and was going left. Reshafting now with my trusted 3wood shaft. We will see if it works for me. Contenders in my stable are 5deep (at 41.75") and 19* PXG gen2(at 41.5) hybrid turned down to 18.25.
  9. Prices include shipping to lower 48. 1. Odyssey Toulon Palm Beach - 34 inches, stroke lab shaft, original midsize grip, black Odyssey headcover. $220 shipped SOLD 2. Ping Redwood D66 - 34.25 inches. Black dot. P2 Aware Tour grip. No headcover. $125 shipped SOLD Thanks for looking!
  10. I am not disappointed with my Full Toe 58*. Coming from a CBX full face and PM Grind (original) before that. Shape is a bit uglier than the CBX to my eye (triangular vs the more rounded CBX), but this thing performs. I have more confidence with this club on full and 3/4 shots from fairways, in particular. Flopping and bunker action is solid and face is large enough I think. If you want a smaller less heavy PM, I recommend this club. I did replace the stock shaft, which wasn't working great for me for some reason.
  11. I made the switch. Performance was pretty similar to me. Primary difference is shape and color scheme. Speed sound is a little more metallic, which I find quite pleasing.
  12. A pair of used soft gap wedges on offer here, $95 each or $150 for the pair - 1. 50/5 Orange paintfill is pretty cool IMO, perfect pro cord grip, NS Pro 950r shaft, 35.5 inches - $95 Shipped 2. 53/11 y-grind, TV cord grip, Modus 120S shaft, 35.5 inches - $95 Shipped 2. 53* y-grind, TV cord grip, Modus 120S shaft, 35.5 inches - $95 Shipped
  13. This thread belongs in the shaft forum-i.e. Club Techs
  14. I choke down on 46 as needed for those tweener full shots. I've always thought a 4th wedge would complicate things to my detriment around the greens. But then again, I'm not a long hitter who plays a lot of full wedge approaches, and my gaps aren't huge (P-120/115 - G-105/100 - L-85-80).
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