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  1. Jordans are pending payment. Make offers on scotty, worse I can say is no or negotiate. not going to be a ***** about it.
  2. Hey Guys, looking to buy house soon need to sell fast and give up the fun stuff for a while. Priorities first :( US sales only, paypal, USPS priority shipping with tracking # 1st - Jordan runner golf shoes - size 13 black. worn 3 rounds, awesome shape, awesome comfort and feel. $250 shipped. 2nd - Scotty cameron red x putter 35 inches with brand new this season super stroke fatso grip red/white. Comes with an orange scotty cameron detour headcover. Awesome putter with great feel pictures a plenty, let me know if I need more. $125 shipped. Dont like to rate items try to take as many pictures as possible let me know if you'd like to see anything in any view. Just pm me with an email and I'll snap and send your way otherwise pm me for interests. Thanks!
  3. Very true to size got a pair and spent the weekend wearing them. Awesome and comfortable shoe! Glws!
  4. Wow nasty set up with those Srixons wish I had the $$$ for them sexy! Glws!
  5. Wow great stuff at great prices that shouldnt be listed long, congrats on the 1 year old! I have an adams 9015 in my bag as well right now couldnt imagine life without it id feel your pain letting it go!
  6. What are the specs on the irons? all standard lie, length, and lofts? shaft flex? Thanks look like a nice set of irons there glws!
  7. Nice set of irons there shouldnt last long that price is a steal for whoever ends up with them! awesome sticks!
  8. Ive learned not to describe items in any such way and to let the pictures talk lol too much backlash from the community and its not in there terms of condition. They're in good shape the nike green grey navy and light blue are worn maybe each twice others a little more but wouldn't try to sell my peers stained up and torn polos. Pending payment on the 8 of them with someone on deck.
  9. Ahhh man those shouldnt last long for sale with that price and awesome condition where were ya a couple months ago been dying for a set but settled on pings. Someones going to get a steal!
  10. apologize guys, busy last night and it is all sold.
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