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  1. Hi All, I am keen on both of these shoes, just wondering how they compare in terms of traction in the wet and/ or muddy conditions? Thank you!
  2. Thanks once again. I am putting the shaft into a Titleist 917f2 3-wood so it is going into an Surefit adapter.
  3. Thank you very much, I shall get the tape measure out if 2 inches has been taken from the tip I presume the shaft will play very stiff to it’s stated flex (which is stiff)?
  4. Hi All, I recently picked up a PL Red fairway shaft (the original type) to match my driver. It was meant to be new but it has definitely been shortened. It is 42 inches instead of the uncut 44 inches. If the 2 inches has been taken off the butt that’s no problem but I think the length has been taken from the tip. if I put the two shafts next to one another and neither has been but trimmed would the shaft logos match up at the same point on the shaft?
  5. Thank you for the response. Here are some pictures of a set I was looking at, many thanks.
  6. Hi All, I see a set of these come up for sale from time-to-time in used condition and I am quite keen to purchase a set. Are there any key ways to determine if they are authentic? None that I have seen come in the wooden box - did all sets sold come in one? I also thought they came with a certificate but do they not have serial numbers as well? Thanks!
  7. I see there are about 4 versions of this shaft released over time, has performance/ characteristics changed from version to version? I see a lot of the originals for sale at a third of the cost of the latest version.
  8. I understand that MORAD was developed off the back of the Golfing Machine (and its perceived shortcomings). Watching some videos it looks to be very specific in its movements and positions. So on this basis is MORAD more of a method than system (unlike TGM whereby there a numerous ways to do things) in that it is very prescriptive? I am only commenting on what I have seen so apologies if I a totally wrong on this!!!
  9. Hi All, I have some mild problems with my feet and now wear cushioned trainers to provide support as I tend to walk on the outside of my feet. Out of the Pro SL and Flex XP does one offer more support for walking than the other? The Flex XP looks to have a larger sole thickness but understand the Pro SL is a premium shoe.
  10. Hi All, I have some raw Miura Wedges which are very rusty which I want to clean up a bit. Can I use coke to do this? Or does Coke eat away/ corrode carbon steel like this? If it’s safe to use how much time should I leave the wedges in the Coke for? Thank you!
  11. Hi All, I am very much a digger with my wedges and want to get a grind done on their leading edges so that I can remain aggressive but not leave the club stuck in the ground. I have seen lots of different terms for undertaking this exercise such as blunting, killing, rolling etc. If I was going to ask someone to grind for me what would I actually ask them for/ to do?
  12. Thanks all, so when people rave about the Eye 2 wedges which model are they on about, the original or the plus?
  13. Hi All, I know there is a difference in lofts and grooves between the two Eye 2 models, but is there any difference in the sole grind or head shape?
  14. Hi All, Can anyone tell me what the dimensions of the Odyssey Tri-ball putter are (particularly face width)? Is it smaller than a Ping Doc 17 or 15? Thanks in advance
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