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  1. Unfortunately they are now no longer trading so they will forever remain in the past
  2. 370 You are honestly a life saver! Thank you!
  3. Right massive long shot so I’m bumping a very historic thread here but I still game these and picked up a brand new set but I need to reshaft them, anyone know the tip size?
  4. Few years old but this is me playing a course in St.Andrews just like the picture I suppose
  5. Spoke to the manufacturer apparently the shafts in the irons were a 'made for' shaft and have been discontinued, they have offered to sell me an ex-demo iron at a pretty much extortionate price. So it looks like a whole new set of shafts will be required, TBF i've been debating going a bit stiffer and heavier in them for a while.
  6. [quote name='jgonz69' timestamp='1376642099' post='7686362'] Your parents should take your clubs away from you until you can act like a gentleman/adult on the golf course. [/quote] Juniors in England go up to 21, I'm 20 year old I don't think my parents could take my clubs off me as I paid for them all. Not exactly a spoilt brat routine.
  7. [quote name='pmcuk' timestamp='1376483488' post='7674086'] I don't know how it works for others but for me when I lose my temper it's directly the result of stress in other parts of my life. Fix stress in the rest of your life, and your mood on course may spontaneously improve. [/quote] to be honest I know why I'm more stressed on the course now than previously. In May both of my retinas detached and I had to have emergency surgery luckily my left eye was fixed with a bit of lazer surgery but my right eye had to have a proper procedure done unfortunately I'm left with just block colours
  8. That's how I learnt my lesson about losing my temper
  9. [quote name='Willie Malay' timestamp='1376321741' post='7660308'] Lost my cool once on a course. A guy I've played with for years just started laughing. He goes, "man, that's the first time I've ever seen you mad on a golf course". We both laughed and it passed. Why get mad? You are there for fun. If you mess up, look at it as a learning experience and thank whatever happened so you can work on it and get better. [/quote] To be honest this is the first time I have ever got properly angry I often mutter to myself but first time I've physically shown frustration, I guess it was the first tim
  10. Played in Junior Championship at my club yesterday which is a straight out 36 hole scratch competition. Was playing well made the turn in the first round level par then dropped a shot on both the 11th and 12th all was still fine until I got to the 13th I snap hooked my drive out of bounds proceeded to take a triple! kept my composure birdied the 14th dropped a shot on 16 and finished the round +5. Was 2 behind after the first round but I knew I was playing well enough to overtake the leader as he had a good round and mine was a bit crappy with the bad back half. Started the 2nd round stead
  11. well had a more consistent round today tried to stay in the present, went well I didn't play as well as I could of but scored better just thinking about the shot in front of me. shot 37-34=71 (+1 L= +1) 3 putted the last though
  12. go for nike lunar control from 2011 i think the black and red are sweet!
  13. yeah your right about me trying not to fall apart I need to just carry on playing normally all the way round if I have a good start even without trying I end playing 'safe' or attempting to which half the time lands me in trouble when I may as well just carry on playing my normal game as it's working
  14. I don't think I have ever had a really hot streak but at the moment it's been 13 competition rounds with nothing bigger than 76 so that's not bad. Playing a matchplay last Wednesday I had 7 straight birdies so that's fairly warm I suppose
  15. At the moment I'm playing fairly well but I can't put a consistent round together. I seem to be either tearing up the front half then struggling on the back half or the opposite way round, so its not really an issue of having harder halves on the course they are both there for low scores for example these are my last 3 competition rounds; 34-37=71 (-2 +3= +1) 41-32=73 (+5 -2= +3) 32-38=70 (-4 +4= L) Has anyone got any tips for keeping a round going mainly as whenever I start well I seem to always fade away but when I start poorly I can play well back half. I have shot under par a few tim
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